Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Night At The Province...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Can't believe i have internet, can't believe i have internet!!! Hahahaha, okok, i didn't expect this place to have it, but yeah, my uncle has this prepaid broadband thingy that we borrowed...well, my sis brought her lappy so i'm borrowing hers!

Anyway, so far...what can i say...culture shock, anyone? Why; coz firstly, we are not in the city, we are in the Barangay aka kampung! So it's basically 'kerbaus' or 'karabaos' as they call it here, paddy fields, tricycles, jeepneys, etc...what fun!

The outbreak of A H1N1 is rampant in Manila, so my mom cancelled our Manila trip for the week till my dad joins us...BOO!!! And also, i have to pump water just to use it! Unbelievable...i shall never complain of anything in Malaysia again! Plus, the roads here are super crayzay!!! Holes, sand, rocks...OMG! But maybe it's just in the kampungs...hmmm? I have been two two provinces so far, my grandad's and my late grandmother's place...but one thing...

THE PEOPLE HERE ARE SUPER DUPER NICE!!! I've never seen anyone with an ounce of cynicism or anything negative here in my family, unlike those in KL, yucks!!! The people here are crazy pleasant!!! It's nuts...but then again...who knows about the other places, right? The kampungs in Malaysia are also ok, right? But what do i know, i don't have one over there...

And they keep feeding us over, food, food! Added to me not exercising...i'm gonna return much fatter than before! Damn!!!

But yay, now i have one over here in Pangasinan and Pampanga...

Next stop: Olongapo Beach and Manila

To my peeps: I miss you guys!!! Mwah from the Philippines...

PS: Most shows here are in tagalog or dubbed in Tagalog...believe it! Even the Korean, Mandarin dramas, etc...except the English ones! And yeah, i've watched some, hahahaha! Interesting... and gorceries here are damn expensive. And petrol too! That is why...I LOVE MALAYSIA!!! Always have, and always will...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Leavin' On A Jetplane...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I hope this trip releases the me that wants to be free...i hope it tells me that it's only the beginning, this life!

There's many things i hope to accomplish, and going to my other hometown is one of them...AT LAST! I get to learn what my roots are, my mom's family.

My poor dad can't join us, and he's already putting on his sad face. Man, i dunno if baby can leave without him being by her side. Well, he'll join us later, right? Poor dad n baby! They are inseparable, and yet...

I must drink coffee now, coz i don't wanna fall asleep in the plane, unless there's a super huge man hoggin' the seat next to me! I so hope for the window seat! And i pray all of us will be safe. I even had to remove my chain bearing the cross...yeah, Manila is THAT dangerous!

I'll really miss you guys too, yeah whoever reads my blog...u shall be missed! Only 2-4 peeps (4 is too much! LOL!) pathetic right? Anyway, will not be able to blog till the weeks are over...unless by some miracle i find a wifi spot or a cybercafe! LOL...sorry, i can't resist. I will, however be keeping a journal of my daily happenings...just for me! Coz without writing, i would be nothing...just nothing!

Okay, so i guess that's all...selamat tinggal Malaysia!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Music Takes Me Somewhere Over The Rainbow...

Friday, June 19, 2009

I dunno why, but hearing Brother Iz's version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow never ceases to make me relax...the ukelele and soothing sound of his, makes me wish I was in a Hawaiian beach, relaxing and watching the waves during, this is what music does to me!

Or hearing Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze gets me in the Woodstock era, where hippies dance and put flowers in their hair...nice!

Or what about 80s music? Don't even get me started! Hahahahaha...

God bless MUSIC...i'd be nowhere without it.

I think i've written about this before...oh God, i'm repeating myself, aren't I? Meh, who cares...hahaha!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sometimes It's So Thick You Can Cut Through It With A Knife...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ever felt there's tension in a room, where everyone is dead silent, doing whatever they do...and all you can hear in your head is "GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!" coz you can't bear the tension?

Ever felt the tension get so awkward, and yet everyone's acting oblivious to it, that you can cut the tension with a knife?

I have! The only thing is, I can't run away...

Sometimes I think they might be happier apart...sometimes! Just sometimes...

Bye Bye Birdie...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So my dad will be forgoing the 1st week of the trip, and would only join us a week later due to some circumstances...crapcrapcrapcrap!!! At least if he comes along, my sis and I can have someone else who's just as lost as we are? LMAO...but now, we just have each other to give funny looks to...hmmmph!

Anyway, he'll be joining us after a week...meanwhile, our cousin--> the only relative in OUR age group that we have grown soooo familiar with will be going to work in a ship...this 19th! WTF...that means, he won't be able to show us around...Oh Lord almighty...okok, chill...focus!!! We shall find other relatives that we at least could get along with...pleeeaseeeeeee...may it be so!!!

Have to do lots of pre-trip shopping coz we lack many things...and yeah, ironically, we'll be leaving on Fathers' Day; minus Pops! But at the same time, we'll get to meet our grandpa...yeah, dunno how dad is gonna take being without his beloved baby girl...OMG they are so attached, i sure hope she doesn't cry while we're there...Mom already asked us to bring her fave DVDs (stupid Chickens & that idiot Cow! I don't mind Toy Story!) so she won't go nuts!

She's so excited to board a plane, though...she actually wanted to ride in an airplane just now...LMAO! We said, "Wait till Sunday, okay?" I sure hope i don't forget anything...hahaha, imagine you're away from home in a foreign place, and then you realize you forgot to bring your underwear!!! Or worse, your cash!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Here's hoping that this homecoming won't suck...hear, hear!!!

PS: Oh fuck, i forgot...i can't speak Tagalog (can only understand and make fun of it a bit, hehehe)...i'm so screwed...HAHAHAHA!

Monday, June 15, 2009

All At Once...

Monday, June 15, 2009

So far, you must forgive me for my boring 'vacation' so is super-duper lame, LMAO! But, i see a silver lining. It makes me appreciate life outside of home more...i tend to be more outgoing while at uni...don't know why...but i am! I think it's an energy-field thing. I don't get good energy at home...maybe it's the feng shui outta whack or something! LOL...but that's just me!

Looking forward to meeting my family...OMG, the days draw near, and i'm excited but scared. What if it becomes a crappy holiday? But i must keep my optimism in check! MUST keep the optimism in check!

When i come back...there are plans that need to be my promise to cook for my friends...vacay with my girls...trip with my sis (not confirmed)...clubbin with some pals (i must go this time!!!)...movies, movies, movies...hanging out with my besties more often...

See? These plans MUST happen, or i'll give myself a kick in the ass!

Another thing...i saw his profile on facebook...OMG! He's a friend of my friend...Hahahaha...but yeah, i think he's graduated already, so no chance of bumping into him any time soon...too bad! All we ever did was talk and the whole "i-peek-at-u, u-peek-at-me" sorta thing...yeah, so if it's not meant to be, i'm not counting on that.

And what do you know? Many of my classmates are feeling nostalgic nowadays...i'm lovin' it! Catching up after the years is something fun! I contacted my former besties on Facebook, and i would say, we've all moved on...which is pretty nice. Well, them together-- not so...

I, however am glad that i still can say i keep in touch with them, lol!

Wow, seeing most of like, wow! Hahaha, sorry, that's all i can say. They're all so grown up...most of them are abroad, studying...and i'm here, in a measly public uni...hahaha! No regrets's still the cheapest education you could i'm set! The whizzing off to another country thing...i'll save it for later, and i'm certain i will achieve it!

And so, the next sem...must start on thesis!!! Yuxx...

To friends who have hopes, dreams and ideals...never give up on them, coz whatever it is...GOD can dream bigger dreams than you ever could for yourself! Oprah said that, and look where she is now! Keep that in mind, and dream on...and while you're at it, dream BIG! Love you make my life a sweeter place to live in! May you live long and prosper (i'm not a trekkie!)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Can't Believe This is My 265th Post!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh Holy Jebus, Batman! Can you believe i have written loads of crap throughout the years...and i'm still NOT tired of it?

Man, i've re-read some of my posts...and i have written about many things -hopes & dreams, love, myself, family, friends.

And i've written while i was in all sorts of mood- mad, weird, crazy, sleepy, sober, sad, happy, ecstatic, bitter, hopefull, hopeless, optimistic,!!! I'm so multi-faceted...but which girl isn't, eh? ROFLMAO!

With all that, you could say i've changed somewhat, but still...i've remained the same -- does that make any sense at all?

I still have that hope of travelling, of writing, of falling in love, of sky diving, of being a worldly person, and building myself up so i can live a happy wonderful life with my loved ones...

Somehow, i've come to realize this: EVERYONE wants the same thing, whether we know it or not. WE ALL WANT THE SAME THINGS!

Have I got what it takes? Who knows...but one thing's for journey hasn't even begun! I somehow always focus on the future and the past...never being totally in the present. Maybe that is my ultimate weakness. I think so...

If i start thinkin in the NOW, would i be any different? What would change? Would i be more or less selfish?

Lots of unanswered questions...

I THINK TOO MUCH! But i'm lovin' it...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 in the morning and i crave chocolate...why the hell do i crave for chocolate in the morning? I'm so weird...and i'm bored! What shall i write about todaaay?

Oh yeah, i can't sleep...and in a while i'm gonna have to wake my sister for her classes. Mom's going to work at 7, and dad must go to the bank early for a meeting...that leaves me and baby to sleep, but i'm guessing i'll just get around 2-3 hours of sleep, max! It's my own fault for not sleeping...

Why isn't there anything good on TV anymore? I've been reading Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth...and so far so good. At that moment, you get so engrossed in it, as you contemplate on your own life...and then, reality bites you in the ass and you have to get back to life.

Well, the only good time to read this book is when you're alone with time to spare...right now, now so much! I have many books that i've yet to finish...i'll just save it for the boring UKM days know, the first few days where there's nothing to do yet!

Ok, i've eaten like 7 or 8 chocolate kisses, and i feel like sleeping. I'm guessing the chocolates are making me sleepy? Hahaha, who cares? I'm sleepy now...maybe it's the blog that's making me writing makes me snooze, hahahah! What a shame, i could've put myself to sleep and i didn't know it...

Can you tell me wth i was writing about? Mehh, who cares?

Toodlez, bitches!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Yeah, my dream to go to Boracay Beach is shattered, as mom says it is soooo bloody far from Manila or any of her provinces...damn! You even have to take a plane. Arggghhh! But we will go visiting some highlands...yeah...good enough! I love the air, clean air! Lol...

Well, I don't freakin' care...all i want is to enjoy myself...coz i deserve to! I've been cooped up here like some hermit, and i haven't even had the chance to get the hell out. I can't go out this weekend coz my mom will be busy at work, and so will my dad! Huhhh!!!

AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! I just can't catch a break, can i? Time for the laughter at this ironic circumstance: I'm on holiday, and yet...i'm stuck!!!


Friday, June 05, 2009


Friday, June 05, 2009

Well, you know how i looooove reading blogs, right? And one of my favorite Malaysian bloggers is Kenny Sia...i love his take on life and his hilarious, snarky commentary on anything and everything.

But what i couldn't forget was his post on his trip to Ireland...OMG, when he posted those awesome landscape photos, i was in awe...i mean, it's like it came out of LOTR or something. Well, as you all know, New Zealand IS Middle Earth...but yeah, i didn't see any photos posted in any of the blogs i've this is the next best thing.

I shall go to these places in the wish shall manifest...the cosmos will help me attain this! (word of affirmation helps, right? According to the will!)

Ok, tried to upload the pictures, but it keeps, just use the power of imagination, k? Lol!


For now, i just discovered that our trip to the Philippines is not gonna be for 10 days, but 2 whole weeks!!! Wtf, that's a long time!!! And the worst thing is, we haven't actually planned WTH we're gonna do there, other than to go shopping, meet our family and getting our hair done, lol!

I've asked my mom about the beaches over there, but she said her province is not near any beaches...damn! I thought maybe we could go to Boracay or somewhere nice like that! I was already planning to buy a HUGE beach hat, ROFL...

Or Baguio...i hear the landscapes are amazing...

So my mom asked me to plan our agenda...but what the hell? I don't know any places! Heck, i would wanna go everywhere, if possible!!! And of course...must force KP to take me and sis to the cool places...minus parents, baby and abuelito! Sorry, it's about time we had some fun on our own!

And who can forget, i need some internet access to check my e-mails and stuff...must check on uni, the reunion, the so-called class-outing, exam results (GULP!), etc. Hopefully we'll put up near the CCs...

AND i can finally try Red Ribbon's Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting; which i've seen numerous times on mom's Philippine-celebrity mags...omg, they look sooo...*drools*

AND get some pasalubong for friends...hopefully i won't find a T-shirt with the message: "My friend went to the Philippines and all i got was this stupid T-shirt"...coz i would soooo buy it!!! In bulk...hahahaha!!! T-shirts for everyone!!! I keed, i keed...NOT!

Damn, i can't wait to see where i came from!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

I Did Something Stupid...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ever found that 2-month old cornflakes you kept at the back of the fridge and forgot about? Well, i did...and at that very moment, it tasted good...rofl!

Correction: it was wheatflakes, NOT cornflakes! Same diff...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So What Now?

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So there you have it...I was busted for a self-pitying post. Ok, i'll have to admit i was ashamed of being so petty and selfish for this sorry attempt of self-sympathy. And why? For a few hours of emoting...

Man, it felt But heck, i don't care...coz it's normal to feel like crap sometimes. So here, in all it's glory...G's pity-party post (has a nice ring to it, don't you think?)

And problems? Who doesn't have them, right? It's how you handle's how we overcome. And my life's goals are way too many, although i'm a little lost. Heck, I don't wanna work at a job i hate. I don't wanna be stuck here in confinement while others get to live life to the fullest!

I wanna look forward to my career every single time i wake up. I wanna be the epitome of happiness at its best! Hah! I talked to my mom about all of this before, coz this has been an issue for me for some time...she told me to save up and go wherever i simple, huh? BUT then you go and get posted in Sabah...and dad is working, sis is's funny, almost! Ironically funny...yeah, maybe resentment is what i feel.

A-ha moment: RESENTMENT! Exactly what i'm feeling right now! Boy, this is why i love you the release, while literally showing your train of thoughts lead to an a-ha moment!

Why the hell am i so bipolar? I'm sooo weird...Then again, i don't wanna be conforming to what society dictates to me...hmmm, there i go again!

Guess what i said before was actually true...i'm at my best when i'm busy doing something, rather than bored doing nothing! So here it revoked post -->REPOSTED!

Just so you can see how foolish i was...

So Jaded...But It Will Be Over Soon

Category: boredom , Collective Soul , shorts By ledzeppelin4evr

My life so far has been a cyclical period of boredom, you have no idea! This often gets me in a sort of depression mode. Why? Coz i just imagined myself in another place...and now i'm like, "Fuck!"

This is one of the reasons i don't like thinking too much bout myself...

Man, why have i become so jaded? At this very moment, I just want to go far away...maybe by myself to reflect on life a little bit. While i'm thinking about all this, this song just keeps popping into my head: Run by Collective Soul...the lyrics pretty much sums it up, and i'm in the process of learning it (damn F chord!!!)...that is how i'm feeling!!!

What more can I say? I just want this feeling to pass...and it will, or maybe it will just be re-lodged into my subconscious a little further down...

Monday, June 01, 2009

I Can't Sleep!

Monday, June 01, 2009

I can't sleep! I can't sleep! I can't sleep! I can't sleep! I can't sleep!

I think the whole nocturnal thingy rendered me incapable of normal sleeping time...while i was supposed to sleep around 7 in the morning, i took the liberty of doing the laundry...well, sort of. I just finished a batch, hung them up...then, zzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Woke up at 1, and took a nap in the evening...and now, I can't sleep! I can't sleep! I can't sleep!

And so the cycle continues, much like the cycle of the washing machine...

And to repeat...i'm ok!