Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What Did I Do Today?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well, let's see...the day hasn't ended yet, so I can't say for sure what i'm gonna do next, but so far, i've gone for tutorial classes for IT for Science and Technology, had my brunch...next, it's another tutorial class in Malaysian Politics and yada yada yada...

Well, yesterday's blabbing about entities of the paranormal kind must've been soooo different to what i always talk about, that is life's bore, happenings, ups and downs, but sometimes you sort of get a block in your head, that you have no choice but to write about things that don't necessarily go with your routine topics...vis-a-vis; yesterday's topic.

My friends are planning to have a par-tay on my country's independence day!!! I don't know what's the plan, but they say it's because I planned to have a party in my room...well, i'm one of the students who happen to be in a double-bedroom, but have no roomate...

When I jokingly told my friend that I plan to have a disco ball installed in my room ceiling, order a DJ for the night and have a mini-party, she thought I was serious! She went and told her friend, and now assumes that I have to organize this! WTF???

So I said to her, why don't we, on Merdeka night, go to Kajang and have Kajang Satay? Well, it's now a plan that is on KIV mode, alright? A plan is bound to change at anytime, right? Lol! The friends I choose...you can't help but be impressed or whacked-out by their craziness...that's what I like about my social instincts; I tend to look for like-minded peeps, and i'm sort of proud of that! Hehe...

Well, so much for wanting to write a shortie...I end up blabblin' the whole way through!

So long, bitches...toodlez!!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Something Paranormal

Monday, July 30, 2007

Some sort of paranormal entity has been harassing my sister in her room. She claims that some entity puts its entire weight on her as she is almost falling asleep...it has happened a few times, and the last time it happend, it freaked her out so much that she had to go sleep in our parent's room...AND she doesn't freak out too easily!

I've read somewhere that entities often send messages to us living beings when we're in the half-asleep/half-awake mode...You see, that's why i'm weird...I'm sort of fascinated by stuff like these! To top it off, my mom's sordid depiction of bad spirits are like those of horror movies. I find that entities such as the ones I read or hear about (the real life ones) are normal...BUT that's what I think!

You can't be certain for sure that there's no intent of harming coz, hey, you can't really talk to them if you don't have "the gift", right? It seems those born with a 'veil' can see and talk to these entities. However, sometimes, it's not so much an entity as it is your negative energy channeled into a unique type of entity that becomes a power by itself...or so i've seen in documentary-like shows about hauntings! Well, i'd rather be without the gift, thanks!

Well, I don't know what the hell it is in my sister's room, but she has gotten sudden black and blue bruises here and there once in a while, as stuff like these happens to her periodically. Maybe the entity likes her? Lol, oh man, that was mean! Malaysians believe that a sudden blue-black mark reveals that a being has "pinched" you! See what I mean? Haha...

Well, all in all, no one can say for sure what it is, hence the term paranormal mysteries! But, i'm sort of fascinated by these things...my mom asked us to recite the Holy Rosary to 'bless' our home, but I think God and our guardian angels are watching over us, so, no worries.


Monday, July 30, 2007

  • I get to start doing my work projects ASAP
  • I get to start doing my university tasks ASAP
  • I get to go home on Thursday
  • I get my PTPTN loan credited into my account by this week
  • I understand everything that's being taught during lectures (so far, so good!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baby Sister's Growing So Fast...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My 2-month old sister has given me surprises after surprises! OMG, she's growing so very fast, you have no idea...

I mean, can a 2-month old carry its own head already? I think not! And she was doing this since she was a little more than a month old...AMAZING!

She likes sleeping on her belly, and that's when she'll carry up her little head and look around, like a little turtle...she's so adorable.

I made a huge mistake by volunteering to let Mom and Dad sleep for the first time in a long time...I volunteered to look after little A.J. for the night...Big mistake! She kept me awake for the whole duration, bawling, and screaming the whole time. It's amazing that her whole likeness changes from day time to night time...

It's like Jekyll and Hyde, I tell ya! Around 6 am, the girl finally slept...from 12am-5.59, her so-called 'sleep' would be a mere 5 minutes, and mine would be the same...at 6, she slept like a log, and I fell on the sofa, till Dad woke me around 8am to go sleep on my bed.

The babe's a challenge, dudes! My Mom and Dad understood how it all was. Imagine doing that since she was born! I have a new respect for them, but I wasn't going to back down! I promised, every time I came back from university, it would automatically be my turn to care for the babe. They said they slept well for the first time, and that made me want to do it again even more...

C'mon, you gotta pity your parents, right? I've also earned a new respect from my other younger sis, as she couldn't even take care of the baby for even a few hours...Lol!

Coming back to the uni the other day, I felt so sad...with a heavy heart, I left my home. I hate it when times like these come to get me...I hate leaving my family for life in campus...it's so different, coz they're a part of me...but, I have no choice...sigh!

Days past, and I find myself getting used to scenarios like these...it's getting routine...so it seems normal. I'm happy for this!

My sign in the horoscope is one that loves stability, and hates changes...it is a hardworker, determined and ambitious, loves the good life, materialistic...I guess that sounds like me! I do hate changes, but I find that I adapt to change...and that's a good thing, I guess!

Hope all else goes well for moi! 'Til the next post...

Toodlez, bitches!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Can't Go Home

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yes, it's true...I can't go home this Thursday...damnit!!!

I have activities to attend, meetings, tutorials...shit, dudes! Why did I have to join so many frickin' activities? Why in the world do I feel that I have to do everything? It only brings me hardship and annoyances in the end.

The lectures here are quite okay...not bad, really! So far, that is...I kinda wished that I was more busy on the weekdays, rather than the weekends, though...but what can I do?

I keep waiting for my laptop to come by, but to no avail...i'll just have to keep waiting!

Cute guys? NONE still!

Food? I've had it with chicken! Yucks to the core...i've been eating that fowl for the past week...where's the beef? Or lamb? Or seafood? Well, today, I ate some noodles, w/out any meat...NICE!

So, for now, i'm just hangin' out till my next task calls me...

'Til next time, toodlez, bitches!

Monday, July 16, 2007

So Far...

Monday, July 16, 2007

So far, i'm slowly getting used to doing my own stuff, balancing my schedule, going back home, getting back to university before classes start, eating, sleeping, drinking, blablabla...

I'm actually here at the CC (Cyber Cafe) coz i've nothing to do for the whole day...i'm almost kinda bored...I find that I get bored rather too easily, and i'm sick of this attitude...I don't even think what i'm blogging about makes any sense...does it?

Activities? They usually start after the 3rd week...

Outings? Not so soon, as everybody's busy....

What else can I say...life here? Well, there's two sides of me here; the first side is me being all social with my mates, smiling, laughing, etc...the second side of me is the solitary-lover...When I get back to my room, the only thing with me is my MP3 player, my phone, and myself...I don't like to hangout with anyone within my block, coz there's just some weird feeling you get when you hang with certain types of people...or in my case, there's no "click factor".

You know, there's some people who you just don't feel comfortable with...the thing is, for me...I DON'T hangout with someone if I can't "click" with them, get it? It's not dislike, not hatred...just...disinterest or pure pathy. I just don't care for them. I know, that's mean, but what can you do?

But hey, that's just me!

The shuttle services here are so-called scheduled, but c'mon, you can't be that naive, right? 20- minute intervals become 40-45 minutes of anxious students during the rush hour...but you kinda get used to these kinds of things.

The desktop PC i'm using has the suckiest keyboard in the world...I have to key in extra hard to type out words...bleagh!!!

OK, gtg now...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

OMG, Could This Network Be Any Slower???

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Please don't tell me everytime I want to login to my web stuff, i'll have to wait for hours!!!

Life here in campus ain't so bad, though...i've made a few friends, and lost a few, since we don't hangout as much...

I miss my family like hell!!! And I can't wait to get back on Thursday, hangout with my bestest best friend to watch you-know-what; the all-grown-up wizard with the unusually bushy brows, and a weird fetish for horses...LOL!!!

I feel so isolated in this uni, though...I just don't get living outside of the city...I can't imagine some people settling for solitary lives in rural areas, but hey...different strokes, eh? I respect that!

Cute guys, you say? NIL...absolute zero...but i'm not looking! (Yeah, right...)

People just can't comprehend that i've never had a boyfriend...I sure could...i've been alone all this while and good at it to let some guy come spoil it all---independence, baby!!!

Every night, i'm gonna gather up some gals to go hangout at the hawker stalls provided here...yeehaw!

Then, one of my friends had to tell me about hauntings in the girls' dorm...and she fuckin' knew that I was all alone in my room; no roomate! But, you know...I always pray, and I have a strong heart, so, although I act all scared and stuff, I know there's always something there to protect me...you know, GOD!

So that's all for now...the only reason I was up to blogging today was because my Sony Walkman was running out of battery, and needs to be recharged...well, it looks as if it's full now, so buhbye!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

After "The Week"

Sunday, July 08, 2007

So, how has everybody been doing so far?

Gosh, i've never had a more hectic+exciting+excruciating+adrenaline-pumping week, ever!

I'm back home for the day, and i'll be going back tomorrow morning, as lecture starts in the afternoon. Yay, I don't have to wear formal attire for lectures! But let's get down to the deets of the past orientation week!

I had my doubts about the "no ragging policy", believe me! However, I was pleasantly surprised at the rate the facilitators of the program, a.k.a. the seniors took to care for us newbies...

They really really took care of us, without getting anything in return...except, gaining our respect, for they had everything planned to fit the whole agenda.

So, this uni has 12 different hostels, which are called colleges (weird, huh?). I'm placed in one of the top ones...lol! The first day of orientation week, which is called 'Minggu Mesra Mahasiswa/i', or "Scholars' Week of Pleasantry" (or something of that sort! Sorry, no time for proper translation...)

We were taught all sorts of traditions practised on the first day...and believe it or not, I fell in love with my college...geez, for everything to do with my college, me and my fellow college mates clapped and cheered and sang our college songs, booed at other colleges, had all sorts of fun, till our seniors had to shed tears of joy, seeing how we were so enthusiastic...

I got sick on one of those 7 days, but I decided to call in a little late to attend a lecture...so they sent two seniors to take me there...what nice people!

The only thing I hate is that, being overzealous, I became 3 tones darker...FUCK! We had sports activities on one of the days, so we had aerobics in the morning...that made me one tone darker...THEN, we had to run for 5km in the blazing sun, and I, being the overzealous bitch that I am, had to go all the way...and ended up getting super-duper sunburnt!

Then, I had to walk for more than 2km to get to some places, and got sunburnt even more, even while wearing a cap! If I wear a plunging neckline, you could see a big difference...gosh, I look weird! I'm okay with being dark, but when there is a difference between your face and neck with your chest, it can be embarrasing...parts of my face have different tones now!!! Geez, i'll have to wait for...I dunno, a few months till it gets back to normal?

Another thing, the freakin' campus is soooooo gargantuan, we have shuttle services to get everywhere...

What else? My credits taken for the first semester...only 15! I have three days of lectures...and on Saturdays, I have to get to the Students' Club, which i've taken as a credit (it's compulsory to take co-curricular activity as a credit)...

I've joined a few sports clubs, which goes through elimination, so I picked more than one, just in case I suck at one of them (or two!)...I picked:

  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Tenpin Bowling

Challenging? Bring it on, bitches!!!

Plus, my uni has all the facilities you could ever ask for...imagine...a golf resort, bowling alley, olympic-sized swimming pool, tracks, fields, squash court, tennis court, hospital, huge-ass library...etc!

OMG, I gotta go now, more details in the next post! More, more, more! For now, i'm happy to be home with my family...missed them soooo much! Baby is so big now, even after just a week!

P.S. : My cellphone network sucks at the university's vicinity! Shit!