Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Is/Was A Very Bad Month...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

So it hasn't ended yet...but I can definitely say that it hasn't been a good month.

My car window was broken by some fucker who thought that my RM20 modulator was something expensive...broke my window for that shit!!! And scattered my stuff, but didn't steal anything else, coz nothing in my car was of any value! In your face, asswipe!!!

Secondly, I had my first car accident with Mikey. Thank God it was nothing serious...rather, it was a funny incident which I shall keep to me, myself, my friends involved, and a few others who ask me. It's an on-going process of insurance I also have to pay for 3rd party claims.

The good thing about it is that my friend, who's car I kissed managed to talk the Traffic police Sargeant into not issuing me a summons...hahaha! That's cool.

Oh, taking my colleagues out for lunch...I parked at an empty spot...for just a few minutes...near an electric box...and was given a compound of RM80...FML!

Annnnd my workload has just become seriously packed. I am going to be traveling around Malaysia to evaluate my company's >250 dealers...just 8 of us to cover that many dealers in a period of 6 months...awesome?

Hahahaha, I might've been excited at first, but now i have come to realize that it's gonna be all starts during the new financial year.

The good part in all of this? I am gonna learn so very much! Already doing planning and writing the department blueprint is teaching me a lot. Now I know the company I work for has many problems...but at least I'm gonna learn, coz this is NOT an established and successful entity. This is just the right time to learn and experience problem-solving skills which I could gain for the 3 years I'm about to serve.

One thing I hope...I hope I do not become jaded and discouraged or demotivated. Coz luckily for me, I have a good rapport with my colleagues...and I still hangout all the time with my fellow MTs. It's a bond that is tough to, being MY friend...I can't help but be out there and try to remain proactive in reaching out. I'm happy they're the same too!

Oh btw...I miss my uni friends too...what happened to you guys? How come no news in a loooong time??? Geezus...A+F...WTH? Where are you???

About M, I know no worries, hehehe!