Thursday, January 28, 2010

Busy Days & Gratefulness

Thursday, January 28, 2010!!! The week has been quite hectic!!! I love it!!! Hahahaha, I just love the adrenaline when you're rushing to do one thing, then another!

My previous post on the fear of swimming and submerging myself underwater...well, i'm still getting used to it...but thanks to F & A...I can now swim..well, somewhat!!! I still get panicky when I can't touch the ground with my feet. Still need some getting used was my second day!

We went for a few minutes yesterday...damn, the pool was packed!!! of course, we went to the "Wuss Pool", that's what I call it because it's NOT Olympic-sized...the pool for real swimmers is on the other side, which I shall not go to, hehehehe!

Well, the first 20 minutes, I was just too panicky and fidgety, but thanks to F & A's patience and getting me all comfortable with submerging myself in the water, they thought me how to float and waddle around the pool...

Once I got the hang of it, I started swimming...woot!

We went again this morning, but it was hot and sunny...damn hell, we got sunburnt!!! Well, as A says, "Better to be thin and dark, rather than fair and overweight!!!" true!!! So, with all this in mind, I'm gonna start practicing the art of swimming, as even on the second day, I feel scared...hmmmph!!!

I shall swim my way into fitness...hahahaha, if only!!! I can't even do a lap without gasping for air and swallowing water!!! Arrrggghhhh...I thought I could avoid it, but there's no way, man...swallowing water is a must when you're learning (says Sifu F)... :/

Well, if I...a 23-year old girl can learn to swim...YOU (whoever that can't swim for nuts) can too!!! Amen!!!

Again, I would like to thank God for not letting me drown and finding the drive to learn something I've feared my whole life...I don't even know how I got the urge to learn swimming...I never even thought about it...just came out of nowhere, and when F suggested we go swimming, it was an opportunity!!! So yay, thank you God!!!

Thank you F & A for having the patience for teaching this doofus with such grace and sincerity!!! Love you guys...of course, you will live on as "The people who thought G how to swim!!!"...such good teachers you are, heheheheh!!! *Bows to F & A as sign of respect*

Ok so that's for many days now i've been going back and forth with A to this office and that office to submit and correct the paperwork for the trip...we're damn fuckin tired, so I do hope our time and effort do not go to waste, and that this trip WILL (by hook or by crook) happen!!! Amen!!!

And yes, who could assignment presentation the next 2 weeks, and of thesis!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Just give me a mug of strong java...and i'll be good to go!!!

May the force be with you and me! Aiyaiyaiyaiyaiyai (say it like Xena, warrior princess, and fadeout!)...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Ready, I'm Ready, I'm Ready...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm gonna start something i've dreaded for years...maybe my whole life!

I'm gonna...learn to swim!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so fuckin' scared...i've tried learning a few times, trust me...but the fear, oh God the fear of water getting into my nose and the time when I was 3-4 (YES I DO REMEMBER!!!)...I was on a dad held my hand while we went into the sea...the shallow part was still above my head i guess...or maybe it wasn't that shallow, but I ended up submerged in the water, and yes...water filled my mouth and nose...

Till this day, i am I tried to learn to swim throughout the years, I still get the image of struggling under the water, and of course...i fear i would drown!

But you know what? There's no turning back since i made this decision...i already bought the swimming gear needed, and i'm not gonna let my spending money on this go to waste. At least my friends will teach me...I hope it happens, coz my cousin tried and failed, my grandpa tried and failed and so did my aunt...but maybe it was because I wasn't ready to face the fear (at that time)???

Well whatever it is...I'm ready, I'm ready (singing it the way Spongebob does!!!)

Just hope I wake up early, LMFAO (I'm laughing, but i'm still scared ok? Hahahaha...fuckin' serious about learning to swim, so I hope the drive helps)...coz I suck at waking up early! It's like the alarm never works for me anymore...or maybe it's because I sleep like 2 hours before I have to wake up, heheheh!

Oh, and about the concert...the concert...sigh, let's save THAT for another post, or maybe never! I'll give the organizer a C+...but this is me being generous!

Till the next post,

Toodlez, bitches!!!

UPDATE: It's not gonna happen today coz my teacher couldn't make it...but it'll happen by this week...aaahhhhhhhh (still scared!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here's Hoping While Saying A Prayer

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I think I have an idea what I wanna achieve in the future...suddenly, it seemed so clear. And the fact that it ties well with my sis seals it...God, I hope it becomes something epic! Hahahaha...

But for now, i'm sticking to building bridges (for now!)...

Tomorrow is the day of the concert...and what we're getting is laughable! Damn damn damn! Boss better let us put this as an 'embellishment' on our CVs for paying us almost nothing!!! Thank God for him, he's friends with my parents, so in essence...we're doing him a favor. Oh, well...

Till tomorrow (as in later TODAY!)...


Serious post ahead:

If I could save the world, I would be in Haiti...OMG, 111,000 lives claimed. And here we are...wasting the time that we have worrying about boyfriends not loving us enough...worrying about not finding the one...worrying about not catching Mr/Ms Right. Why don't we just forget all that shit just for a sec and focus on what we have...

I love what I have. I may not be wealthy in the material sense, but I AM wealthy when it comes to having loved ones. I am wealthy because I have what I need. I am wealthy because I can have water whenever I feel thirsty and food whenever i'm hungry. I have clothes on my back and money to spend for leisure activities. I can go out of my house without worrying of people looting shops and houses because they've lost everything they have that's worth anything.

I live in a country free of natural disasters (to a degree) friends and my family are safe from harm...I have an education...and we are all healthy...and for that, I'm grateful...and I love myself...after reading of all the horrors happening in Haiti...i shall never worry about not being tall enough, not being thin enough or not having flawless skin ever again! Why? Coz life is too precious to sweat the small stuff...yes, I know it's hard...but I sure as hell am gonna try!

For now, I offer my sincerest prayers for the lives lost in Haiti...for their families and friends, and I hope the people find a renewed strength and somehow rise up to the challenge that they have faced in these hard times. Amen!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Light Up, Light Up...As If You Have A Choice!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I was listening to Snow Patrol's Run...and I was somehow directed to Leona Lewis' rendition...of course, the style is so different, but I love her version as well...she has such a high range as a vocalist...

Leona is such a great singer...and I love the theme for Avatar, by the way...if you listen to it the first few times, it would sound quite weird because the song is kinda complicated...sometimes, when you hear a song, you know the direction...but with 'I See You', you wouldn't know it...the range is wide...the backups rather robotic...but Leona's part shines. I still like the song though!

And it doesn't hurt that she's a looker as sis thinks she looks like a man (hahahaa), but I beg to differ...I think she's beautiful! Looks+voice=perfect product=success...

Okay...why am I writing about Leona Lewis at almost 4 in the morning?

Oh, and a friend recommended that I give a listen to Chet Baker's 'My Funny Valentine'...I love Sinatra and Bennet's versions of the song, and of course...such a classic song would mean dozens of cover versions...but Chet's version is great breezy, almost in a soft whisper...thanks for the recommendation!

Whatever it night was full of listening to music and nothing else...hahahah! Day and night...a paradox to the highest degree!

Oh, and by the way...Bill Kaulitz is looking thinner and more eccentric by the day, it's kinda worrying...and please don't go cuckoo on us...please! He joined a fashion show recently looking very skinny, looking like a woman...I kid you not! I mean, I get the androgyny-chic fashion sense, but c'mon...there is such a thing as being OTT...even David Bowie wasn't THAT feminine...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I don't know why, but I get happy when my day is productive...I know, it's crazy to be happy just because of this...but mainly i'm happy because somehow the LoA has helped me once more...will explain later!

Woke up to go see our French lecturer to enquire many things regarding Lasbella. Got the info we needed mostly! I'm so stupid secretary, I didn't do my job well enough coz I went and forgot to bring the paperwork...thank God he was kind enough to print out a copy for us (me and the Chairperson...Mlle A!) My apologies to A for my absent-mindedness...well, a lot of things to do to make this possible, but we need everyone to pull this together, and I pray this happens for us! Amen...

Then we went for our replacement class...which isn't so boring...dunno why, but I didn't get bored in class...maybe i've been sleeping too I don't feel as sleepy as I used to! Hehehehe...

After lunching with F, we went (this is what made my day!) to the mini-library in the faculty...why? Because i finally took a second step towards understanding what goes into making a thesis...then, this is where LoA came in...a classmate who happens to have the same supervisor as me started asking me questions about my thesis...then I told her my problems regarding my thesis and her friend heard me and offered me this authority figure's contact info to ask for assistance. Seems that although this man is VIP, he's very keen with helping students with their problems...Oh, thank God!!! I thought i'd never get even ONE person to interview!!!

Thank God!!!

And thanks to F for taking me there...coz if you didn't wanna go, I would've not gone there as well...then i wouldn't have talked to KPK, then i wouldn't have gotten Y's help...

Thanks, universe...i'm smiling not only because i'm happy, but because i'm so relieved that I do not have to worry too much about finding contacts...that was all I was worried about actually. Coz in my topic, my supervisor wants me to interview many maybe getting one or two would kick-off the momentum...hahah!

Please God, let me finish my thesis on time...and a good thesis at that!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing...

Monday, January 18, 2010

I had my day planned out...convinced myself that i'm ready to learn something today, that I had to let down my sister who I was supposed to accompany to the bank but didn't because I had to go for a class...I reached the place quite early...which is unlike me! Soooo unlike me...then, after half an hour the lecturer says she announced earlier that class was cancelled. WTF!!!

My poor sis! Sigh...and when I was waiting for a message that says, "Class is cancelled!" I got zilch! Damn...waste of all the students' time...imagine those who came from their homes...they have to return the very same day! Damn...

Well, at least I got to hangout with my friends and talk...didn't do that for awhile...

Oh, and I wish my sis knows how grateful I am for she always sends me to campus...hehehehe! Sometimes I just dread all the waiting and pushing while getting into the bloody train. Just appreciate it...and also thanks for lending me what i've wanted to borrow for a long least I won't get soooo bored here anymore! :)

PS: On another note...totally irrelevant to this post...I would like to pray for the people who have lost their loved ones in Haiti...I hope we as a people can rise to the occasion and help our brothers and sisters...well, I know I can't do anything myself, but all I could do is offer my prayers in sincerity...I hope that all the funds sent to the Haitian government will be used for good, rather than be pocketed by the government -- if you know what I mean. It happens all the time...I hope this country would be an exception!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Have the Need...the Need For Speed!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Here comes Speed Racer...he's a demon on wheels..."

I so want to have the ability to do anything with lightning speed...damn! I don't know, it seems like I have little to do...and yet, there's a lot to do...ahahahah!!! Think i'm going blur...

My sister's (the middle child) resolution for 2010 is to live a healthy inspired as I am, i'm realistic enough to realize that I can' much as I want to...there's no kitchen to cook my own food and eat healthy here in campus...the food they serve here is loaded with fat, oil, coconut milk, etc...but yeah...even more so, is when i'm here, I tend to eat ramen noodles, bread, and junk!!! Coffee is a staple I will never ever give much so that I bought one of those vacuum-tumblers just so I can bring my coffee along when I don't have enough time to drink in the morning...LMAO!

And I bought one for my sis too, but shit...we bought the smallest size, which isn't enough for a "Tall" at Starbucks...fuck!!! We only realized this when it was too late, and we can't return it!!! Fuck...that was a funny incident though...hey, at least I get to pack my morning coffee! (I'm trying to comfort myself by repeating this statement everyday...)

Oh, did you know that there's another size in Starbucks called "Short", an 8 oz's smaller than the smallest on the menu, aka the "Tall" which is 12 oz...betcha didn't know, huh? It's a known secret among the chosen! It's only a few cents less, so you might as well get the Tall, right? And it's only available for the hot drinks...uhhhh, why am I talking about this crap? Geez...

Oh yeah...watched Avatar last week...loved it! Wanna watch it again, but in 3D this time...but yeah...some friends do not like to spend more on some dumb glasses, so I guess...go figure! :'( Oh, and Sam Worthington is hot!!! Why the hell are the guys from Oz damn hot??? Hugh Jackman, Adam Garcia, Heath (RIP), Eric Bana...and now Sam!!! Damn, if only that damn accent wouldn't get to me...sorry, I find it annoying...maybe it's those "McLeod's Daughters" commercials on Hallmark...oh, and Kylie Kwong that Australian chef...damn, she annoys the hell outta me when she talks...*shudders* So ok, maybe it's not Ozzie's per se...maybe it's the individual...hahahaha!

Muse is gonna perform in Singapore and I wanna go!!! Ahhhhhh!!! I can't coz of the $$$ factor and of course, my thesis awaits...I saw my supervisor today, and luckily, I was given a more elaborate explanation as to wtf I should do...

Yes, i need, i HAVE to interview officials from the various agencies under a certain ministry...damn! I would have to do around 5 chapters...and maybe tweak my conceptual framework...yes, it's more International and Political Economy rather than political dynamics of nations and policies...which I prefer. Now I have to get a letter from the uni just to get an interview...and all that shit! Arrrrgghhhh!!!

...but man, I'm pretty freaked out! LOL! Can I vent a little FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!

Okay, okay...breathe!!!

Ok, done!

And it's just ten days away from that so-called concert...I don't know what the hell i'm supposed to do since Boss hasn't told me anything...don't even know if i'll get any money...I have to use a new number by the telco sponsoring the concert, but i'm not gonna use it...unless it benefits me.

Just look at this post...damn it's so messed-up...i'm not even making sense...just jumbling up any thoughts that come into my head...hahahah! Okay...maybe i've had too many cups of you-know-what!

Listening to: Walking On Air by's an awesome song!!! Kerli is Estonian, and she's so eccentric...sounds a bit like Bjork, and dresses like she's the female version of Bill Kaulitz...they should be together!!!

UPDATE: Kerli and Tokio Hotel will be collaboration on a single for the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack...OMFG! Hahahahahah...hope to hear their single soon! And yes, Kerli does look like an Alice...Tim Burton is such a genius! Love his work, especially when it involves Johnny Depp (yummo!) and his wife Helena Bonham-Carter...

Okay...done yapping! Maybe i'll write more later at night since my head is super-charged!!! Feel like a million bucks and i'm typing like the Energizer Bunny woot!!!

Toodlez, bitches!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Get To You

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"I'll get to you...just hold on a little longer"

This song keeps going on loop in my head...heard it a few days ago, and downloaded it. It's James Morrison's 'Get to You', and just listening to it brings me the imagination of driving in a Buick, then running down a prairie in a sundress, enjoying the wind against the strands of my hair and experiencing bliss with every sense...sigh! It's crazy how music affects me sometimes...

James Morrison's voice is one of the best in contemporary music - very bluesy, has a gruff voice which I wish more male singers had...don't know why, but when I think of James, i'm reminded of Paolo Nutini...another great singer-songwriter...hahahaha, I random, eh? blabbing again about things people won't get...that's what you're here for, sweet blog of mine! Anyway, lots of great songs out there...just wanted to write about this particular one coz I felt like it! I think i'll write more about songs in the future...I love analyzing them...LOL!

Still looking for the piano sheet for 'Zoom Into Me' know, that haunting riff I keep yapping about? Found the most accurate one...the girl who wrote it is's so good, it's perfect! Can't wait to learn it...hope I get the chance.

Till the next post...toodlez, bitches!

First Post For 2010!!!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy 2010!!!

I started my year with a touch of optimism and a sense of gratitude...i have a feeling that 2010 is gonna be packed with things to do...and i'm ok with it!

Remembering was somewhat interesting, but not without it's challenges. But you know what? Whether good or bad, it passes...everything just eventually passes you by. I've failed to realize this principle in the past, but it has become my mantra in the recent years...everytime something bad happens, my mind goes, "This will pass..." But when something great happens, I just throw all caution in the wind and enjoy the moment...

So for 2010, what i hope to achieve is just in the's nice to look back...nice to look forward...but we experience the NOW, so...go figure! Carpe diem!

On another note...the trip to Paris thing is on a roll...God, by early May I could be doing what I've wanted to do in years...if y'all don't fuckin' know it by now, you can just eat my!

Just watched "(500) Days of Summer"...yes, i've had this movie in my hard drive for over a month and i'm only watching it now! Hurray for my procrastination!!! Hahahaha, it just reminds me of the time I forced my friends to watch "The Orphan"...all of them did (eventually), except me...and it's also on my hard drive...and I still haven't seen it!

Okay, back to the's one of those quirky and unconventional pseudo-love stories...I love it! Damn, I really loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance...truly felt the gut-wrenching hurt he felt when he finally discovers that his "lady love" just doesn't love him's pretty intense. He's a very good actor, and it doesn't hurt that he's hot! Hahahah...he has that quirky, geek appeal that I love...and of course, my must-have in a man--> a great smile with a nice pair of dimples!!! LOL!!!

But seriously, I love both Joseph and Zooey here...Zooey's performance as a cold yet endearing "bitch" (towards the 300th day) was totally believable, and she was just beautiful...

And this movie just refreshed my love for the Smiths' best song ever!!! Well, at least for me...'Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want' is THE anthem for Tom's character...I've loved this song from the time I saw "Never Been Kissed" -- you know the prom scene? Yeah, that's the one! A very short song...but appropriate nonetheless! Morrissey's voice of desperation is in line with Tom's in the movie. Sigh...a perfect match! Well, maybe you don't know half the shit i'm yapping about, but at least i'm not talking about Tokio Hotel right? LMAO! I'm slowly withdrawing from my daily dose, mind you...

Okay, this is a long know how I tend to blabber non-stop!

Oh thesis! Shit...must meet supervisor by this week!!! Arrrggghhhhh!!! MUST DO more procrastinating!!!