Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back for a Short While

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I have a huge gap betwen my exams...a week-long gap! It's both a good and a bad thing...go figure!

I also had to queue a long queue (LOL) to book my room for the next university session 2008/2009...yay, got a room next to my buddy-buds! We're so gonna get sick of each other the next time around, hehehe! Whoa, how time flies! One minute, you say it sucks, then it's good...then it sucks right back again! And where do you end up? At the end of the find yourself being a freshie, and upgraded to a sophomore...once again, i repeat...WHOA, HOW TIME FLIES!

My birthday is coming up...that means family outing (lunch/brunch/dinner/whatever!)...They ask me what i wanna eat, i say "JAPANESE PLEASE!", and my dad says he can't stand sushi, and my sister's a vegetarian, and my aunt doesn't eat weird food other than her home village let's just go and have a steak dinner!

Sigh...what's the freakin' point of asking ME since all of you had already made a choice! Geez...that's really annoying. I don't really need more food, you know! Some 21st birthday...i just want all of us to be happy and blessed by God, and that's all i ask...

Exams were kinda half-and-half; some good, some not so good...we'll just see!

I wanna go out, but the lack of cash prohibits it...i wanna watch all those new movies...i wanna go here, there and everywhere, experience everything great...but the lack of cash prohibits it. I wish i had a million dollars...

Any offers?

Friday, April 18, 2008


Friday, April 18, 2008

Why can't i seem to study? Why, Why, Why? Is it a hard thing to do; to read a little? And what's with this recurring dream i keep having? It is making me over-analyze my personal life, (READ: relationship!)

Yeap, the big relationship issue reels itself in yet again...i haven't touched on this subject for ages, since i've been too busy for shit like that. it goes again.

You see, i have this friend who keeps telling me that i NEED a bf...i flat out deny this BS and she says that proves that i REALLY REALLY am proving her point. My reply is "WHAT???"

All i want is this; a full, happy life with family and friends. Anything more would just be the icing of the proverbial freakin' cake! Why do i need to be defined as someone who NEEDS someone? All i need is my own life, to do as i please. I see my sister, who has been in a five year relationship so far (Wow!)...yeah, it is admirable, but i tell you what. They fight all the time. Do i want that? No thanks!

Plus, i'm a self-confessed commitment-phobe...i don't know why. My parents seem like the perfect couple, so maybe it is due to something else...

Another thing is, who would ever understand a girl like me? Another friend tells me that my so-called OK looks (i said so-called) do not match my brain-complexity. Yeah, i read philosophy for fun, my IT knowledge and geek-ism is better than the average layman, and the obsession for gadgetry is stunted by my lack of money, but which guy would know that? They think i'm stuck-up for not socializing like the other girls anyway, so why must i be a kiss-ass? Most guys are shallow like that...that's all!

Tell you what, when i meet a guy i can truly click with, you'll be the first to know. Mind you, attraction is a major point here, but attraction does not mean looks...those are 2 different things.

But, intellect, humor and a street-wise attitude is the way to go. In the end, personality trumps all. Right, guys...err, i mean girls! could just choose from a variety of bimbos, coz there are many bimbo-fish in the sea...the shallow sea. LOL! (Lame, i know.)

So maybe in the next post i'll give you details on the bimbo species available...that's if i put my study books down again!

I hate it when i'm in weird-mode...

Toodlez, bithces!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weather has Gone Awry...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Malaysian weather used to be this stable consistency...but currently, it has turned to be very extreme and's sooooooooooo freakin-hellishly hot, then, all of a sudden, heavy downpours reign the skies...

I mean, is this the effect of our BIG CLIMATE CHANGE? Is this caused by GLOBAL WARMING? If it is, we are doomed!

Why don't i see any state governments like the US doing anything about it? Why is it when it comes to the planet, nobody cares, but when it comes to a little country like Iraq, billions are spent just for the sake of national about EARTH security?

Paging Mr. Bush...our planet is important too! US is the no. 1 environmental pollutant! DO SOMETHING!

Monday, April 07, 2008

I Finally Quit My Fuckin' Job!

Monday, April 07, 2008

I did...i did!

And i'm sooooo freakin' happy!

Now i can concentrate on my studies, not get so stressed-up all the time, get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, red eyes, dull skin, etc...

Now i don't have to get the dreaded call of "Is the work done?", then not sleep at night just to finish the subtitles...

Now, i'm free!!! I'm free to study, free to play with my baby sis, and be a normal, studious, fun-loving youth!

Now, i can say...