Monday, May 31, 2010

OK Go!

Monday, May 31, 2010

So what's been happening? Nothing much, really...just a few outings, since I've been starting to get bored at home.

I finally met one of my bestie's bf...and you know what? I guess he's ok. Well, he hasn't spoken that much since the girls did most of the talking. But ok, I shall cease to comment on him. From what I saw yesterday, she was very happy and in love with the guy. So I'll keep my mouth shut...

Well, he did keep teasing her because she was on the plump side...but I told him straight... "Hey, she's a very beautiful girl, and you're damn lucky to have her as your gf..." Hahaha...sorry, I just can't stand guys who talk down on people...he was ok throughout, but I am kinda protective of my friends...

We watched Prince of Persia...and we had a blast! Firstly, because it was your average blockbuster movie which was absolutely fun to won't win an Oscar, but hell yeah it was fun! And Jake Gyllenhaal was freakin' hot OMG! Hottt!!! The Princess reminds me of a younger Monica Bellucci...right???

Anyway...went to the usual "Where to now?" phase and ended up laughing our asses off at the local mamak joint! Had a blast, and well...sorta got to talking about some stuff and P plans to get a console for her bf...I would definitely go to her house everyday if she bought one...LMAO!

Btw, W...I think I'd prolly give you a hard time for dropping my'll be a running gag just like the 'anney' aka your boyfriend! Hahahaha...

Today...went shopping to look for stuff for mom...all the 3 and a half women of the house. Baby enjoyed it a lot since we took her to Playland where she got to ride all sorts of...uhhh, rides...and Mom bought her a freaing Buzz Lightyear!!! Hahahaha, mom gives dad a hard time for spoiling her, but she was willing to spend RM 150 for a freaking Buzz!!! WTF...

Thank God I found a smaller-sized one which costs RM60!

K, end of story...

PS: I miss my uni friends...I'm happy there's Facebook and blogs! Phones are so boring hahaha...Take care dears! Please keep on updating your blogs coz I never miss your posts...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Freak-out Mode..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yeah...I'm the master of freaking out, believe me (just ask my friends...they even gave me a name!)

But all of a sudden, it hit me...and it hit me hard...I have a few months till graduation, and I'm doing zilch! OMG, what the hell am I gonna do? Where am I gonna work? Time is running out, and I've yet to come out with a decision!!!


Ok, so I love writing, and I'd love to travel, I love talking to people, communicating...but yeah, knowing your abilities does NOT make you know your occupation, damnit! What I DO know is, sooner or later, I would like to open my own business. Yes I do not know what yet, but it's nice to be enterprising and really...this is kind of a big thing, but yeah...that's my long-term goal.

For now, I would need to find my calling. me and everyone else who remains clueless at times like see, my major is not really's good for any types of profession; journalism, law, economy, business, etc...what I wish for is for that 'A-ha moment'...that brick on the head...that *BOOM* because I really need to start helping out my family. It's about time I do my part...all I want to do is achieve my dreams while making them proud.

These past few years, I've been very blessed. Sometimes, I think I must've done something good in my previous life or something like that to be this lucky. Everyone does their part...and I just wanna fulfill mine and take care of everyone.

So what I really want is to love my be waking up every morning and looking forward to go to work...that's what I want!!!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Too Real...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ever had recurring dreams...or that of similar images flashing through your mind every now and then?

Well, I have them!!! Those images...those places...those feelings of familiarity. It's as if "THERE" is where I'm supposed to be.

...and yet, I've never seen it (that place) and never seen him...which is what I'm actually waiting for. I've never actually seen this person's face, coz it's always blurry...but I've certainly seen him in a few of my dreams. If I'm not mistaken, I've written about him in a few posts too. It's kinda spooky, but in a good way. I'd like to think that he's looking out for me, even if he's on the other side of the world...

He could be my guardian angel...or my mind's interpretation of God...or maybe me in masculine form...heck, it could be the love of my life for all I know. The only problem is, I don't have a clue WHO he is.

Weird, huh? It's like I'm holding out for something I've known for a long's kinda useless to write about it since I can't seem to describe it.

Hey, I am as realistic as they get...but then again, my imagination keeps me optimistic and somewhat child-like...I'd like to refer to myself as a realistic optimist. I'm optimistic that I'll find out what the hell this recurring image/dream is about.

For now, it's out there! What I want out of this journey is that familiarity...who knows, maybe I knew him from another life...or perhaps a parallel universe? (Which would be awesome, actually!)

If it's just a dream and nothing more...then I'm ok with it too. Somehow, he shows up when I'm having dreams of walking alone. He'll be there holding my hand and guiding me...

Well, this is another useless scribbling...just needed to document this so I won't forget.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Awkward Is How I Feel While Talking To You...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sometimes, what you see is what you need to analyze. It's just there in your face! No need to analyze the 'deeper' meanings by my selection of book or movies...I just like them coz they're good movies.

No need to ramble on about what makes me like certain types of music...I just do!

No need to ask why I do this or that...I am human and I'm driven by instincts...

No need to philosophize about the world to me...I didn't ask you to.

No need to ask me stuff. I am not a sage, and you are not my pupil!

No need to tell me stuff I don't wanna know coz it makes me feel awkward...don't you have a right/wrong filter in your brain? DO you have a brain?

The filter in my head tells me that I can't tell these things to you coz I have something called sensitivity...which maybe you don't? Guess I'll just have to ignore you then...and no, I don't like you. I'm just being nice...


Sorry...this is my outlet, people...some people are idiots, that's all! So this is the place where I let it out...

This is pretty much a pointless post...but I'm feeling very much better now!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby Is 3!!! Time Sure Flies, Damnit!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby A or 'Bee' as we call her just turned 3 last Monday. After all the apparent plans to celebrate her birthday at McDonald's, Pizza Hut...a bar, even (hahah!!!)...we took a step back and made a 180-degree turn. In the end, we started thinking of the things that would be the best thing for HER...and not us!

She loves animals...hahaha, so they decided to take her to the zoo. I say, GREAT CHOICE!!! I really thought a huge birthday bash was useless because she didn't have that many friends, and all the people would consist of OUR friends...therefore, it wouldn't really be that fun for her, right? They just needed a little clarity.

So we ordered her a Spongebob Squarepants cake...chocolate! We wanted to order one from Secret Recipe, but they didn't have Spongebob...damn! So we just looked around nearby our place for any cakehouse that made Spongebob-design cakes (since time was already running out!)

We took her to the zoo, where she had a blast. Meanwhile, the other sis had a mad insect bite which caused her foot to become humongous! LOL...but she walked like a champ! Well, that's love for ya...

After the trip (in which we sweated cause it was like a sauna in there!!! Thank God I wore shorts!!!), we took the cake to Grandma's house (I hate it there, but no's all for Baby, so I'll put up with anything!!!)

...we bought some KFC and called all the children over...yeah, my cousins have many children!!! And they were only from one aunt! LMAO...but baby is close to them so i'm glad she had a blast. And despite us (Mom, Dad, me and the middle sister) thinking how horrendous the cake looks, Baby liked, she LOVED it! So if she loves it...means WE love it!!! :D

I'm so glad she had a blast! And she's growing so fast, I'm just enjoying the time; in which I'm lucky enough to watch her, we love her so much! God has blessed us, and I'm so happy!

Happy 3rd birthday, my dear baby sister...may you have many more to come! God bless you always, little one! :')

Saturday, May 15, 2010

People Who Need People...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

WARNING: Long post!!!

Friendship for me has come a long way. From what I can say, when I was in high school...I felt indifferent towards this concept! I was the quiet one among "The Trio"...yes, they were great! We were always together, we had our good times and we clicked well...but I can't deny that there were times when I felt I didn't belong because they had such different ideals than me. Each couldn't stand NOT getting male attention. They were always going after the boys, and I was left in the lurch. They also didn't like it when boys gave me attention. Although I like boys, I was never boy-crazy...hell yeah I loved admiring and going ga-ga over guys...but I didn't push-away my food when boys came over to talk to me at the table. I didn't lie to my parents to go dating. I didn't do nonsense. And I still don't!

One thing that put me into cynical-mode for some time was this incident:

One of them got herself a boyfriend. She never; not even once, introduced us. I was her so-called 'best friend'...and she never even introduced us after I covered for her all those times...followed her to the phone booth to make those calls to Mr.'s like she didn't acknowledge me at all. After being THAT naive, I realized (someone told me) that she was scared that he'd be attracted to me instead of her...F***!

What? Was she so insecure that she was afraid that I would steal him away or something? As a friend, did she NOT know me? I would never do that to a friend...or even a person for one thing. That's just not who I am! Nobody knows this coz I never told anyone, but I'm finally writing it down...recalling this incident, I feel hurt all over again. My mistake was that I just let it go, pretended I didn't know anything and acted like everything was fine. I can't believe this still affects me...damn!

The current ME would definitely go ape-shizz and go all confrontational towards her, believe me! If the years have thought me one thing; it would be to stand up for yourself and don't sit still and shut up when you feel like you're being wronged!

The final day we said goodbye, I knew in my heart that we would never be the same again...and I was right. The two decided to move in together and fought...because of insecurities...and oh, the main thing...GUYS! Friendship was over between the 2 girls...just like that. How sad...

I emancipated myself by working and exploring other areas...and at work, I've come to find out that I'm more than this "Trio"...I'm finally me! And guess what? I wasn't the quiet one...I realized that I was NEVER quiet, but they were too 'noisy' that my voice disappeared...LMAO!!!

I made great friends when I took my Form 6 (Pre-U) education...but the best was yet to come... scared the shit outta me!!! I spent my orientation week with my friend from my Form 6 class...and soon enough I made some friends of my own...what can I say? We just clicked! I wouldn't say it was easy, mind! We did have some confrontations in the beginning, but looking back...I always thank God for helping me find these girls. Guess I was always afraid that I'll be used again. :/

I realized the friends I've made in campus are so different from my supposed best friends in high school...why? Coz they're more like, they don't judge you by how you seem on the outside...and they don't pressure you to be anyone other than yourself. They believe that beauty is something from within, and material doesn't make who you are. I can say with confidence that these people will be among my lifelong friends...and I'm the type who has been disappointed with those deemed 'besties' in the past. The final day with them I realized that we would be friends always, no matter what (totally different feeling than I had with my high-school buddies.)

Isn't it funny how life works? I'm now best friends with 2 of my primary school best friends in high school are now 'just friends'-friends, my Form 6 classmates are my good friends, my former-annoying jerk of a classmate is now my friend (and we talks about music and weird is that???), and my university besties are my forever-friends...

Well, that's life for meet people, and if you're lucky become friends. I am lucky to have sincere friends who tell it like it is, not lie or back-stab. I hope God blesses them with nothing but happiness, for though it may seem like I never say it enough...they put my faith back in friendships. Yeah, I was cynical at first...but they proved me wrong!

Therein lies my truth...I love you my dears! Please call me for your weddings, baby showers and such...till we meet, I'll be cherishing our moments in these photographs. :'D

Another truth...never underestimate the practicality of 'layers'. Confused? Ask me...LMAO!

Whew...glad to get that off my chest!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I've only realized it favorite bracelet is broken...NOOOOOOO!!!

In my life, I've never gotten attached to any sort of accessory...except this was translucent and brown, where each large "bead" was octagonal and had embossed yin and yang motifs on each side of every piece of bead...

My little sister broke it!!! Nooooo...seriously, didn't realize it till I was on the way out and put on my watch...I reached for the bracelet and saw that a few bead-pieces were shattered. And now I'm sort of in mourning coz it's the ONE thing that reminds me of the trip...and I've never seen anything like it! And I bought it...for myself. I NEVER buy accessories for myself!!! So this says something about this item, right? Sigh!

Plus the fact that I don't ever wear daily accessories unless it's for something special...this Yin Yang bracelet, I wore every time I went anywhere!!!

So rest in pieces, my dear Yin Yang bracelet...I shall miss our times spent together...we've been through a lot, and you've served me well (even though I was sorta wearing you out and you became looser after every wear)...

You shall now be kept in my "vault of forgotten trinkets"...

PS: I don't even know if this is a tribute or a joke...could it be both?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gucci's Coolest Ad...Ever!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Okok, you know how I admire a human being, I love looking at beautiful things such as landscapes, mountains, stars, sea and the sky...all as much as I admire beautiful people...

So I can't help but post this post (does this make sense?) for a cool ad...

...he caught my eye when he acted in this made-for-TV biopic, 'James Dean' and 'Sonny' (watch 'em!!!)...and so when Spider-Man came out and he was the son of Green Goblin, I was totally drooling over him rather than Tobey...LMAO! Also, he just killed me as Saul in Pineapple Express...LMAO! Him and Seth made a great team.

So imagine my awe when this ad for Gucci aired on TV..."Whoah..."

James Franco, coming out of the water in slow-motion, all serious and B& the awesome background music!!! The music, which I find totally epic...made me google it, know me and my curiosity...

I found out it was a cover made by Roisin Murphy...that lady from Moloko, OMG!!! She's so freakin' cool...I totally loved her song, 'Let Me Know' (using a sample of the riff in 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson)...and she covered this song which was originally done by Bryan Ferry called 'Slave To Love'...

So, in essence...awesome male who oozes sex appeal+awesome Nu-Wave song done in a modern way = coolest fragrance ad...ever!!!

Don't even know why I posted something so random...but hey, I've nothing better to do, so why not project my nod for aesthetics seen on TV?

I know, I is skin deep and all...but sometimes, you just gotta appreciate beauty that's right in your face, no? It's not like I'm judging his whole character or anything...just appreciating what God gave him, Lol!

PS: James Franco is taking his PhD in Yale...this just upped his appeal in my, witty AND smart? I hope to God he's not a jackass...Lol!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

UPDATE: Damansara Job...

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I mentioned earlier about this reception job, right? I said it's quite far and all...

Well, I did my research and found out just how mother-effin' far it really is with public transportation as my vehicle...

From my house to the office location, it would take 3 buses, and 2 trains just to get me there...OMG! I thought maybe just a train and a bus...but no, 3 buses and 2's not worth it!!! Damn...according to my estimation, just getting there would take about 3-4 daily, I would travel for about 8 hours...6 hours minimum...I don't even know how frequent are the buses, but yeah...not gonna happen!!! Sorry...i'm gonna call the guy and explain to him! OMG!!!

Ok, the money is sooooo not worth this part-time job...soooo not worth it! It would be different if I was driving, but no, little sister gets the car...and of course, I'm stuck here taking the public transport like I always do...when will I catch a break for once? Sigh...somehow, I'm gonna need to look for a short-term job for my trip!!! Please, God...please!!!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Is This Really Happening?

Thursday, May 06, 2010

WOW!!! OMG IT'S REALLY DONE AND MY VARSITY LIFE IS OVER...OVER, I TELL YA!!! what? Lemme get to thinking and I'll let me know...yes, you read it...ME! Coz I sure as hell still don't have a plans went down the drain about a year after my first year at uni...

...damn! Anybody? OMG...

Okok, the story thesis editing went on like Hell's Kitchen during the periods of chaos...OMG, then there came a time where my MS Word started giving problem because I stupidly did this whole 'page break' in the end, I couldn't insert page numbers, and A sorta got into the whole mess...It was almost 4pm, and we were supposed to be printing the work already!!! So A offered to let me use her laptop to fix it...but I failed...SHIT!!! And I still had more to do like the references and shit like that! Didn't even proof-read the whole thing!

Thank God A managed to figure it all out and put the pages in for me...sorry coco! I'll always be grateful... :')

Then, we started getting to our destination...A also found out from her friend about this place just outside of campus that makes thesis hard covers in just a day...of course, we had to pay extra, but we didn't care! So we asked the lady and she confirmed we paid about 2 times the price I think...but seriously...I had no regrets...just as long as it was done!

And then we paid almost 90 bucks...that's including printing out 2 copies of the thesis, with multiple reprints because we didn't proof-read our writings, LMAO!!! Now, that was funny...but in the end, we left with a slight feeling of accomplishment!

The next day, I managed to pass it up on the day itself...the 5th of May 2010, in which a huge burden left my shoulders after I signed that final form...I had to go without the partner in crime coz Dad had to use the car so I had to!

Then, as I walked towards the car, it hit me...

"It's over...just like that?"

It felt so surreal...every single time I tell myself that an intensely chaotic period will does, of course...but this...this whole's really over!

I came home and slept like a baby...seriously been like a zombie running on caffeine and junk. Now I have the chance to cut the intake...hopefully my skin will get better soon...and those inches gained throughout uni will melt away with a new regiment...I hope!!!

Now, I'm supposed to be focusing on this work thing I have in Damansara...I was hired for a short stint at an events company. They need a receptionist. I need to make some money. However, I have no idea how to get there so looks like I have to do some homework...and of course, I don't even know if it's worth the pittance I'll be making, since it's quite far from my place...hmmmm...well...why not, eh? At least I won't be stuck being too much of a couchie at home...which I am right now, heheheh! Of course, I'm paying back for all the times I've missed at home...and you know what? By the time I start working...I mean OFFICIALLY...I'll be working like a slave for the rest of my life, won't I? So let me revel in my high-density sloth!!!

All this while planning the trip to France...yes, people...the trip is on...and for now, it shall be my main focus (among other things, lol!)...there's lots to do. Many have pulled-out due to this and that...but we shall overcome and like I said, God knows and never I know why it didn't happen in May...HE knew we wouldn't be able to make it on that particular date...HE knew...and HE is going to make it happen for us in, I pray that it happens at this moment...I know in my heart that this trip will change me in some way...I don't know what and how, but it will...

For now...I bid my formal education adieu...and I don't know what the future holds for me, but I certainly plan to further my studies down the thing about me is...I do something and finish I'm glad I finished this Degree in IR...and finished all the levels of the French language at UKM with my friends (learning French has been my dream since primary school so I'm glad, so glad...I finally managed to learn it) least now I know that I actually DON'T love IR, lol! So, in essence...I'll be taking a Masters Degree in something I love. I'll just need the time to figure out what I love...this will be a toughie, since I love so many things...

Good luck to all my dear are going to face a whole different battle now. Congratulations on this particular has been a honor to fight the fight right beside you! ;)

The next post will be a tribute to all of you...hehehe! Why not, eh? I'm free now so let me be! Okay, gonna go chill with the 'Boobettes' other circle. See ya!