Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Last Days Of Ole Life...

Saturday, June 30, 2007

A new day begins tomorrow...

For very different reasons...i'm leaving my family for university life...OMG, it's just gonna be a week. However, my mom is urging me to stay on the campus for the whole year. She says it's impractical to travel daily, i would be spending a lot of money just on now, i'm thinking...

Well, it will depend on this 1 week period...I really am hoping to make tons of friends! I know it's not difficult making friends, but I just want the right kinda friends, you know? I'm kinda choosy...

Everything's been paid for...settled...PTPTN has approved my loan, although it took forever to "process"!!! I still can't seem to find my offer letter...sigh, same old, same old PTPTN!

My bosses took me out to lunch yesterday...they were super nice! My main boss says he'll get me a laptop to continue doing subtitles for the company...What!!! I said "OMG, that's great...pocket money!!!" Then, he laughed and said, "Yeah, your work for us is not over yet! At least you'll make pocket money while studying"

When I jokingly asked, "So the laptop is my parting gift, eh?", to which he replied nonchalantly, "Yeah, sure!"

What disbelief!!! It's gonna be mine? Not just borrowed, u mean all mine, with all the great audio/visual softwares and converters??? OMGOMGOMG, yay!!!

Since Boss is a friend of my parents, he spoke to them on the phone, (Haha, they told me!) telling them he would miss me...he calls me his niece. Of course, since I call of of them 'Uncle so-and-so' weird, huh? Lol! I mean, all those guys there are the nicest bunch! The Macguyver of the company said g'bye to me...I mean, he's the shyest person ever! I thanked him for teaching me all the stuff on templates, converting, photoshop stuff, subtitling, etc...

Oh, man, only now have I realized how much i've learnt! At the moment i'd cleaned out all my stuff, gave the keys to my boss, said goodbye, it felt a little bittersweet! Another boss gave me a Levi's sling bag...not really beautiful, but thoughtfull nonetheless!!!

I dunno what the new journey is gonna bring, but I adapt to new things quite easily...

One thing's for sure, i'll miss everyone at home!!! Even if I stay there for the year, i'll still be back on the weekends, right?

Goodbye old life, hello new experiences!!!

"Thank you God for the good people i've met in my life...You always take care of me, no matter how hard life can be sometimes...


P.S. : Will try to blog after orientation week! This is soooooo not over!

Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Time...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh my God!!!

I'm gonna be a student all over again, but this time, i'm officially a varsity student! I'm so looking forward to this...

My whole week has been hectic! Had to rush here and there to open a new bank account, apply for a student loan, fill-in tons of forms, yada yada yada...

I can't do the physical examination before registering, as i'm very busy finishing all the video know, coz I don't wanna leave work without finishing my tasks...i've got good work ethics, you know?

This Sunday morning, I would be registering (and i'm hopeful that my dad eventually comes up with around 60% of the registration fees, coz I only can pay a little bit with my own money!), and will stay at the student quarters for a week...this stay is for my orientation and all that.

I have been sent a letter assuring me that ragging will not be permitted at UKM, but i'm bracing myself for the worst...

I wonder if i'll make friends or not, coz I sure need friends in a new place like this! This would be considered my second home for 3 years!

I've made a decision to NOT stay at the student quarters (some of my friends insist that 1st year students HAVE to stay there!) if I had a choice, as my home is only half an hour away...BUT...if it is compulsory to stay there, I will, for sure...the only thing is, i'll be missing my family and TV fix...but I know i'll manage.Perhaps it'll be fun!

Only time will tell what happens...but till that time comes, i'll take things slow, hope for the best, and expect to come out a winner...

Thank God for my strength!!! It's all good...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Heeeere's Johnny!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am going...going to university...I can't believe it!

I got accepted into UKM, Malaysia's current 'it' public university, having surpassed, the 'Harvard' of Malaysia,, does that make UKM today's 'Harvard' of Malaysia? ...hehe!

I was supposed to put 8 choices in my course and uni selection...I only had two in my mind. UKM was NOT included, as I thought I wouldn't stand a chance...since I had to pick four as the minimum, I chose UKM's International Relations as my almost-random 3rd choice...I've been to the faculty i'm interested's kinda funky in an old kinda way...It looked old+ugly-assed! Lol...but i'm grateful to God! Mom keeps scolding me for being too superficial! Quite!

I credit HIM (duh, God!) because this was HIS plan all along; get me all confused about things for a while, let me consider private colleges and discover I haven't got the money for all that shit...then ask HIM for guidance...

Then, HE goes around and gives me this; BA of Social Science w/h Honors in International Relations, buddie!!! The right course for those wanting to be in the Diplomatic Corps., multinational corporate companies, political think-tanks...etc...Yeah, baby, just what I wanted, but gave up coz I thought I didn't have a chance in this country coz-you-know-why...but now, I sure as hell am gonna try!!! Bring it on, bitches!!! Heeeere's Johnny!

Can you believe it? MYR 7,000.00 with a 3.5% interest to be paid for around 20 years? It is a big deal that I don't have to spend soooo much on my higher education...the gov subsidizes around MYR 20,000++ for my education!

If i'd gone to Taylors or Monash, I would've spent almost a 100K for everything, including books, and other shitty-assed fees! Now that would be alright if I was a rich girl...but i'm not!

My parents told me they were proud of me! I was so happy to hear that!

God has truly blessed me, and for that, i'm thankful!

Oh, and my boss asked me to work part-time, subtitling movies, and he said he'll get me a laptop to work on the movies...Yay!!! A l'il money on the side...Lol! And he said he'll write me a recommendation letter...but that's coz I asked, yo!

What else? Oh, i'm scared of the imminent ragging i'm about to receive...that's if ragging still goes on out there...I heard it is...Shit-Damn-Fuck!

Other than that, everyone's is great, sister was late, so, since I was awake making my brekkie, I volunteered to send the nick of time, she reached her school w/o being tardy.

Ummm, that's about it, I guess! I love my blog!

See ya!

Monday, June 18, 2007

I Don't Know What To Say...Oh, I Do!

Monday, June 18, 2007

No, hell hasn't frozen over...

Just that i'm in an anxious mood right now. It's the moment of future, my imminent present...which university or college shall I be selected for?

I must admit, throughout the months after high school, or what i'd call the 'waiting period', i've had a few dilemmas...i didn't want to be selected into a government university...although that's what thousands of Malaysian students are fighting for...

I'd lost faith in the government, and opted not to work for the Foreign Service due to the preferential treatment of a certain race...and instead started dreams of working in the media, journalism, PR, writing, etc...

I didn't save money throughout my working period due to expenses, and the new sister needs some stuff...which I offered to purchase instead of my, i'll have to ask them for money when I start my studies...shit!

I was contemplating which college I would go for...a Plan B in case I wasn't selected! Boy, what a cynic i've become! I hate that i'm such a all stems from constant disappointments in my life; when I hold out for something, it turns out differently. I don't even believe in falling in love anymore!

I'm happy with my family, but...i've never seen any of my friends for a long time, and I miss them so much! These friend are but a few, but they're the ones i'd keep forever! (Sure, I do have a lot of friends, but they're not the BFFs i'm referring to...)

And now, I shall change for the better...a better daughter, a better student, a better friend, a better human being! Lastly, may I regain the bubbly personality, the belief in romance, in good, sincere people, in optimism...without seeming too philosophical about the simple things in life!

Good luck, me!

Friday, June 15, 2007

What's Happening?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Well, seeing that the place I work for is a production company, it would be making a drama catered for TV.

Now I, for certain, do not watch our local TV shows coz, they suck (sorry)! Sometimes or rather most of the time, the actors can't act for nuts....always the same bloody expression on their not-really-made-for-TV-faces (sorry!)...

However, at least I would be watching how and what the bosses here are doing to produce something. That's what i'll learn from this job I have!

So far, i've made the layout of proposed cast and wardrobe stylings for the characters. Though, I wish I could stay longer JUST to see the show in the process of shooting and such, as this is just the early stage of production.

But, you know something? I'd rather go to college! Hehe...

I guess if the whole plan of joining the foreign service don't work out, I will probably join the media circuit, PR, writer, or something of that's also kinda nice to be a Hollywood, not here!

Honestly, there are a few movies that could offer some sort of competition with the foreign flicks...however, they're like a needle in a hay stack. Even most commercials suck in the idea bank! This one local ad for a beauty product gave out the message that a guy won't even look at a girl when she's dark-skinned, but wow...after she uses the product, she gets fairer-looking, and wham! The frickin idiot-guy asks her out? WTF?


These are the stupid ads they show on Malaysian TV! That ad had the women scorned was was pulled-out as soon as it aired (yeah, only after a lot complaints and write-ups in the papers!)...but God forbid, kissing scenes! The censor board must cut 'em out!

I want better Malaysian shows, movies, actors, music, commercials, literature...just be original, people!!! IMO, our counterparts, Indonesia and the Philippines, though economically not so OK like ours, they fare better in entertainment...and don't even get me started on Japan and South Korea...I mean, wow! They have their own everything, man!

We should all strive to do better for ourselves here, coz we sure as hell can do it if we really want!!! The problem is, there are no Tarantinos, Scorceses, Coppolas, etc here in Malaysia! And if there were peeps like them, who knows how far we'd go!

Meh, maybe i'm being too harsh...but then again, maybe not!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What Do I Write About...Me?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let's me just run my hands on the keyboard and see where it leads me...

Arrgh, let's just reintroduce myself to the world! name is (insert what you think my name is here!)! I am 20-years old, and was born and raised in Malaysia...i'll probably be here until I get enough dough to go around the would just seem impossible to do that now. I have a great family, my mom, dad, younger sister, and not until 3-weeks ago, another sister.

I am of a weird pot of heritage mix; Sinhalese on dad's side, and Filipino-Spanish on mom' side...though, the Spanish part is only minimal...the thing I like most about being a 'hybrid' of mixed ancestry is that I can fool people into thinking i'm a Latina, Indian, Native American, Malay, Hawaiian, Filipino, etc...that's kinda cool!

The thing I hate is, weird strangers asking me my race...WEIRD! I also hate that my dad knows nothing of his native tongue, culture and family in Sri's like his whole history was sucked into a black hole! My mom however, is full of info, which I like! I can understand Tagalog, but can't speak it...I've tried, but I sound too weird, it's embarassing!

So, my mother tongue can be considered the English language...I know for a fact i'm good at it! My Bahasa Malaysia is also great! (Boy am I blowing my own horn, fo' shizzle!)

I've just finished my high school education, and am now awaiting college...

I've never had a boyfriend, but i've had quite many suitors...

I'm waiting for the right guy...but in my mind, I know i'll never find him because of my stupid ideals and too-high standards!

I keep saying I don't look good, when in truth, I do...BUT then, when I start having the confidence, my weight goes up, and I feel fugly...and so, the cycle repeats...

I can cook...and bake...pretty well!

I love Greek Mythology...those were some sickos, I mean, really!

I have many good friends, but I don't make the effort to sustain the friendship.

I love good-looking men...I ain't gonna lie! I want my eye candy every day!

I am only 5' 2...but my rationale is i'll always look young! Even now, people think my super-tall sister is older...but maybe it's because she's tall...D'oh!

Speaking of 'D'oh!' I love the Simpsons...

I love watching TV...

I never make promises I can't keep...

I have a knack for reading people's characteristics through their faces...and it turns out to be true.

I am a great listener and talker!

I am a dreamer...a BIG one!

I am stubborn as hell!

I am very very very opinionated.

I have a small head...and small ears...but i'm smart! Hehe...

I pack up muscles pretty quickly if I lift weights...

I hate holier-than-thou people!!! They preach BS that you didn't ask in the first place!

I hate emo bands...they're soooo NOT rock!

I love classic rock, but I also like RnB, Jazz, Oldies...and Classical music...but the last one's a secret!

In the next post, there'll be more of this! Who thought writing about me would be so easy?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Win Win Win! vs Emo Post

Friday, June 08, 2007

I just found out I won 4 movie tickets, yo! dad said, i'm a pretty good contestant in the stuff I join!

I say, it's pure luck! Maybe God has pity for know, no boyfriend, always working without ever going out with tickets ain't that big a deal, but you know, so far, i've won a bunch of stuff, and i'm happy with it!

Now, if I could only win Milo Ventimiglia and a scholarship to any Ivy League University, i'd be set for life!.............BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, like as if!!!



I just hope that my dreams and ideals come true. I may have ideals, but i'm pretty realistic too! I know romance is just life imitating art, and it just wouldn't last after a few months together, unless you make the effort! Pretty soon, you get in the comfort zone, and you find yourself flossing your teeth in front of each other...but maybe, just maybe, that is what I need...Comfort (with someone)! Never felt that before...

A companion to go through life with me, experience the ups and downs with me, and we end up supporting each other...then, as far as you go, you find that you can't live without each other...that's how realistic I am.

Then my friends ask me to lower my standards...why should I? I have always had high hopes for love, life and ambition...I just can't seem to settle for less, and I don't know why! Is it wrong? Oh, man...

I was always confident in my future, and knew that my plans would follow I find that life just isn't that plan, and you plan, and you CERTAINLY DO plan, then what happens? Life takes a detour...takes a 180 degree turn! That's what's beginning to happen, study-wise. When i'm confident about something, the outcome would just disappoint me...

P.S.: Wow, from a chirpy-happy post, to an emo post...BIPOLAR ALERT!!!

P.P.S.: Well, at least I don't dress like an emo, or fancy the same music as them...eeewww!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Check's Cleared!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


At least, now I have SOME money, even if it's a pittance...

Movies, here I come!!! Wanna join in? Lol!


I've Been Preoccupied...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lately, that is! Man, these past few weeks, i've been dead broke...then, I go and watch the E! Channel, and they go on and show Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's billion-dollar net worth!!!


Okay, the current phase i'm going through right this minute is pure apathy towards my further education...why? Because any of my university offers would be the ones i've picked-out beforehand...political science and if I get any of my choice, i'll accept it! If I don't, last resort would be Taylor's College (BA in Communication).

So, there you go!

Haven't gone anywhere other than work, because of the "no money" problem! So no current news on my social life! Man, I can't wait to start studying again! As much as I hate the pressure to do good, I still love it; the experiences are all that I will remember the rest of my life.

In high school, i've seen the best and the worst of things...

  • I've skipped school to go out with friends
  • I've played in a few sports
  • I've entered a few competitions, in which i've emerged victorious, and also accepted defeat...
  • I've experience guys trying to get my attention, but failed!
  • I've experienced watching a friend I have so much respect for now dying
  • I've experienced attending VIP galas with mom's connections
  • Watching awesome piano recitals
  • Working as a Food & Beverage hostess
  • Being hit on by old, fugly guys who think they are all that, but---
  • Also being hit on by cute guys, and rejecting them for God-knows-why (that's my issue i'm tryin' to deal with!)
  • Working here at a production company, awaiting freshman year!

There's much more actually! Now I can see that i've indeed experienced a few things...but not what i've been expecting. I'm 20 now, and hope to experience the things I want to.

May it be so...