Friday, March 26, 2010

People Who Are Just Not Worth Our Time...

Friday, March 26, 2010

I learn through my friends and family...their relationships, their experiences. A friend's touching blog entry has only pushed me into writing this post while enhancing my feeling of gratitude...thanks, coco! I only wish for the best for all of you girls. I can honestly say I was (and still am) sincere in being your friend! Imagine if I didn't talk to M on the first day...imagine! My life would've been so different...maybe miserable! I wouldn't have met F...and we wouldn't have met A together!!! We wouldn't have been US!!! *spooked*

After feeling vast amounts of negativity surrounding me in these past few days: after all the conflicts I've witnessed in other circles...after feeling grateful that I do not have to put up with shit-heads like the ones in this list...I have compiled a list toxic people who are not worth your time, effort, and energy.

Do all you can to never associate yourself with people such as the ones listed (if you can!)...

I'm not saying i'm a fantastic person without flaws, of course I am flawed...we all are! But one thing i'm sure of...I do NOT have a cold heart...I can gladly say that I was raised by good people, and I do not have darkness or malice in any of my intentions. I am never fake when it comes to building friendships. Therefore, I would truly be blessed if I do not have to mix with these kinds of people, coz i've seen how it could damage a person.

So, here is MY list of peeps you do NOT wanna waste your time with:

  • Fake people who act all nice in front of you, but are heartless, cold, calculating, backstabbing, jealous and manipulative behind your back (this applies to girls, mostly)
  • Vain people..seriously the most annoying people in the planet!!! I hate narcissistic people and their self-praising attitudes.
  •'s one thing to be good at something and display's another thing to deliberately expose yourself to be living the life of the rich and famous, when you're in fact just one of us...that's just pitiful...leave that fake Prada at home, honey! I don't see rich people doing it...why should you?
  • People who are jerks/assholes
  • Guys who are so demanding on having a pretty girl for a gf, when in fact...they're butt-ugly! Same thing for girls...
  • Guys who want a good, (preferably virgin girl---this is after all, Malaysia) as their wife, but have no qualms fucking any sluts they could find...AND they wouldn't marry one because "they are used goods"! Wtf...are these guys NOT man-sluts???
  • Guys who are condescending to women
  • Guys who are perverts
  • Guys who pretend to be a good friend just to get in your pants
  • Guys who are rejected...who then claims he left the girl!
Just a few things that get under my skin sometimes...just a few. I'm allowed that luxury, am I not? I speak the truth, like it or not...and maybe some of you would disagree...but this is MY truth! You could of course, offer a few suggestions...this is a medium for expression, so don't be shy! Hehehehe...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pride & Prejudice & Colin Firth

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pride & Prejudice...of all the adapted versions, I would HAVE to say: the miniseries on BBC is the BEST ADAPTED version of Pride & Prejudice, ever!!! By a mile!!!

Taken in from the very beginning by Jennifer Ehle's portrayal as Elizabeth Bennet, I was in her corner from the start. I believed her...and yes, I did hate that damn Mr. Darcy in the beginning (although I already knew how he would turn out eventually...)

In the process of falling in love with Darcy, Bennet's somewhat tomboyish demeanour (which doesn't take away from her femininity and beauty), and disregard for buttering-up those of "higher stature" (like her cousin, Mr. Collins) makes her one of my favorite Austen-girls...maybe even my favorite heroines of literature!

And the epic scene I was waiting for? The one where it is STILL talked about today by the various lads and ladies who enjoyed this series? Mr. Darcy's wet shirt scene, of course! There's something about the awkwardness of their meeting at his beautiful estate in Pemberley...perhaps it was the irony that he was a nobleman, dressed in such a way (without 'proper' attire) that may lead to the breaking of his prideful stature (complex theory)? Or maybe it was just to make us swoon over him (plain and simple theory)!!!

Whatever it is, I think the team did a good job with the whole cast. Every role was perfect for the actors...I couldn't help but fall for Mr. Darcy...yes, he's a character. But, it was played so well by Colin Firth that I forgot it was COLIN FIRTH...he became Darcy, and I was in: hook, line and sinker! I love Colin Firth for this role...he has a face fit for brooding!

Ahhh, Colin of my favorite British actors. I really wanna check out his Oscar-nominated role for 'A Single Man', in which he plays a guy who's contemplating suicide after the death of his partner...will try to check it out in the future.

So I was a night well spent. Even my writing is somewhat affected, I would think (I WOULD think??? So very Brit-ish, Lol!!!). I keep thinking in a British accent while writing this entry...Hahahahaha!!! Thanks, Ms. W...for providing me with a series so rare, that I could only think of one person who would actually have it...or rather, actually DL it, hahahahah!

THANKS W!!! Loved it soooo much! (Back to my normal vernacular! Had to happen...)

PS: I read a joke somewhere that if you say 'beer can' in a British accent, you will also be saying 'bacon' in a Jamaican accent...LMFAO!!! Say's so true!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taking A Load Off In Underland...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saw it (normal, not in 3D)...wasn't really impressed with the movie. Rather, it was kind of a bummer coz I expected MORE!!! I dunno, just kinda fell flat...I loved the artistic vision of Tim Burton always is up to his fans' expectations...

Stayne (Crispin Glover; though I'll always remember him as Marty McFly's dad from "Back to the Future") reminds me of a taller, meaner version of Edward Scissorhands...ok, that statement was random!

Man, I loved Edward was the ONE movie in which I truly felt the talent Johnny Depp had (he still has it!) as an the same time, I also fell for Tim Burton's creative and distinct way of telling a was beautiful...and of course, a match made in heaven! So, 2 cents' worth on the Burton-Depp partnership!

Which is why, I was quite disappointed with the movie...the storyline, was rather cliched, but visually stunning...maybe I should just go watch it in 3D, eh?

After the movie, my chums went for the after-movie chill-out session...really took a load off the crappy week that was.

One of the things I love best: Being with my family AND hanging out with the friends...don't know why, I just feel happy afterwards...

Thank you God for giving me such great matter how we disagree sometimes, I accept all of you for who you are, and I hope that you accept me the way I am too...I pray that we'll always be friends, no matter what the circumstances are.

Hahahaha...I always thank God for family and friends, huh? Well, it's always better to be grateful than bitter...I don't know what the future holds for us all, but at least we had a blast, eh? Man, i'm getting too sentimental for my own good...Lol!

Must be the age...

Oh, and I must remember to write a critique about a snooze-fest of a movie that is "Under the Mountain"...LMFAO!!! Sucks, I tell sucks...balls!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

OMG!!! Tokio Hotel is coming to Malaysia...I can't for the life of me believe this!


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Okay...stressed out!!! Need to vent...

Sent couple of interview requests to relevant experts in my field of study...some e-mails were bounced back to me...arrrggghhh!!!

And I keep having a nightmare on how I won't make it on many do I get to MITI if I drive myself??? Arrggghhhh...after that, i will need to get back home, return the car and hurry off to UKM for some presentation, which is (trust me!) unnecessary!!! Ask my classmates...

I apologize to some of you for not being able to go watch certain movies and go to certain places...i really am! I sooo wanted to go catch that movie with you much as I really wanted to go to that MATTA Fair to go see for myself whether we could get some great deals or not...thank God one of you went there, so all is not lost! :)

Coupled with the thesis and presentations and unfinished assignments...I am almost a wreck...till I got some news regarding our Parisian trip. Got me into a deep hole of crap for a while during the weekend. Seriously, some people are selfish and just plain inconsiderate...I do not even wanna comment!

My Facebook has been un-suspended...I still do not know who reactivated my account...can you imagine? Here I am trying to limit myself to finishing my tasks, and here comes the e-mail notification that i have reactivated my account...i mean, WTF, right? I am too jaded to even care about this...all I know is that i have nothing to hide, so no worries there...changed all my passwords though...

PS: So much to deactivating Facebook, I am now a Tweeter...just don't add me yet ok!!! I am only registered, not active...yet! Hahahahaha...I know it's addictive!!! Addiction is baaaad for me! Tweet, tweet!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fucker...Get A Life!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just when I thought that it was a good idea to deactivate my Facebook account, so that I could concentrate on some stuff...some fucker decides to hack into mine...

Fuck...FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!! Received an email saying I have comments on my account when I've already deactivated it...wth???

Whoever it is...go get a fuckin' hobby! Think I wouldn't know I've been hacked? Damn you...well, Facebook has now suspended my account thanks to you. At least now I know you can't log in as me anymore! *sticks tongue out like a 6-year old*


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I Accidently Stepped On A Snail... :(

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I feel horrible; it happened in the morning...12 hours later and i'm still filled with guilt! As I was walking on sunshine, I hear a cracking sound...lo and behold, a live snail squirming in its cracked shell-home...WTF!!! Arrrggghhhh, I felt so guilty...still do!

God, I pray for that poor innocent snail who knew not that it was gonna die on this very day...I suppose it had no idea that its wonderful day in the sun would be over...just coz this girl decided to walk to her faculty on the very same day...

PS: I'm trying my best not to reactivate my Facebook's really hard when all you wanna do is connect with your friends whom you never see...arrgghhh!!! Must.have.will.power.

Well, as bad as I wanna comment on everyone's profiles...I have have HAVE to try to finish at least 2-3 chapters before the month ends...OMG! Please God...I hope I make it happen! Wish me luck...

Of course, stopping myself from writing here would be ludicrous!!! Blasphemous!!! Pish-posh!!!

Finally watched that final episode of Glee...loved it (even if I knew how it eventually ends)...Epic!!! It was, IMO...the best episode ever!!! Woot!!! When Mr. Schuester finally races for Emma, then kisses her...OMG!!! I went "Wooohooooo...yesssss!!!"

Oh, and of course...I loved the Glee Kids' final performance at sectionals...hehehe!

"Don't Rain On My Parade" is one of my faves from Barbara the queen of SONG, hehehe! It was brilliantly sung by Lea Michele...then came "You Don't Always Get What You Want" by Rolling eyes started welling-up coz Mr. Schuester was gonna cry (I can't see a man cry, don't ask me why...I don't know!) I think he did a very good job on this episode...great acting; especially when he discovered that his wife wasn't pregnant at all...Holy great intensity, Batman!

So much for distraction-control...epic fail! LMFAO...Okok, i'm done!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Mes Parents Sont Dans Mon Coeur

Friday, March 05, 2010


I was sending my dad a short text message for his's today, damn my dad is actually quite young...49! Still young, right? Well, mom's even elegant 45 year-old woman who gave birth almost three years ago! :P

All this solitary confinement, added with procrastinations about doing my thesis (or not doing it!!!) gets me thinking about them...

I wrote this before, but I never fail to say it out loud & proud: "I love my parents!"

During my teens: You know that age where most girls hate their mom/dad/both besties (now former besties) would bitch about their parents...lying to them about going out and stuff. Well, I was very different. I would say "Heck, i love my parents!", to their annoyance...Hahaha! They always trusted me, and that's why I've never had to lie to them about anything...hey, i'm not gonna go all out and say that I'm an angel...rather, I would say that I'm not that bad a daughter!

Yes, I know i've complained about them too, but i've never had that "I hate my parents!" phase...well, my sister had that phase with Pops, but not me...don't know why. Disappointments+complaints, yes...but never in a I-hate-my-parents sorta way.

I have always and WILL always love them. Once, when I was as little as 11-12, when I was thinking about my parents, I actually cried...don't know why, but I did. It was as if I felt I didn't deserve them...It's a wonder how some people are lucky enough to have one good parent, but to have two is somewhat hard to find...

I have cousins who aren't as lucky, as well as friends who constantly get into arguments with theirs. Hmmm, now thinking about it is getting me all emotional...somehow, I STILL wonder why I was/am fortunate to be born in this family...I wouldn't trade them for anything...

Don't even know why i'm writing about this, it's making me tear seriously!

Well, whatever...moral is: I AM A LUCKY GIRL...always was, still am...and I hope that I always will be! And yes, I appreciate every single blessing given to me...and to my friends who read this, I'm lucky to have you guys too!

Ahhhh, maybe i'm just scared that one day i'll wake up to find out that everything was just a biggest & ultimate fear; waking up and finding that everything you thought you had was actually a dream. Geez, I'm such a dweeb...what's wrong with me?

Sorry, blog...guess you'll have to bear with my emotional roller-coaster...I'm just glad that even though i'm not rich in material wealth...I am absolutely abundant with the love of my family...if I was Superman, they would be my Kryptonite! (Geek, I am!!!)

The end.

PS: Gratitude makes way for abundance...believe it!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Inspector Gadgette!!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Just wanted to write about something...nothing important, but just that if I had a wad of cash to buy anything I want...of course, for any sane girl, they would buy shoes and clothes and stuff like that. I would too, but next on the list would be the stuff I absolutely drool for...the electrical appliances...hahahah, don't you just love getting new gadgets to play with???

My secret to shop for any electrical appliance i want...OMG, that would be great!!! I just love going to the electronics aisle in stores, just breaks your heart when you don't have the $$$ to splurge on such unnecessary items...hahahah!

I love those stainless steel refrigerators that spit ice-cubes...or those electric stove-slash-oven with a hood on the top (of course!)...and what about them cappuccino/espresso-makers or bread-makers or juicers? awesome! I'm currently imagining my dream that would be my favorite place in my dream house!!! Of course, in the middle of the kitchen would be "the island" where I chop the veggies, slice the meat AND entertain 2-4 people while i'm cooking... *smiles while imagining*

Ok, I have to get back to attempting some writing on my thesis. Time is running out!!! Fuckedy-fuck!

PS: How the hell do I rearrange my sleeping pattern? It's fuckin' messed up!!! Arrgghhhh...ideas!!! Ideas!!!

Monday, March 01, 2010


Monday, March 01, 2010

If any of my posts were broadcast on my Facebook profile...I wouldn't wanna be friends with me! LMAO...thank God this is private! Lol...reading back all my post, especially those from the past (circa 2005), I am amazed at the amount of whining...but then again, this blog IS my outlet right? The only outlet I trust that doesn't pass judgment...

Nonetheless, what a whiner!!! Hahahaha, I am much more in touch with myself nowadays, and i'm happy for it...yes, we all have our complaints now and then (aren't we ALL human?), but i'm okay with the world...i'm okay with myself...and i'll be okay with whatever God brings on my table!

Oh, failed to mention...I love myself more today than I did in 2005...back then, I had too much self-hatred for God knows what reason...guess it was the age where EVERYBODY hated themselves??? Well, go figure...

I'm also glad to state that my family life is so much better. I thank God for this...and for A! She is the glue that brought us closer than before...