Monday, June 30, 2008

I Can't Believe This!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Has it been 2 months already? OMG...How time flies...

Am I really going back to uni life after living like a pig? After gaining pounds? After living like a hog? AAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Sunday is the day I leave my precious room and house and TV for days in the valley of studious peeps, days in the hidden town of Bangi, days in the college of Keris Mas, days in the National University of Malaysia...

Goodbye to laziness and hello to a new chapter...yet again!

I have opened a Facebook account...ok, ok...way passe, this thing called Mukabuku/Bukumuka in Bahasa Malaysia (kinda sounds African...)! But it's never too late, right?

I kinda wish I could get more hits to my poor blog, so as to have people of different opinions give me theirs...but I'm kinda lazy to post pics and shit like that.

So, i'll just write...but now, i would prefer people i don't know instead of peeps i do know in real life. Why is it? (Except some people...)

Should I take this step and broadcast my bolg to people? Or shouldn't I?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friendster's Annoyances!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

What is it about Friendster that gets annoying? Ok, ok, before I start...I am a victim of this so-called "social network" of "friends"...well, yeah! I know the 'in' thing is Facebook, but here in Malaysia, it's either Myspace or Friendster.

You see, i only add people i know, or people who i genuinely like to get to know in real life...schoolmates, college mates, genuine and sincere people...

But, as usual, this writer has a few complaints...about some people who are total whack-jobs!

What's with the joint account by gf-bf...showing them kissing, hugging and shitting (not really!), gimme a break, will ya? I may be single, but if i had a bf, would i want to show people all that shit? What's so nice about watching other people smooching while cam-whoring, then adding every Tom, Dick and Harry just to fill in your account? ANNOYING!!!

And what about those losers who add everyone they can, even if they don't know 'em, and then open a 2nd account and repeat? ANNOYING!!!

What about those who keep posting spam-like graphics on your comment box every single day without fail? ANNOYING!!!

And..those who keep requesting for you to be their "friend", even though you've rejected them like dozens of times? ANNOYING!!!

There...a few complaints. There's more, if you ask any sane person who's had it! But, i really keep contact with my real friends through a network like, there's the good and the bad!

Maybe my bitchery has gone gargantuan, as i have been sorta irritable because of a certain person (refer to previous post)...

Do you have any complaints? Do tell...

PS: I wanna go out! For real!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Annoyances Make Me Hulk-y!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

These days, all I do is watch the tele...and i can't complain. I cook, do some cleaning, help take care of my baby sis, and I won't complain, coz there's nothing to complain about--i'd do it coz it's my home...


When the housekeeper sleeps on the couch, not doing any work, and i have to wash her dirty dishes, bring her water, milk, when i have to wash her dishes, cook her food, buy her food when i'm not able to cook...THAT DESERVES SOME MOTHER-EFFIN' RANTS!!!!!!!!! I've already lost my privacy because she's been staying in my room ever since she came here...around 4-5 month ago.

The first few months, i didn't mind her because i had no clue what was going on. I was of course staying in my college dorm. When i came home, i didn't mind sleeping in the hall till my dad bought a new matress for her...she slept on my bed...i didn't mind at all.

BUT...since the holidays, it's been a never-ending repression of anger, slowly making me nuts! She is so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are just a few (there's alot more that i couldn't even type for i might lose it!) complaints;

She had gastric a few days ago, and she didn't even shower the whole day, she came down to eat the food i cooked, then managed to leave her plate, filled with leftovers that she didn't bother to throw-out, and left it there for me to wash! She's sick, but i mean, can't she fuckin' wash her own frickin' plate? AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!

She doesn't do any cleaning other than mopping up and sweeping the floor...after that, she'll eat, eat, eat and eat like a pig, sleep on the couch, then wake up, consume 5 litres of water, eat, see that she doesn't have to do anything coz everyone in the house had already done the work, like throw the garbage, cook, clean, take care of the baby! She even slacks on the couch in the hall when there's she owns the house.


I can't tell her anything...why? Coz, she's related to my mom! Yes, she's come all the way from a village in the Philippines, and my parents called her here to help us with the baby and the cleaning so she can support her child there...But, you know what?

Paying her 500 bucks a month for sleeping on our couch all day, watching TV, consuming all our water (seriously, she'll be drinking a glass every 30 minutes!), eating non-stop (she cooks rice twice a day-idiot won't even bother to ask us if we would wanna eat) WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING is a waste...God helps those who help themselves, remember?

My mom and dad washes the bathroom, and not her!!! I'm so effin' mad!!! What are they paying her for? They don't say anything in hopes that she'd realize it herself, but i think she's just plain dumb! No wonder she doesn't have a job! Coz nobody wants to hire a help that doesn't help! Instead, WE are taking care of her. She doesn't bother to cook for herself.

The verdict? We can only do so much to help...we are financially unable to support this shit! Even my parents can't take wanna help, but how much is too much when from the beginning, you are being taken advantage, we are sending her home to her chanty-village.

Sorry, we wanted to help, but in the end, you have to know what you were here for...we don't care if you eat a lot, drink a lot, watch tv a lot...but if you don't do any work...WTF is the point of you being here? Shame on us if we keep on letting you be here, taking my parents' hard-earned cash, right?

I'm on the verge of turning into the Hulk!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Results are Out...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

And i got...a 3.50 cgpa...

Okay...better than the last semester...though, it would be nice to get a 3.70...meh, who am i kidding? I'll get 'em the next time! I'm so glad the paper i screwed up got a B-...considering, it sucked big time! I got As in both languages; English (duh!) and French (yay!)...and for strategy...a B+(wtf!)...the rest was a mix of As and Bs...


Moving on...can't wait to go out again! And also go shopping...when the student loan swings by, i mean. is still laid-back for now...and i'm loving it! (Pa Da Pa Pa Paaa...)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Revelations, Part Deux...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Results of my exams are coming out soon...scared as hell! I know there were a couple of slacked subjects, due to my lecturer's error...but, what's done is done, and i'll be happy enough if i get higher than my previous score...

Somehow i don't know if that could happen...geez!

Movies at often times get me thinking about my own life...will it imitate art? In a sense it does; hardships, dusting yourself up when you're down, and stuff like that. Sometimes you live vicariously through the characters...same as when you're reading a good book.

I'm looking at my life, and sometimes i just wonder when my real life would begin. Where's love? Where's the snarly best friend who's the 'court-jester'? Where's the tormented soul that you reach out to, only to fall in love and then be happy together in your romance-laden world full of poems, sonnets, and gazing up at the sky full of stars together?

I would usually wake-up, say that the real world has nothing like that to offer and get on with my boring life, and take the next guy that walks through the door...BUT I CAN'T!

For some reason, i can't settle for anything less than what i dream of, as naive as that sounds. That is why i have never had a boyfriend. And when people tell me it's impossible to NOT have one, i just feel like punching them in the face!

Why? Coz...i'm NOT needy and clingy like most girls out there? Because i believe in romance and the works? Because i'm not ready? Because i'm not a bimbo like so many girls are portraying? Because i have a wider vocabulary than you?

Then there's the "Oh, maybe she's not into guys..."

Wrong again, buddy!

The whole idea men get when a girl does not seem to respond to their machismo is that they're lesbians...i don't even have to dignify this so-called theory men use to justify them being turned-down...

P.S. These rants were long overdue, accumulated throughout my years of single-hood...a response to my own demons, and observations toward the current trend of bimbo-wannabes portrayed by endless amounts of 'chicks' in heat. If you feel burned, well...FEEL THE BURN, BITCH!

P.P.S. This was brought to you by a 21 year old who has witheld her thought on this for a very very long time! She's looking, but probably not your way!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Friday, June 13, 2008

i've been regretting not going out for a quasi-summer job...instead, i've been slacking at home. But, i've come to a revelation:


Is that not so? It is, indeed! This is the only chance i get to BE at home and do nothing. After 2 more years, all i'll be doing is work! Bills, bills, bills! Buy, buy, buy! Wants, wants, wants!

I am lucky i have worked before to appreciate what i've got going right now. I mean, when else can i spend time with my 1-year old sister? She's growing so fast, already...makes me see that my mortality exists...


Monday, June 09, 2008

The Weekend That Was...

Monday, June 09, 2008

Had a pretty ok weekend, due to chillin' out with my pal, W...saw a great action movie (cue Indiana Jones theme...hehehe!)...had practically 1/4-price Starbucks thanks to an ex-classmate...split a hefty parking bill with W, and the next day; nil activitites.

To sum it up...pretty much Saturday 1, Sunday 0


Hope that we could do it again...just to talk and catch up with friends make me feel less insane from being cooped-up in le maison for a long time, you know? It's not that i'm complaining, but even if i like lazing at home, i still have work and chores to do...

Come to think about it, i should contact other pals to go and hangout, catch up...nice to see what they're up to. I kinda feel useless, though...they're making dough during vacay, and i opt to stay home doing!

It's Monday where i live. Wonder what would i be up to soon enough...