Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Useless Ramblings...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sometimes the weather is too weird you just wonder what's going on with the world...

Like today...take my word for it!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Stuff That's Been Happening...

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's been awhile since i've updated this blog, but i've been busy and a little lazy too! Well, it's the beginning of my Raya holidays, which is a week! And in this week, I'm probably gonna go visit a few friends' open house for Raya (which I love!!!) and then maybe we could swap stories after months if not years of not seeing each other...

And i'll be going to watch BEP and AAR...woohoo!!! AAR thanks to me and my sis and a friend buying DiGi's simcard and subscribing to their whatever MusicLive thingy...although, i used my mom's DiGi account due to my lack of finances!!! LOL! BEP is all mom...heck, i didn't think much of it, but when mom offered, and my sis said "YES!!!", i was inadvertently saying yes as well...hahahaha, so now i'm pretty fuckin' excited since i love BEP and the Rejects...but I will pay her for my ticket once my PTPTN gets credited in December!

At least i'm havin' some fun in my life...OMG, the rules of "The Secret"...i think it really works, coz I didn't know AAR was coming back here, and i wished with all the positive vibes, and there you have it; next thing I know, they're coming for DiGi's birthday bash and all that shit! And now, after redeeming my ticket, i'm like "Wow!"

But now comes the hard part...my mom is really adamant about migrating to that country...if only I could make her see that initial attraction could become a later regret...i mean, of course i complain about Malaysia, but to revoke my citizenship to become a Canadian? OMFG...

I knew my parents wanted to migrate when they were older, but now seems too soon! I mean, I haven't even graduated...but i'll support them 100% if they wanted to go on without me and my sister...they can bring the baby coz seriously, I think she would be better educated over there. But for me and my sis (the middle one), we need to stay here to live our lives, gain some experience...maybe later on, if we decide to work there, we'd join you guys...coz consider the damn cold weather, the lack of mamak stalls, the norm that is bland non-spicy food, and i think i'd die!

And dad is all quiet and actually considering the idea...and here i thought it was just an idea in passing that my mom concocted from talking to her relatives living over there...but when she sent me that email talking about the price for the lawyers and shit, i was thinking "OMG, she's fuckin' serious? ALL OF US???"

Then, talking to her, i asked her to not just jump into the bandwagon out of excitement...everything is unknown over there...yes, it would seem nice at first, but what about the pros and cons? What chance do I have over there? I don't wanna end up being a cleaner over there...what about my career? I can't go there as a freshie and expect to be in ANY sort of corporate ladder...

And there my mom goes again, pressuring me to join the M'sian Diplomatic Service or fail in this country... i mean wtf, right? My life is not to please everyone...sometimes i think, what's the point...whatever i choose, my mom would ALWAYS want me to be a damn freakin' ambassador/diplomat, even if i think that life would make me miserable (i presume, but i'm not sure!)

And there you have it...life's ups and downs in a nutshell...

Right now, i'm happy about the Raya and concerts, but i'm utterly shocked at the migrating bit...of course!!! Well, wouldn't YOU??? It's all so...sudden!!! We don't even have anything! We'd have to sell of everything we have here just to move there, and i'm in no shape of giving up all my chances in this country just yet! I love Malaysia, but i love my family more...

So if we were to make a compromise, I would say, you guys go ahead, gain your citizenship, and maybe i'd get PR status or something like that...but i'll just be here in Malaysia with my sis who also doesn't seem interested in this whole idea...maybe we would go back every Christmas or something like that...

Okok, i may be looking way too ahead...i mean, it's not even confirmed that you are going!!! But as usual, i think too much so now i'll STFU!


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Found It!!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I can't believe i found it...and reading them over and over again makes me marvel at my own outlook on the subject...sometimes i'm cynical, sometimes i'm hopeful and optimistic, and sometimes just vacant...

It's all relative, i guess! And it all depends on how you feel at THAT moment...external factors, internal conflicts, movies (in my case...a lot of movies, LOL!) play a part in shaping my thoughts of poem-writing.

I notice that I don't write 'em anymore; since i lost my notebook. Wow, talk about brand loyalty! Hahahahah...maybe I should now, since it's here! Woot!

First thing's first--> DO THE FCUKIN' THESIS!!!


Friday, September 04, 2009

So Fuckin' Tired ZOMG!!!

Friday, September 04, 2009


Seriously, i was drenched in my own sweat by the time i finished carrying everything, while my sis got wet in the rain...i'm thankful for the help though...really!

I just left my things in the new room...couldn't stay any longer coz we had to get back asap! Anyway, now i'm back and yeah...arms are so tight, raw, tired, etc!

But damn!!! It feels good! Isn't that nuts? Hahahaha...i'm lovin' it!

PS: Glad i moved...no regrets! Will be back by Monday to clean up. At least it's nearer to the cafe and bus stop...yay!

PPS: I wanna I wanna I wanna go see All-American Rejects...but i have to buy a new sim card from a different telco (which i used to own)...it's gone now, so i'd have to buy a brand new number...damn! Hope i get them tickets...let's buy 'em in bulk, y'all!!! Muahahahaha...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Of Instant Noodles & Being A Nomad...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The above pic has been a staple to me since Ramadhan started, and today...*Hallelujah!!!* I went and bought rice for dinner...i don't regret trying this Kimchi Ramen...it tastes great (to me), and it contains little pieces of Kimchi veggies...yum!!! No regrets...this is one of the reasons i try strange stuff. At least if it's bad, you don't buy it again, and if it's good...you know you'll want it again!

One of the reasons i don't buy proper meals anymore is coz:

1.The cafe doesn't serve food for non-Muslims during Ramadhan...whatever they serve are leftovers from the sahur our friends had in the morning...by the time lunch hour comes, it looks like dogfood!!! Yucks!!!

2.The cafe is so damn far from Block 12, i literally get too lazy...it's an uphill walk, and i'm a lazy person...so...go figure! I'm lazy...So there!

I took the liberty of applying for the new block, thanks to M's support...which means, i'll have to move for the 3rd time this semester! I don't really care for the moving, but i have to coz i hate that i'm never alone...my room is my private+comfort zone, and i love being alone after the whole day of mixing around with people...sometimes, you just need that alone time, right?

Besides, i hate having to put my radio alarm to waste...since having a roommate, i haven't listened to the radio coz i'm afraid i will seem too inconsiderate...she's nice, but i just can't live with another person.

And Block 12's communal bathroom? Filthy! The garbage bins are overloaded...the mozzies are on rampage...uggghhhh!!! Oh, did i mention that the vending machine swallowed all my money and didn't give it back? Fuck you, nasty machine!!! I want my drink, dickwad!!!

So i'll have to force Dad to bring his car to move my things, coz i sure can't do it myself like the last time...blocks 3 and 12 are too far apart...literally, both are at different corners! So i'm sorry, Dad, for this inconvenience! But i have to if i wanna have my privacy...besides, it'll be easy if friends come for slumber parties...i won't need to worry about my roomie and stuff like that!

The smell of the new room in Block 3? Like new! What do you expect from a newly-built block? Needs some getting use to...but i'll manage! The lady-in-charge said that we'll move back to Block 10 at the start of the next semester...GREAT...I can't wait!!! Miss my old room :'(

So again...i'll be carrying my stuff down the stairs...driving to the new block, bringing 'em up and down the stairs...again! Geez, at this rate, i BETTER be losing at least a few lbs...LOL!!!

Wish me luck!!!

Toodlez, bitches!