Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'm So So So So So Tired...SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I can't believe i'm still alive...this week has been hell.

Work? I'm gonna quit, coz i ain't getting no money from it, and i can't waste my precious time doing omething which i'm getting nothing from...i'm wasting my study-time!

I have tons and tons of assignmnets, i don't know where to start, that me and a friend just sat down on a bench...startled, overwhelmed...that we didn't know what to do and how to handle it!

What we did, you won't believe...we went to Mid Valley to catch a movie! Betcha-by-golly-wow! We just wanted to forget, if just for a while...nothing wrong with that, right?

Watched 27 Dresses...friend told me i was Catherine Heigl's character...doesn't know why, but she pictures my sis and I. I'm the eldest, so...go figure! Hey, my sister ain't THAT bad! Lol...That was a pretty feel-good movie. Felt slightly happy after that.

Gosh, i may be a tough one, but i'm sure a sucker for chick-flicks!

Btw, James Marsden is HAWT! Too bad he hasn't gotten the credit he deserves...he's a pretty good actor. I've always liked him in Second Noah, as lame as it was. Heigl's a superstar, plus i like her...enough said!

Coming home, we started thinking about all that work again...SHITSHITSHITSHIT!!!!! And SHIT!!!

Now, i'm home, my phone is turned off, and i'm gonna finish everything i can, so please wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Aftermath...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I hate the aftermath...i wish music festivals in Malaysia would be held every fuckin' year so i could have fun for at least once a year!!!

I'm going home tonight...coz tomorrow is gonna be a holiday...yay! But i guess i'm following mom to church from Thursday to Friday, maybe Saturday AND Sunday (for Holy Week).

And i forgot to mention that i had my midterms...did quite well in French (even if je ne sais pas!), but i don't know my marks in Strategy and International Systems and Globalization...Geez, i need to buck up on them! MUST READ U.N. CHARTER!

The job i was supposed to do? Bleagh...i'm not getting anything even worth my time, and i have to sacrifice my study time? I think after this, i'm gonna have to pass on it...PITTANCE is not worth my time. Subtitling takes patience and a whole lotta time, which i don't have.

So now i have to complete an assignment on Deterrence as a Defense Mechanism...gonna go to the library...So, till next time...

Toodlez, bitches!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

UPDATE: For Previous Post!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mike Einzeiger played a pipa, a clasical-Chinese instrument...not a sitar, which is clasical-Indian...

Sunburst KL was F-U-N!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Indeed it was!!!

Okay, so you don't know the whole story...i joined this contest on MTV, and won me a pair of tickets...well, since it was gonna be on my sister's birthday, why not bring her along, right?


Then, i found out that a friend of ours got herself a free ticket from a friend who wanted to 'use' her as his driver.


Then, my sister's boyfriend got a little annoying and decided NOT to let her have fun with the gals and bought one for himself...ergo, he was joining us!


All in all, we ended up reaching at almost 8pm, but it started from 2 pm. Well, i just wanted to see John Legend and Incubus, which was from 10-12.30 at night...


Well, did i have fun?

HELL YEAH!!! That was one of the funnest, greatest concerts ever!!! The rest of the performers (there were many acts!), i didn't really care for, but the vibe from the audience for John Legend and Incubus was really a great thing for them. And i have to add that John's band was great, yo! I was dancing till my shoes got all loose and stuff.

Well, maybe it got damaged coz i was jumping and head-banging to Incubus!!! I was singing-along to every single song of their...i'm a super-fan!

As for John, i only knew him from his hit songs, but after yesterday, you can bet that he has a new fan...MOI! Plus, he's not only a great singer-performer...he's super-duper HAWT!!! I can't believe i didn't realize that before. He brought a girl up on stage to slow dance with him, and i got freakin' did all the other girls, lol...and he was sweating through his t-shirt...HAWT!!! He went on and on without losing his superbbly smooth voice, and promised to come back to Malaysia...

Tell you what, if he does come back to KL for another performance, i'm soooooo there, dudes!!!
And the hotness of Brandon from Incubus could not be forgotten...enough said! Though, one complaint would be the turntablist (correct?) from Incubus was not going at the same key as the whole band...meh, maybe i'm wrong. But, boy can Brandon play percussions!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not so shallow as to notice ONLY the hotness, but it's just great to see that there are REAL talents with good-looks. I DO love their music, and appreciate their talents, y'all! I wish more acts like them would come to Malaysia...

Hah, wishful thinking!

Lastly, the awesome guitarist, Mike from Incubus played some kinda instrument...i think it was a, i didn't know HE was the one playing it on the album...amazing!!!

Both John and Incubus came out for an encore...and i was in heaven!

Didn't take pictures...just one measly pic with my sis on her stupid phone...but the memoy will be running in my head for a long-long time!

Love it! Till the next post...

Toodlez, bitches!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

What A Wake-up Call!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

As many Malaysians know, the gov coalition won majority seats in the parliament, but lost five states to the opposition...What a wake-up call, right?

I can't believe my state is gonna be taken over by the! If only i was old enough to vote...if only the parliament was just a few months later, i could!

Man, this whole handing over the state to the opposition thingy is kinda scary and exciting. What kind of changes do you suppose they will bring to the table? Will they be tough on the citizens? Will the state STILL gain government grants for enhancing and development? That, i can't be sure...thinking about it makes me scared.

But, Selangor is the most developed and she attracts the most businesses from in and around the country, so i have no qualms about it after thinking about it in that sense.

As for my assignments, there are still plenty to tasks; still plenty. I just came home to take a break, before i resume all those shitty stuff. It's like, after you complete an assignment, 2 more will come to your doorstep.


Sunday, March 02, 2008

N-Gaging A New Phase...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I must say, the title is pretty lame, but i am not gonna delete it and think of another title...i do have an N-gage QD, and i'm sick of's basically like a remote control, without the fuckin TV!

The last week has been like all the previous weeks; HECTIC! Finished 3 different tasks: 2 assignments, and 1 work task. I feel like i'm gonna burst, that when i come home, i don't even feel like going out. I miss my friends from home, but everyone is soooooooooo busy, we all are pooped to even hangout!

I miss you guys, though...

My new phase is the hectic phase...great! As you know, i enjoy hectic life better. What i don't enjoy is the food i eat at varsity...


It's horrible, the food they sell at my college! But last Friday, i just couldn't wait to eat REAL food, and i forced my friends to go have Yoshinoya Beef Bowl...well, of course, i'm the only one among them who ate the Beef Bowl Combo! I'm the freakin carnivore...HAHAHAHA!!! (Well, i did order a side of veggies...Mmmmmm, yummy!)

And now, i'm back home, eating Mom's cooking...Mmmmmm. Any pounds i'd lose would come back during the weekends, and then some! But, tomorrow, i'd have to wake up at 5 am, and travel back to uni...finish up more assignments, do more work tasks (of which i'm making a pittance!), etc...

So...all that's left is to wait for the next week, or if i'm lucky, a few days to update my online diary. I love you blog! You are a great release of tension, stress and pain!!!