Monday, November 26, 2007

Malaysian Demonstrations---What I Think

Monday, November 26, 2007

The ever so popular HINDRAF is getting a lot of press since the demonstrations lately...I for one have this to say...

Malaysia is respected throughout the world as a country of multiple races, religions and cultures. I love it! We have been making a mark for the year 2007. But what I am really not happy about is this; you request the Queen of England to represent you AGAINST Her Majesty's own government for the exploitation done amongst the Indians brought into Malaysia more than 50 years ago...demanding trillions of dollars?

What? You know something...that's why we are not getting anywhere.The only way we get somewhere in life is the hard working hard, playing hard, and getting our jobs done! I appreciate that the Indians stand for something together as one...but this? Suing the British government? Now, at this moment? My hats off for your audacity, but...Maybe i am a little sceptical...NO, i am very very cynical about this...It will never go down that way. No British gov is gonna pay trillions for that!

And despite all the news, there was no violence on the Indians' part...they were all adamant on having a peaceful demonstration, till tear gas was thrown to disperse the crowds. Maybe all they wanted was the world to hear their woes...

What I will say for sure is...sometimes, when things are too good in a certain country, you kinda take the peace for granted. That's all I have to say for now. I just wish that instead of asking for money, we as a people should learn to slowly diffuse this ticking timebomb...every single issue here could invite danger, and that is why we should choose our battles, hold talks as intellectuals for the people, and not be like 'the blind leading the blind'.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Wuthering Heights

Friday, November 23, 2007

Just today, I watched Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights on HBO.Ok,'s quite an old movie, but so what? I wouldn't have understood anything if I watched it when i was around 6-8 or some age of that sort.

What should I say, other than...OMG, that was a great tragic-romance-story!!! Ralph Fiennes...Heathcliff...they were one in this movie, I totally fell for him! Even turning into the antagonist made me feel like I understood his torment...and Binoche was great too!

Why is it, that creepy romances make me believe in love even more than any happy romantic movies?

Geez, i'm so weird!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

School's Out!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Semester 1 of university i overrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Sorry, i can't help but be happy being home...but i also look forward to the next semester.

Exams were pretty tough on me, since i was working while doing exams...shit, i told my boss i would never again work while having exams. I owe it to myself to concentrate on what really matters, right?

Anyways, it just proves my theory...i only do well without studying in my favorite subjects...i think i did better in IT and International Relations (my major) than in the other subjects...but i hope it's all good. If it's not, i wouldn't kill myself, but i would certainly have to bring up the GPA, you'm adding another subject too...FRENCH!!! Woohoo!!! I just hope it doesn't clash with my other subjects.

Enough of school!!! I'm gonna talk about other stuff now...i'm gonna spend the holidays learning more about soon as i get the dough im gonna buy self-helping methods on computer languages...i suppose the most basic one first, then if i could cope, i would advance...however, this is JUST a plan, if something else comes up, who knows...

Still have no boyfriend, but i'm sill waitin for THE KNIGHT, if you know what i! I sometimes think what's the big deal, but when i look at how love makes you, i feel like i want that too! But, sometimes, it's just a matter of, "do you have what it takes to make it work?"
I think my commitment phobia says i don't have what it takes. But i'm working on it...

Other than all that, xmas is approaching and my dad says we still are in mourning for my dead uncle...he died last 28th Dec. So that means, no open house, no hosting any parties...but I want to bake cookies, and i will! I discovered a way of making the choc chip cookies crisp,and not go soft after a few days...i did! and i will apply it to my batch, this xcited...last year, my pineapple tarts and pepparkakkor (ginger snaps) were a hit! But not the cookies...LOL! Was nice, but not Famous Amos nice! Well, it was the pioneer batch, anyway!

Hope i have fun this holiday!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How Long, How Long!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sorry about not updating...besides, no one ever reads this but me...I like to look back on the stuff I write about things; see if my thoughts have changed, or if they're still the same...

I'm now working home. How great is that? However, my exams are not over I have to be careful with that.

My days at uni are dull as hell...i'll give you a piece of the action. Here's what I wrote on a dull day. Was pretending there was WiFi, and that I was updating my blog...Here goes a long's like I never took a break from blogging, hahah...:

"Tuesday, 30 October 2007.

Wow, how fast does time pass when you are preoccupied with things…So far, I’ve been doing a balancing act; work and studies…the time where I should’ve been studying for my exams was the time I was rushing with my work tasks, as the deadline approached…regretfully, out of 30 videos, I only finished 27 on time, and had to give the other 3 over to the main man (coz I had to go back to my uni for the exams…)

Regarding the tests, the first paper; screwed it up…not saying I didn’t know the answers, coz I sure did know ‘em. It’s just that I didn’t manage the my time properly. I wrote long and hard on the scratch paper…then, when it came to writing them on the answer sheet, I had run out of time.

The last question, in which I was supposed to be an expert, just coz I did it as an assignment, I didn’t do it right…Why? Because I read the question wrong! Instead of writing down the difference between the foreign policy during Tunku Abdul Rahman and Mahathir’s era, I had written from the time of all of the prime ministers (just as in my assignment question!) I summarized everything, and left out a few, since I thought I was writing too much…AND , while writing, I ran out of time! How’s that for shitty!!!

When I came out of the test hall, and exchanged notes about the test with a couple of friends, only then did I know the REAL question…AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! SCREWED UP THE TEST---BIG TIME!!!!! Almost threw a fit right then and there…

Well, can’t think too much about it now, right? 15 marks down the drain, yo!


Wish there was a Halloween Party…I often wished I was at a private uni where these sort of fun activities happen all the time…I’m missing too much on life…a part of my youth went missing when I entered this public uni…sure, it’s one of the greatest gifts the gov can give me…80% subsidized higher education…though, I sometimes feel like I don’t fit in. Sure, no one knows who Wilco or The Shins is, nobody listens to NIN or Sufjan Stevens, watches E! Channel…

This is one of the reasons I listen to music all the time…it takes me away to another world…a world of possibilities, ideals. One thing I’m finding hard to understand is why don’t I have any male friends here? It seems unbelievable that I don’t, coz I sure have dozens of them over at high school, and we all still hang out. Am I losing the ability to socialize, or is it the current environment that I’m in…I think it’s the latter…

However, I think it’s time for me to experience being a social misfit…

What am I listening to? Tommy Tutone’s Jenny 867 5309. Love that you memorize the number at the first mention…for a good time, call 867-5309 (Hahaha, classic!)"