Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Phase for January...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wow...over a month of not blogging! Wow...

I'm now an executive at the company I work for...after being a trainee for 4 months. It was a total blast,and I'm currently having withdrawal's a bit like missing my friends from university...or high kinda get that tight feeling in your stomach...where you don't feel like you have closure on the last day...then all of a sudden, while you're doing something - you realize that it's over!

Yeah, it sounds like a 'breakup'...but it sorta is, right? After doing some analysis, I realized another thing...this passes! I remember that the 1st few weeks of training wasn't THAT blissful...I now know that it's gonna take awhile to adjust...and I thank God for always thinking this way, hehehe!

I am kinda curious to know how they did my character profiling and how they decided to put me in this particular dept...I know that it's project-driven and requires loads of planning, meeting dealers and hopefully, a LOT of traveling! I am lucky that I am under the tutelage of a former MT...he's like a superstar in my department, and I heard that I was put there to replace him!

So how does one replace an awesome employee? Damn...but I thank God that we'll be moving towards the Marketing side...and the boss of marketing is soooo freakin' awesome, he is willing to become a mentor to me and many of the other, only 2 of us were lucky enough to be placed under his dept.

And my immediate superior is also a superstar! So one thing I like is that I'm under the best people of this company. Know why? Coz some of my friends were put in departments where you are among complacent employees...but I'm sure they're gonna rise fast just coz they stand out.

Well...what else? Mmmm, my dept is fairly a few of us can't count on a proper JD just coz it's "do what you have to do...when you have to do it".

We have been hanging out with the previous batch of MTs (MT Batch 1) the other night...we found out that they haven't been as lucky as gratitude is always increasing, and I'll never forget how lucky I am...

I know this is gonna be hard, but I'm prepared...I think I have that in me. So, I think that's about it for now...I merely wrote 2% of what's been happening, but...mehh, nobody cares! Just writing for the sake of keeping a memento and closing a phase of my life!

I'm kinda proud of mom always said that I would need connections to get something...what I'm happy about is that I found this job by myself, unlike a few people I know who's mom/dad knows someone...and stuff like that! Not that it's bad...but it makes me proud! What I know is, I owe a lot to my boss...the 1st one who actually believed in me enough to put me and the others here! God bless him!

That's all for now...till the next post!

So long...bitches! (thought I'd forget this part now, huh? Lol!)