Thursday, April 05, 2007

Late Start

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I knew it...when it's dad who sends me to work, i'm a 100% sure i'll be, I certainly was. 10 minutes late to be exact. It's not that anyone was in the office or anything, but I just need to be early, or on the dot, yo!

Yeah, i'm a real piece of work like that!

Watched Heroes last night. DAMN, it was great! My friend downloads the show, and catches the same episode that the U.S. does, but I can't...the server over here sucks. Plus, my comp RAM sucks too! Put 2 & 2 together...go figure. I'll just wait for Astro's prime time show...what the heck, eh? Ok, back to the show...

Ooohhh, looks like Sylar's power gets more powerful with every kill..oohhh! And yada yada yada! Can't wait, dudes! I'm a total Heroes junkie...and wasn't Hiro's story totally adorable? I recognized Charlie from that suck-ball movie called Epic Movie...she did great in the show.

Meh, i'm talking too much now. Better get back to work. Btw, to the only friend I can trust enough to read this...when are we gonna hang out, dude? I start freshman year in July...that's a long way to go!