Friday, June 05, 2009


Friday, June 05, 2009

Well, you know how i looooove reading blogs, right? And one of my favorite Malaysian bloggers is Kenny Sia...i love his take on life and his hilarious, snarky commentary on anything and everything.

But what i couldn't forget was his post on his trip to Ireland...OMG, when he posted those awesome landscape photos, i was in awe...i mean, it's like it came out of LOTR or something. Well, as you all know, New Zealand IS Middle Earth...but yeah, i didn't see any photos posted in any of the blogs i've this is the next best thing.

I shall go to these places in the wish shall manifest...the cosmos will help me attain this! (word of affirmation helps, right? According to the will!)

Ok, tried to upload the pictures, but it keeps, just use the power of imagination, k? Lol!


For now, i just discovered that our trip to the Philippines is not gonna be for 10 days, but 2 whole weeks!!! Wtf, that's a long time!!! And the worst thing is, we haven't actually planned WTH we're gonna do there, other than to go shopping, meet our family and getting our hair done, lol!

I've asked my mom about the beaches over there, but she said her province is not near any beaches...damn! I thought maybe we could go to Boracay or somewhere nice like that! I was already planning to buy a HUGE beach hat, ROFL...

Or Baguio...i hear the landscapes are amazing...

So my mom asked me to plan our agenda...but what the hell? I don't know any places! Heck, i would wanna go everywhere, if possible!!! And of course...must force KP to take me and sis to the cool places...minus parents, baby and abuelito! Sorry, it's about time we had some fun on our own!

And who can forget, i need some internet access to check my e-mails and stuff...must check on uni, the reunion, the so-called class-outing, exam results (GULP!), etc. Hopefully we'll put up near the CCs...

AND i can finally try Red Ribbon's Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting; which i've seen numerous times on mom's Philippine-celebrity mags...omg, they look sooo...*drools*

AND get some pasalubong for friends...hopefully i won't find a T-shirt with the message: "My friend went to the Philippines and all i got was this stupid T-shirt"...coz i would soooo buy it!!! In bulk...hahahaha!!! T-shirts for everyone!!! I keed, i keed...NOT!

Damn, i can't wait to see where i came from!


Anonymous said...

Ooo...i'd very much love to see Middle Earth! Too bad I don't have the monies. haha.

ledzeppelin4evr said...

In the future lerrrrrrr...c'mon, if you don't have dreams, life would be much more boring! I can't wait to explore the world...the world is my oyster! (at this moment, this very second...i am optimistic...i am in the NOW!)

PS: Sorry2, i just watched Oprah...hehehe!

PPS:Do you by any chance have Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth"? I so wanna read it! I NEED to read it!!! I need to live in the NOW!!!