Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Yeah, my dream to go to Boracay Beach is shattered, as mom says it is soooo bloody far from Manila or any of her provinces...damn! You even have to take a plane. Arggghhh! But we will go visiting some highlands...yeah...good enough! I love the highlands...cool air, clean breeze...cool air! Lol...

Well, I don't freakin' care...all i want is to enjoy myself...coz i deserve to! I've been cooped up here like some hermit, and i haven't even had the chance to get the hell out. I can't go out this weekend coz my mom will be busy at work, and so will my dad! Huhhh!!!

AAAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! I just can't catch a break, can i? Time for the laughter at this ironic circumstance: I'm on holiday, and yet...i'm stuck!!!



Neo said...

OMG,dnt wrry dear!!it's goin 2 happen!!i noe it will!! u will go have a crazay vacation!!!
hang in there..

ledzeppelin4evr said...

Hell yeah!