Monday, December 06, 2010

What I Have Learnt So Far...

Monday, December 06, 2010

You know, it's amazing what 3 months can do to a person. For one thing, I have become different in a colleague told me she has actually seen a transformation in me; from the first time I ever presented my task, to now. I have become more outspoken & more confident.

I was and am always shy when it comes to strangers. However, when it comes to doing a presentation or a job, I guess I was always quiet when it comes to giving opinions and input. I am sometimes drowned in a sea of outspoken human beings, and I have put this forward to my superiors...but I guess the months I spent in training has trained me for the better. I am more focused and structured. I consciously make the effort to see things from a bird's eye view, rather than from a smaller perspective... much as I have heard the first batch of MTs talk and complain about how hard it is and how they are always facing challenges...I think I am going to see it in a different angle. I see it as a way to practice on my problem-solving skills. And of course, I can gain experiences and know what I can or cannot repeat. You see, what I've learned as well is...

Everything you go through depends on YOU; on your can whine and bitch and complain about how life is unfair...but YOU have the power to make it how you want it to be. They chose me for my attitude...coz honest to God, I had no skills whatsoever...hahahaa!

Slowly, I am trying to be a better me. I have a lot of things to change about myself; my messiness, my structure of thoughts, etc.

What I am really proud of that I'm NOW a punctual person (at work, ok!). If I ain't early...I'm on time! And that is waaaaay better, TTYTT!

What else? Oh yeah, I have met one or two people here who are my peers...they have that feeling of 'entitlement', thinking that they are higher/greater than certain people - like the technicians, advisors or salespeople...I say, with this might go somewhere in life, but when tough times come about, nobody will be there to help you. Again, ATTITUDE...what I don't understand is how they could even consider themselves so great when they haven't even performed...and yet, act so arrogantly towards those they consider 'lower' than themselves.

That is why, I shall pull myself back from these types of people...I don't like being around negative/toxic people...thank you very much!

However, if I could tell you about the good people I'm mixing with, I could write for days...I am lucky that there are more good peeps than bad. I am happy here in training. I don't know what the future holds, but I sure will enjoy all I can NOW...but absorb as much as I could for now (and also as long as I live).

I am also considering furthering my studies...I think I would love to get an MBA. No, scratch that...I WANT and MBA. Maybe, if possible...I would go register next year or 2012 (if it's not the apocalypse, heheheh!)

Man, this is quite long...I wanna write a lot more, but I think I should go to sleep now.

PS: I am the official mode of entertainment among my colleagues. The stories they tell of like when M tells the story of my 'gelabah-ness'...faham-faham sendiri ye? Hahahaha...

Toodlez, bitches!!!