Monday, June 15, 2009

All At Once...

Monday, June 15, 2009

So far, you must forgive me for my boring 'vacation' so is super-duper lame, LMAO! But, i see a silver lining. It makes me appreciate life outside of home more...i tend to be more outgoing while at uni...don't know why...but i am! I think it's an energy-field thing. I don't get good energy at home...maybe it's the feng shui outta whack or something! LOL...but that's just me!

Looking forward to meeting my family...OMG, the days draw near, and i'm excited but scared. What if it becomes a crappy holiday? But i must keep my optimism in check! MUST keep the optimism in check!

When i come back...there are plans that need to be my promise to cook for my friends...vacay with my girls...trip with my sis (not confirmed)...clubbin with some pals (i must go this time!!!)...movies, movies, movies...hanging out with my besties more often...

See? These plans MUST happen, or i'll give myself a kick in the ass!

Another thing...i saw his profile on facebook...OMG! He's a friend of my friend...Hahahaha...but yeah, i think he's graduated already, so no chance of bumping into him any time soon...too bad! All we ever did was talk and the whole "i-peek-at-u, u-peek-at-me" sorta thing...yeah, so if it's not meant to be, i'm not counting on that.

And what do you know? Many of my classmates are feeling nostalgic nowadays...i'm lovin' it! Catching up after the years is something fun! I contacted my former besties on Facebook, and i would say, we've all moved on...which is pretty nice. Well, them together-- not so...

I, however am glad that i still can say i keep in touch with them, lol!

Wow, seeing most of like, wow! Hahaha, sorry, that's all i can say. They're all so grown up...most of them are abroad, studying...and i'm here, in a measly public uni...hahaha! No regrets's still the cheapest education you could i'm set! The whizzing off to another country thing...i'll save it for later, and i'm certain i will achieve it!

And so, the next sem...must start on thesis!!! Yuxx...

To friends who have hopes, dreams and ideals...never give up on them, coz whatever it is...GOD can dream bigger dreams than you ever could for yourself! Oprah said that, and look where she is now! Keep that in mind, and dream on...and while you're at it, dream BIG! Love you make my life a sweeter place to live in! May you live long and prosper (i'm not a trekkie!)