Monday, August 31, 2009


Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy birthday, mother Malaysia (as one of my lecturer calls her)!!!

Malaysia, i love you despite all your shortcomings...and i hope and pray that:

1. You don't embarass us anymore with your petty politicking...ruining our credibility as a country which embraces differences in culture...calling each other names, derogatory slurs...all sick!!!

2. You stop banning concerts...c'mon, PAS Youth to ban MLTR? Geez, ridiculously stupid! What the hell is so 'bad' about MLTR? I almost peed in my pants when i found out about it...again: COME ON!!! BANNING MLTR??? IT'S LIKE BANNING YOUR GRANDMOTHER!

Why don't some holier-than-thou political parties (PAS Youth) just stop being the moral police and let the PEOPLE decide what is morally right or wrong for themselves, hmmm? If an individual breaks the Islamic law, they would be the ones facing God, not what right do you have to enforce YOUR point of view and YOUR punishments upon them? YOU are NOT God! God gave us brains and free will to think for ourselves...and yes, people are just humans...WE make mistakes. So let us learn from them by ourselves...and be judged by God and NOT you!

I have so many "I-hope-this-doesn't-happen wish", but i'll save it for another day...the abovementioned ones are just what I think we need right now...I truly believe my country will progress if we can realize we are different, and yet accept and embrace it...without falling prey to propaganda set forth by our own politicians...

It took the US hundreds of years to have a black (or rather, half-black) President. Compared to that, Malaysia is just an itty-bitty-baby. So that's why our politicians are so immature!!!

We have hundreds of years to go before we could truly see a colorblind nation...that being said, I LOVE YOU MALAYSIA...MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

Peace and love to all...

It's 23 years on the 30th of August...

Monday, August 31, 2009

30th August...on this day 23 years ago, my parents got married...

We didn't go to a special lunch as my dad had originally planned...coz my mom felt he bought a cake instead...her fave: Hazelnut Butterscotch something something from where's not so "Secret" anymore where we get our cakes! ;)

I wouldn't call it my fave, but hey, it's for my mom to choose, right? I gave my parents the suggestion of "why don't you guys go out...just the two of you?", and i was met with my mom's, mom! Is it so icky to go out ALONE with your own husband? Geez...ok, so i made a mistake...who knew you hated dating your husband? We'll come along too!

But then, she changes her mind, and she asks dad to get a cake, her wish be done! And my sister and me? WE LOVE CAKE!!! Om nyom nyom!!! Muahahaha...

Yeah...i know it says "20th", but the lady in the shop made a mistake...and the sugar-angel on the 2nd pic, my dad bought just for the little girl aka "zee little devil"! The cake was just OK for know i love Secret Recipe cheesecakes rather than the other varieties...but i still ate like a pig! Hahahah...

Tomorrow i'll have to borrow the register to STAY in my current know the whole "i'm gonna write a letter" shit? I don't even have the will anymore...i'll just accept that nothing will change...all i have to do is just suck it up, dust myself up...and stand tall to face REAL challenges, such as doing my thesis and assignments!!! In fact, i think i would write a letter complimenting the principal! XD I'm officially cooled-down, thanks to coming back sorta chills me, and i'm glad for it!

Okok, now i'm bullshitting...please just disregard my emo post before this...i'm fed up of whining!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Catastrophe Week But I'm Happy I'm Not Dead

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm perfectly aware that life throws you curveballs once in a while, ESPECIALLY once you get too many good things at a time. I'm the type that anticipates bad things once i get many good experiences (that's why i believe in the whole 'life is a wheel' mantra!)...i know, i's so dark, but it's real...i don't believe in things without reason.

Okok, so after all the 'good things' posts i've written, the bad was bound to happen right? I should have NOT been so naive as to think my happy moments would last, as it wouldn't be called LIFE-- which is a mixture of good and bad experiences!

Just this past week i had to move temporarily to a different block...and yesterday my friend told me that EVERYONE from my block is on an exodus...everyone had to evacuate block 10 because there's a crack in the pipes that could bring danger to the whole building. IMAGINE that! I'm kinda lucky coz i moved some of my stuff on Tuesday. Yesterday i made so many trips up and down block 10, walked with my stuff to block 12...again go up and down the stairs, into my new room! By the time i was done, i wanted to pass out. So tired, that i didn't have the will to make the journey back home.

My dad offered to fetch me once i sent a message saying "i'll be back the next morning"; literally making me jump for joy...and off i went without turning back! And my roomie wasn't i left her a note...and apologized for not cleaning my side of the room...she replied that i'll be returning to a pigsty because she has soooooo many things...hahaha, i don't mind's just dirt and dust i hate! So bring on the clutter as long as there's no dust!!! Muahahaahah...

One person i pity is M...she is one of those who had to move to the newly-built block...the problem is she has things in block 10 AND block 12...and now she has to move to a new block (block 3)! WTF is wrong with the principal that he can't give her the current room she's living in right now? i wouldn't have minded moving to the new block too...but one thing they don't have is wi-fi! And the principal says that they're putting in Satellite TV aka ASTRO...but wtf, how is ASTRO important to a student? Are they gonna use it to complete an assignment? And out of the hundreds of student sharing ONE fuckin' TV, how could one possibly get to watch whatever the hell they want?

I know for a fact that i'm going to write a letter to the principal...and if he doesn't respond to my letter, i'm so going to write to every single newspaper in Malaysia! What an outrage!!! You disregard our complaints of blackouts on the 6th could've been a sign of the water tank above leaking, but you didn't listen, did you!

And when it exploded, you threatened the students not to go report it to any media...then, you don't even consider apologizing for any sort of inconvenience caused to us! Wtf, do you think we are robots or dogs, that we have no life outside staying here in this block where there's ALWAYS no water, no electricity? We always have to go to different blocks just to bathe, and always have blackouts (on my floor)! could AT LEAST lessen our dorm fees for causing us inconvenience! I think this has grounds for a lawsuit ok??? So don't act all innocent...tanks need maintenance or replacement after 10 years or so!

You better be glad we're not dead...coz so far, it only takes someone to die for you to take action!

Anyway, 'nuff of me complaining here! I'm gonna do something about it! In the process of writing a letter to the management!

I'm one of those who could see the good in things...for this case, i'm just happy i ain't dead! Btw, the cough is getting better now...the voice, however is still like a rockstar! LOL...but i ain't complaining...

PS: This is no pity-post...just one of frustration for my college admin...they haven't been doing a good job, and i'm really fed up coz none of the so-called student committee is doin a good job! All just join for a good CV, but end up doin' nothing...sound familiar? These, my dears...are the future politicians of our already-downtrodden country! Where is our hero now?

Ciao, bitches!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hahaha, so i'm quoting Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock! I love it so much, i downloaded the full mp3!!!'s old, but i still think it's funny. "Werewolf bar mitzvah, spooky scary...boys becoming men, men becoming wolves!" XD

Other than that, my cough is now less frequent, but still painful. My sore throat has made my voice into a full-blown rocker...that means with a rocker voice, not the whole 'sex, drugs and rock-and-roll' thing! Hahaha!

And yes, i'm lazing around despite the fact that i have assignments piling up like hell...and although i had no plans for today, i still had the audacity to watch a movie online while reading useless online junk!!! What the hell is wrong with me...arrrrggghhh!!!

One another note, i hate it when some people on certain social networks "WrItE LiK3 DiS! iT's So FuCkin AnNoYinG!!!" and don't get me started on the online baby talk...OMG!

That's all for now...just writing a short one for today...see ya, bitches!!! LOL!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Had a Bad Day Today...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I wanted to put Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events as my post title, but it seemed too whiny...but the current title is no different! LOL...So, here's a series of MY unfortunate events...enjoy!!!

10.30pm: Monday a message saying there's a French quiz the very next day...damn
bloody unexpected...i was watching a movie, then dozed-off halfway through...'bout
12 am. Damn, i thought after the movie i would study!!!

3.00am: Woke up...I look out my window, and the stars are bright, the sky so clear...i felt
alright and at peace, as the air was cool and i feel the breeze through my window...

3.20am: I hear an explosion, then feel that very moment i think, "could this
be an earthquake???"...right after the *BOOM*+tremors, i hear a
heavy downpour! It can't be raining, coz i just saw the clear night's sky...

3.25am: The fire alarm rings for a few seconds...i quickly get out to see what the hell was
happening...saw water flowing towards the rooms, but it didn't reach into the rooms,
as we we're on the 6th level--> of course, the water would flow down...

3.50am: Next, the 'fellow of the block' tells all of us to get our valuable stuff and head towards
the cafe...immediately!

4.10am: Waiting at the cafe, they tell us what happened; the tank exploded into 2! And one of
the rooms on my floor was caved-in by the ceiling...the fan fell, and the poor girl's
laptop and other stuff were destroyed by all the pouring water...her ceiling was
weakened by the water, and that made the ceiling fall...omg, thank goodness she's
alright. The water filled her room in an instant. Shit, it could've been anyone of us...

We couldn't go back, coz of the electricity gone wild...had to stay from 4-7 something
in the morning, and were attacked by numerous bugs...

7.30 am: Then i was told that i couldn't stay in my room coz my floor was a "danger
zone...shit! And they ask us from the 6th floor to move to another block for
now...temporarily. I had to move every important thing to the other block,
which was quite far...i had to make around 3 trips...with heavy loads...fuck!

9.00am: By the time i brought everything and cleaned everything...i was tired as fuck! And we
still had to take our French quiz...and how could we make it? We had yet a lot to do!
So we called the lecturer and lucky for us, he understood our (M and me)
predicament and allowed us to get in, today we made 2/4 hours of French
lessons...what a pity! We missed a lot by not attending the first two hours!!!

2.30pm: Not feeling well...started coughing on Monday, and my chest is in pain when i cough!
Now coming down with the flu, i think! A fever is i take a couple of
Paracetamols and go to sleep!!!

5.00pm: I wake up and the fever's gone, thank God! However, the cough is still so intense that
my chest hurts *uggghhh*

6.00pm: M comes to my room...she moved to the same block as me...she's shit-scared she
might get electrocuted, so she requested for a room...and she's now in my room coz
she got locked out of her current room...poor thing, even her old-room key is in
there! Did all i could to help...but without success...yeah, she had a bad day...maybe

Extras:New temporary roomie introduces herself...she left me a note when i got back from cute! I was kinda surprised that i had one! She's ok...kinda shy and quiet...and
i'm guarded (at first!), so we're both quiet...hahaha, we don't talk unless i initiate the
conversation...and M is the one doing most of the talking, so i just seem distant, but you
all know how i am if i don't know you, right?
I must say though...she is nice and thoughtful! Hope it goes's just a week,
right? But the amount of stuff i brought from the other room is as if i'm staying here for a
month! LOL!

So there...a chronology of a bad day! I'm not is not a good day for many people...everywhere, i hear of unfortunate events happening! Just for today! I reiterate: Tuesday, 25th August a bad day!!!

Toodlez, bitches!!!

PS: By the time i publish this, it'll be Wednesday...just pretend it's still Tuesday, ok? ;)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Sunday, August 23, 2009

In a blink of an eye, your life you once knew could be taken away...

I get shivers thinking about ethnic conflicts possibly happening in my country...and what i would do if it ever happened? What would YOU do? I'm sure the first thing you'll think about is to save your family, right? Ughhhh, gives me chills sometimes...these are the nightmares i have. Also of my family dying...i get so scared when i wake up. Sometimes, i'm aware that it's all a dream; while i'm still dreaming, mind you...but the tears stream down my face while i sleep!

Another thing i keep dreaming about is my teeth breaking/falling of the habits i have is my obsession with teeth...OMG, i don't know what i'd do if mine were broken into a million little of my worse fears...seriously! I'm not even kidding!!! I try my best to take care of them, and thinking of rotting teeth disgusts the shit outta me...God, why the hell am i so freakin' weird???

What else? Ahhh, more thing is that i dream that my youngest sis (Baby!!!) being here with us has been a dream all along...isn't that cruel? My mind creates these imagery of stories, so i blame my subconscious for all the cruelty...i dream that all the things we went through with her were just a dream...i couldn't even think straight while i'm typing this!!!

I get nightmares of people forcing me to marry...literally--> they push me down the aisle while the blurry/pixelated-faced, long-haired groom awaits me, wanting me to follow him to...guess where? Freakin' boring London!!! my dream, i'm crying, coz i'll be leaving everything i have family and friends...what the hell!

I get nightmares of having to drive a car...but i don't know how to drive, and i end up driving off a cliff...and waking up in a i fell from the cliff onto my bed!

I get nightmares of waking up so freakin' late, i'd miss my exams...a day late!!! OMG...

I get nightmares that all humankind disappear, and i'm the only human left on Earth...lost...

I get a lot of nightmares, but so far...these are the ones i could remember NOW, in this very moment. I hate nightmares, but they happen...the good/great dreams happen too, and those are the ones i look forward post will be about the great ones! :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Most Annoying Thing Ever...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The most annoying thing to stated below:

You know when a guy or a girl have a relationship...1st they're all happy and stuff, they're in their own world...well, that's ok. That's not the issue here...coz that is normal, right?

But one thing i hate about this is that they start ignoring their family and friends...some don't even go home, or even think of calling their mom and dad...


Disaster strikes!!! Your relationship is're lost...where do you go?

That's the time you go back home to your go back into your mother/father's open arms...but where the hell were you when you were out and about with ur bf/gf? Were you even aware of what was going on at home? Did you even care at all?

This is something i've seen one too many can't avoid it, coz nowadays people tell it to you whether you want to know or not...on Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, and many other social networking sites...sometimes you see them with your own eyes, and they admit that they haven't been home for months...

Some things you can't could just be frustrated and pray to God it doesn't happen to you. I'm lucky that i appreciate what i have right family and friends...and i hope i'd never forget them or take them for granted once i'm in a relationship. I hope i'd never forget a birthday, never miss a day where i said i loved them or never forget the memories we built together...because as much as i pray they will always be there, mortality rears its ugly head...and God might take them away the very moment you least expect it.

I don't know why i'm even talking about this, it's just that i get angry when i see friends forget their parents at home...their parents who love them and try their best to always give them the things they need and want...not everybody i know have that. Some people dream of having a mother or father who gives a damn, somebody who cares...

That is what i wish some people would realize. Why does it have to take a relationship breakdown for you to go back home? Or to take time to call them? Why not try NOW?

Right now, you're just annoying me...

Things In Passing...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I watched The Proposal again...watched it in M's room...and now i know what line struck a chord...but i won't say it! guys might know, hehehe...

I don't understand why i like to sleep too much nowadays, i can't believe it! It's like a sick disease, this sleeping virus, and i wanna get rid of it asap, coz it's ruining my daily plans...arrgghhh!!!

While i'm at it, i must stop trying too hard to get what i want...maybe then, it would come to me...i hope! And why can't i stop living in my own idealized life? I like the "idea" of too many things, and must now wake up! Snap out of it! Wake the fuck up and do your fuckin' thesis, miss thang!!!

That being said, must go now...

Toodlez, bitches!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Making Memories of Us...

Monday, August 17, 2009

I had a blast chillin' in my friend F's kampung during the weekend...she invited us, "les filles" to her kenduri (Malay feast or celebration). So, what else? We went along...of course before going, M pulled a huge prank on me, makin me turn back towards home. She said i had to go alone, as she couldn't make it. Yeah, turning back, she said it was a joke. F***!!! I was pwned!!! Hahahaha...and yes, my sis got mad coz she had to send me to UKM and she was in a bad mood. LOL!!! Okaaaay...

The next step...the trip! Was not very long, but it was long? How's that? Hahahah, i dunno how to explain...

We made a pit stop to eat and stuff, then took a bus to F's place. It was OK coz we were doing nothing but talking and shit like that...hehehe!

Then, upon reaching, we met her parents and sister...what a bunch of great people... :)

First time her dad smiled at me, i did my 'gelabah' reaction...because i saw F when he smiled, and of course, i freaked M out...heheheheh!!! It was funny...they look so alike--when they smile!!! ZOMG...LOL!!!

F's mom made us feel at ease the moment we stepped into their huge, beautiful home...and her sis cooked us dinner! :D

The next day, I experienced first hand...the Malay-Muslim custom of prayer and feast...the kenduri. Witnessed how they interact, pray, etc...and sure, people thought i was a Malay...and they thought i didn't know how to pray, hehehe...coz i was with them while they were reading the "Yassin"...and yes, i got puzzled and perplexed looks...LOL! I don't really care though...coz I got to watch this joyous occassion...

After all was done, I took a nap, hehehe...then M saw me, and she followed suit...copy-cat! LOL...F's parents were nice enough to bring us along for a long evening drive which i loved...saw their land, their shop, and of course, more...then, had our dinner of yummy kenduri leftovers...*Om nyom nyom!!!*

Went to sleep once we came home, but not without me panicking coz i saw some white worm-like creature on my foot, in which i screamed loudly while M, F and me were relaxing...i performed the bicycle and attempted to wipe-out that creature on the carpet-->instead, i kicked M with my feet moving in circular motion, and she also freaked out and performed the the end, we looked like 2 upside-down tortoises, moving our feet above like we were riding a bicycle...OMG, just writing about this makes me didn't help that i wanted to pee...thank God i went to the bathroom in time...Damn! Hahahahahahah...

Of course, there's more to be said about this...many omitted activities coz there's just too little time and i'm feeling kinda lazy, lol! But all in all...I HAD A BLAST!!!

Too bad A couldn't attend...she was so afraid we'd be mad, but we're not...would've been better if she had come though...and she attended the MTV Worlds Stage concert...*sobs* in which i'm super jealous coz she got two see cool awesome bands...the AAR, Hoobastank and Kasabian!!! :'(

Fit's parents were nice enough to take us for brekkie this morning before classes, and they dropped us back to UKM...well, we thank them wholeheartedly for their hospitality...and i hope we could meet again in the future...maybe for F's wedding with El-Arabi? Hahahaha, ZOMG! Sorry, couldn't help it...

For me, the one thing each friendship i have, it's fake stuff for me, please.

My friends and I, we all have our inside jokes...cues to laughter, i would say. That's what makes it real to me...the old ones (you're not old, you guys just happen to be by oldest friends ok? Hehehe...), the current ones, the ones i've met in passing...none of it was/is fake. That's why they know the real me and vice versa.

Thank you God for my wonderful friends...i know once we graduate, maybe we'll drift apart in our own ambitions, but the memories we created will never be erased...and we will always, one way or another be connected even though we're apart...even now, my childhood friends remain connected with me, and i hope i get to maintain all of these circles...

Wow, quite an ode to friendship! I always talk about my love for my family, but this one on friends, not so here it is, in all it's glory...*shout out to my friends reading this!!! Have great week, y'all!*

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Wanna I Wanna I Wanna Touch You...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This song is currently on loop...i can't help it! I love it...LOL! It also makes me sad that i can't make it to their performance this Saturday due to me not having any tickets...damn!'s not only them, but Hoobastank will be there too...damn squared!!!

I tried to get tickets, but it was all too late, as i didn't win any of those contests entered...well, it was partly my fault...i found out that the line-up was featuring some cool bands that i love-- but it was too late!

So now let me revel in my self-pity and leave me alone...*emo*

I wanna go to the MTV World Stage Concert!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! Goodbye Tyson Ritter, though i wanna i wanna i wanna touch wasn't meant to be... :'(

The moral? As The Rejects say, "Move along, move a long like i know you do" :(

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun Times & Others...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Had a fun day with the girls...haven't seen them for quite some time. But first things first:


I so wish i could be there, supporting you for one of the most important days of your life (it is, even if you don't admit it!)...coz what are friends for, right?

Hope you step into the working world with much tenacity, spunk, and be the best you could be, no matter what you do...i have yet another year to study, but i'm in no hurry to work just yet...even if i'm jealous of some of those friends who are working...just a little bit! ;)

Wow! How many years have we been friends? It's been a very long time, eh? Hahaha, Gawd, i feel so old when i think about it!

Anyway, watched a movie with "the girls" --> The Proposal...I loved it so much! Maybe, it struck a chord, maybe not...nevertheless; I LOVED IT! It had a good storyline, though predictable...the humor and chemistry between the two characters were very believable! Plus, i had some eye candy that is the hotness of Ryan Reynolds...damn!!! *6-pack abs*

I'm reminded of a line in the just stuck to my head, and at that moment...i was like "OMG...that's me!" I won't say what it was, coz i forgot it...but yeah...sometimes there's a thin line between love and hate, right?

What else? Ok, this advice may not apply to you, but if it does, just take it: You know sometimes when you get a gut feeling about something? Just trust works for me! And i often regret when i ignore, people: TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!! You don't need to be forced into something you're not into.

Ok, so i've had enough of my workout "time-out"...not like i intended to take a break! But yeah, muffin-top and ham legs does not work on some people, i.e. ME!!! Hahahaha! I guess watching Ryan Reynolds and talking bout Ciara's ripped bod DID give me some motivation...LOL! Sometimes you just feel extra weak because you don't feel light...i need to be stronger NOW!!! Plus: When you exercise, you can eat as much as you want without regret, hehehehe! Nice...

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Life Would Be So Fuckin' Boring Without Music!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

'nuff said...

Monday, August 03, 2009


Monday, August 03, 2009

Pretty emo post this morning...i'm still wondering bout has been haunting me ever since it was expected that i join the diplomatic corps. I just have a hard time deciding if it's the right choice. It seems too...i dunno, boring? Well, save it for another day...

For now, i'm trying my best to focus on my thesis, while doing some other stuff on the side...ever felt you want certain stuff to be over, and certain stuff to stay the same? Well, it always happens to me, but everything changes...and i have to accept it!

Got my BB last Friday, and as usual...we got lost on the way over there. Lucky thing my sis is not the freak-out-when-you're-lost mom! OMG, i could imagine mom hyperventilating at the thought, hahahah! So yeah, i'm enjoying it! It's a good phone...

What else? Tried to donate blood today...filled the usual form, got the blood group test...gave my blood donation book...and got ready to rumble...but wait!!! They asked me what time i slept and woke up...epic fail! Hahahaha, i can't donate blood if i had less than 5 hours' sleep! Asked me to come back tomorrow...

We'll see if i still have the mood.

Pretty much a boring day...and yet, i still have the urge to write. I noe...i'm a loozah! Well, you are one too if you're reading this! Nothing better to do, eh? Hahahaha!!! Go look for a job...then take me out asap...some place nice, no cheap stuff! ROFLMAO!

Toodlez, bitches...

So Many Questions Left Unanswered...

Monday, August 03, 2009

Dear God,

I know there will be a time where all questions asked by us mere mortals will be answered...somehow i know you DO answer us, but we don't listen...

I'm just saying, sometimes i need a brick in the head to see the answer. So please please please answer me in this time of confusion. I am at a crossroads, not knowing where i should go to attain what i truly want, which only you would know...seeing that i myself don't! I really don't know what i want...yes, i have ideals and all sorts of plans, but i know nothing can be attained without your blessing and will.

The pressure is pushing me towards one way, but even if i seem to want it, i'm not sure i do...i don't think i do...maybe i'll feel like i'm missing something that could give me more happiness? I don't know...all i know is that i have another year to decide...i'm counting on you. And no more jokes, funny as they are sometimes!