Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Benny Lava...I Lava U!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

First things first...I almost peed in my pants after watching this...it's just one of those finds...a hidden treasure, not so known, yet popular...just don't know how to explain it.

I found this while searching for another funny Indian video (Indian 'Thriller'...ROFL)...the subtitles were done by this guy called Buffalax, and boy...he is a genius...genius...GENIUS!!!

After watching this video like a hundred times, it's no wonder it has a high watch count...people probably watched thousands of times...over and over and over again...and spread it around like viral marketing!

Good times to be had Benny Lava...he even asks 'have you been high today?'...

How did you know? Lol!

It's actually sung in Tamil, but Buffalax thought it would be a good idea to write how it sounded in English, you know...in case we wanted to sing along. I can't imagine singing "I want to se you pee on us tonight..." with a straight face. I mean, it's just too fucking funny!

Hilarious...my laugh actually made my tummy hurt, and my pee almost came out. Honest!

And I can't stand some people who don't have a sense of humor...c'mon, i'm half-Indian (Sinhalese), and you gotta admit, the lyrics does sound like the song, and it wasn't done in malice...it brought on laughs...that, my friend, is universal!

So God bless Buffalax...and of course...

GOD BLESS BENNY LAVA (Real name: Prabhu Deva)!!!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

45 Randoms Thing About Me...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I was tagged on Facebook...thought the idea was crazy...45? Really? But...managed to do it, as i'll never run out of things to say...lol!

Here goes...

1.I'm a dorky goofball, but only to people who truly know me
2.I put up a wall when it comes to strangers
3.I love coffee :)
4.I hate people smoking near me
5.I'm well-read
6.My fave music genre = rock...classic rock, indie rock, metal..."I wanna rock and roll all night...and party everyday---KISS"
7.I also like other types of music...as long as it's good!
8.I hate ABBA...but I know their lyrics.
9.I heart Twix chocolate bar
10.I can drive...but i'm a lunatic driver.
11.When I walk, I look straight ahead and nowhere else...even if my friends are around, I never notice...till they yell, "GEORJIE!!!"
12.I'm young and single and free! Till the time comes la...then shackles! (Wow, such a 'guy' thing to say!)
13.Was a total tomboy in primary school...
14.I love to cook...but I hate the cleaning up after that!
15.I love food...gimme good food anytime!
16.When I get money, I wanna buy DVDs of my fave TV shows and fave movies of all time...
17.This morning, I dreamt Russell Peters said to me, "Somebody gonna gedda hurt real baaaad!"...then I woke up!
18.I'm good at imitating people...
19.I want to have a proper full-course gourmet meal
20.I hate kissing asses...and people who do so! Yuxx!
21.I'm diplomatic when it comes to things
22.When i get the chance, I wanna drive on the Vegas desert in a red convertible and feel the wind in my hair...woot!
23.I wanna go to France, sip espresso in a quaint little cafe, watching the Eiffel tower...le sigh!
24.I wish I had completed my karate black belt exam...i regret not finishing
25.I love my family...
26.I love my friends...
27.I dislike 'fake' people...
28.I'm cynical and sarcastic by nature...but only true friends know when i'm pulling the sarcastic comments...others? not so much...
29.I wish I was a rockstar!
30.I once dreamt that Ryan Seacrest was the Devil...
31.My fave actors: Pacino (Godfather, Scent of a Woman, Dog Day A/noon, Scarface, Angels in America, etc), Christian Bale (the Prestige, Empire of the Sun), Sean Penn, Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, etc...
32.I hate the 'High School Musical' series...all of 'em!
33.I admire Oprah for many things...but i also like her coz "...everybody gets a car!"
34.I once had a dog named Lucky...and I loved him to death!
35.The song playing on my player right now: 'The Red' by Chevelle
36.I'm a couch potato when i'm at home
37.I'm a homebody
38.I'm damn freakin' scared of worms, maggots, leeches...anything cacing-like, or ulat-like! Once, I screamed bloody murder at the library coz a green worm crawled on my hoodie! ((shudders))
39.I wish there was no such thing as racism...
40.I truly believe there will not be any world peace...I mean like TOTAL world peace...it's just impossible!
41.I think I was a Native American in my previous life...
42.I don't really like drinking water...and it's taking a toll on me...hate that it's tasteless!
43.I wish I could travel the world...either as a diplomat or like Samantha Brown from Discovery Travel and Living.
44.I'm short...so short...so very very shorttttttt! 5' 2 is shortttttt!
45.My mixed ancestry is an ice-breaker...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Eating...Over and Over and Over Again! v The Money Pit

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Been eating non-stop this past week...holidays make me wanna eat like a pig...went to Chilli's for lunch...mom's treat! The steak was rather bland...didn't have any sauce on it...dad's grilled lamb too! But mom's ordered the salmon, and I wished I did too! It was...mmmm!!! Vegetarian fajitas were ok, but no meat for me = NOOOOO!

Why did we eat out? Coz i wanted to buy me a pair of sneakers.

And guess what? Mom offered to buy 'em for me! I wouldn't let her pay the full amount, so I paid half...I feel so bad when she buys stuff for me, knowing well that she should buy something for herself...but i'm happy to have a new pair of Nike Air...after having the same Skechers for 5-6 years. At least, shoes like these last long, coz I doubt i'd buy another pair soon.




Ever watched this movie called 'The Money Pit'? It was one of Tom Hanks' earlier movies with Shelley Long...

It's about a couple who bought their 'dream home'...only to watch it crumble one piece at a time. One catastrophe after another...it's too damn funny!

Now, flash forward to 2009!

My family had a last minute decision to go for a 2-day trip...since it was the Chinese New Year season, everyone but dad said we wouldn't be able to get a room at a decent hotel, as they were all fully booked. But noooo, dad said "we'll just go check things out over there"...and after checking all the nice places, we discovered this apartment complex next to a resort...Yuxxxxx!!! No parking...then dad inspected the room..."450 a night for this ugly piece of shit?", I thought!

Dad said we had to make do with what we had, and so...the nightmare begins...

No cable-TV...fixed! Good, I say!

No air-conditioning...only one room's air-cond was fixed...the other two...NO! Shit, I say!

Dirty, sandy floor...dusty utensils...dusty furniture...BAAAD, I say!

Damn expensive stuff at the sundry...OUCH, I say!

So, we decide to go eat at the "resort" restaurant, and WTF is all I can say...bad service (or no service at all, I must say), stupid staff (they don't even know what a steak knife is! WTF!!!), incompetent, lazy SOBs! Arrrggghhh...i would never snap at people, coz i have empathy...but one thing I can't stand are stupid people! I just won't talk about the shit that happened, as it still reside in my mind...maybe one day, I will look back and laugh at the horror that is that so-called restaurant-which-I-can't-even-remember! So bad...so, so bad!!!


Some trip...

We were so horrified at this, it felt surreal...a resort? really? They couldn't even provide ample parking over here!!! So, dad couldn't sleep, probably regrets saying buhbye to his hard-earned cash for a crappy stay at the 'Money Pit Lodge' (not its real name). We actually got up early in the morn to go home...anything to get out of this hellhole! To our relief, dad actually got back half of his money from the management...and we saw many, many families complaining to each other, waiting to claim theirs too! LMAO!

Well, at least we had a nice view of the sea! But c'mon...near the sea, but no water? That just too much!!! And that fucking dinner we had? Mom paid like over 200 bucks!

I pity my parents...all they wanted to do was spend some quality time with us, but circumstances did not allow it to happen...well, as much hell as it was, we had fun and love being able to spend this time out together...we knew the effort you made, and are so thankful...and baby, despite everyone else, had a blast! Hahahah!

But next time...please book a nice room at a decent place, k! Love you guys a lot!