Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bye Bye Birdie...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So my dad will be forgoing the 1st week of the trip, and would only join us a week later due to some circumstances...crapcrapcrapcrap!!! At least if he comes along, my sis and I can have someone else who's just as lost as we are? LMAO...but now, we just have each other to give funny looks to...hmmmph!

Anyway, he'll be joining us after a week...meanwhile, our cousin--> the only relative in OUR age group that we have grown soooo familiar with will be going to work in a ship...this 19th! WTF...that means, he won't be able to show us around...Oh Lord almighty...okok, chill...focus!!! We shall find other relatives that we at least could get along with...pleeeaseeeeeee...may it be so!!!

Have to do lots of pre-trip shopping coz we lack many things...and yeah, ironically, we'll be leaving on Fathers' Day; minus Pops! But at the same time, we'll get to meet our grandpa...yeah, dunno how dad is gonna take being without his beloved baby girl...OMG they are so attached, i sure hope she doesn't cry while we're there...Mom already asked us to bring her fave DVDs (stupid Chickens & that idiot Cow! I don't mind Toy Story!) so she won't go nuts!

She's so excited to board a plane, though...she actually wanted to ride in an airplane just now...LMAO! We said, "Wait till Sunday, okay?" I sure hope i don't forget anything...hahaha, imagine you're away from home in a foreign place, and then you realize you forgot to bring your underwear!!! Or worse, your cash!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Here's hoping that this homecoming won't suck...hear, hear!!!

PS: Oh fuck, i forgot...i can't speak Tagalog (can only understand and make fun of it a bit, hehehe)...i'm so screwed...HAHAHAHA!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip and tell me all about it when you get back~

ledzeppelin4evr said...

Of course dear, and some goodieees too...may it be so!!!

Neo said...

find me something nice!! (poker set or any souvenir) n a lot of MMS!!! n d important thing is your happy holiday!!

ledzeppelin4evr said... nice first, hahahaha! Poker set? The whole set with the table? Boleh blahhhh!!!

Neo said...

i m nice!!! ;P
yelaa,i want ur blah laa..ahahaha