Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh Boring Day...Again!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Just another boring Monday...feeling so bloody bored that i can't even think about what to write.

Will continue once i get a clue. If not, maybe next time.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hmmm...Busy, Busy!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Well, the week was soo hectic...I am literally swamped with shit to do for this semester. Seeing that i have taken the heavy task of taking an extra subject, my weekly schedule has been packed to four hectic days...well, more like 3.5 hectic days.

On Mondays, i just have one measly class. But Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are full. I have classes from morning to night, and from different faculties, too.

It wouldn't seem so bad if the buses here were efficient. They are so bloody annoying! How long do the students wait for a fuckin bus to come by? And they sometimes wouldn't go the route they're supposed to go. Just plain stinks!

And then they say why UKM can't be no. can you be no.1 if even your bus service tends to be crappy? Food ain't so good either. The syllabus...don't get me started.

However, I seem to be happier this semester. My roomie seems better than i thought she would be...she's ok. My friends and i hang out more often. I've concluded that i wouldn't wanna be too active in the activities...i'm just gonna chill with what i already have.

WiFi in my dorm is still unavailable. I do hope they put WiMax for us, though...

Baby sis had the measles...thank God she's over it now. Mom's birthday is today...a still-stunning 43-year old woman, she is...gonna buy her fave cake from Secret Recipe...prolly Caramel Cheesecake or Cheese-Choc Cake...Mmmmmm!

Still afraid of commitment...i think i was born to be a spinster! But i would hope and love to throw caution to the wind if i find him...sigh!

BTW, i'm utterly flabbergasted at Heath Ledger's passing...shocked as hell! His poor daughter. I don't think it was suicide, though...sometimes accidents just happen. But, I pray that he rests in peace...and may his family find solace in his legacy, and each other...Amen!

So, till the next post (i hope it'll be sooner than next year)...g'bye!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Please Let It Be So!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

There's a possibility that my Saturday classes would be scheduled on a weeknight...


Ther's a posibility that French class students get to go on a trip to France...


But!!! There's a possibility of going to Vietnam instead, in case the budget is way too low...


However, while i was on my way towards the last class of the week, i heard knocking at my room door. Thinking it was someone selling stuff, i ignored. Due to the persistance of the knocking, i finally opened it, only to reveal that...




I had gotten so used to staying alone in my 2 people-per-room dorm, that i couldn't accept it. Again, i say...


Now, i can't change my clothes in my room, i can't dance around, i can't act like a goofball while i talk to my baby sis on the phone...i hate it! But i sure hope to God that she's a nice girl. To add a little intimidation, this roommie is a senior, and sure looks serious.

Geez, i hope she isn't bully, a dirty pig, or any of those...coz from the hell some of my friends go through with their roommies, having one sounds like a nightmare.

I hope my roommie is nice...pleeeze let it be, God!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Negative Mantras Kill Me Softly With Its Words

Friday, January 11, 2008

I call myself an idiot, a moron, lazy, stooopid every single time i make a's about time i stop!

I seem to be to hard on myself. I already am the sane eldest sister, who forgoes drinking alcohol while driving, forbids underaged-drinking when my sis and her freakin' friends beg me to provide them with liquor...i'll face it now...


So, in keeping with the new year theme, (which has ended a few days ago...) I have developed a new year plan for myself...MY very own set of MYSELF!!!

I shouldn't go as far as calling myself an idiot all the time, coz as i know, i have gone through a hard time...with such flair, that i shock myself...

  • I should create a new affirmative mantra, play a great affirmative soundtrack to my life in my head, and loop it to playback. Over and over and over again!
  • I am not fat...i am normal...i am not dark...i'm tanned and i'm a bronzed goddess (LOL!)...I AM SMART and INTELLIGENT!
  • I will not use my body as a trash can to dump garbage into; i.e. JUNK FOOD!
  • I will not pine for any man...I will find love with a great, kind, smart guy who i can truly connect with, and we will at least have something called a relationship...I WILL NOT BE AFRAID TO LOVE!
  • I will not sum people up by their first impression...coz, of course, most of the time, IT"S DEAD WRONG!
  • I will keep reading great books, because it enriches my mind and takes me to places i've never been.
  • I will not take my family for granted, coz they're just plain freakin' great!
  • I will ace every single test i take!
  • I will remain a good person for the rest of my life (well, at least for 2008!)
  • I will not compare myself to any other individual---for it either makes me too arrogant, or too jealous.
I will try to keep these rules sacred, for these are my commandments to myself...for the year 2008...God help me!

Monday, January 07, 2008

This Is Long Overdue...

Monday, January 07, 2008

Hello to the new year...i haven't had the chance to update for so long. However, aside from my dull lifeless-life last year, i'm hoping the new year brings something different in the horizon.

We did not celebrate the new year...i came home from campus, went for new year's eve mass, and went back to uni the very next day.

Few days later, went to the mall with friends, and finally watched a terrific and fun movie...I Am Legend. I tell ya, the whole movie was an adrenaline rush during the darkseekers' appearances...Whoah! All of a sudden, they appear jumping right on screen..ALL OF A SUDDEN! Things like that jolts me right away, and sorta gives an adequate adrenaline rush that lasts for days.

I hate that Sam died though. nevermind about Will Smith...

The next day, i had to chaperone my sister and her friends to dinner. Mom let me drive her car. And you now those girls who are basically hooligans...Meh, explaining would too long a story, and it certainly would increase my anger like that night itself. I must say, they seem rather like a bunch of monkeys! And they even wanted me to buy them alcohol...Wtf? NO WAY, BITCHES!!!

That's the last time i ever go out with them! My parents trust me, but i sure hope they wouldn't trust little missy here to go out with her friends, unchaperoned!

Now, i'm here...updating this diary of mine. If i get the chance, i'll try to do it more often, if not...well, you know why.