Monday, April 16, 2007

Mondays Always Make Me Shudder...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Black Monday...Manic Monday...Shitty Mondays...they are practically a guarantee! The weekend's done, and we start the week with another day of business.

So, i don't enjoy my work, as it's just a temporary one till I start freshman year. Sure, many people do hate their job...but I would like to do something which I have passion for. That is why, I hope everything goes how it should. Pleeeeeeze, let it happen!

Mom had to go back to the hospital after her "weekend holiday". We sent her back yesterday night. Dad waited in the car, probably tearing up coz he'll miss his sis and I sent her to her ward. Unloaded her stuff, then kissed her goodbye. We could see her face was sad and she was about to cry. When I turned back, she gave my sis and I a flying kiss, with the almost-gonna-cry face. We got out, and my sister began crying. I tried to be the strong one, and held back tears.

Just as we reached the darkness, I released all the held tears, and wiped them before my sister could detect anything. I really didn't want to make her cry even more, so I had to keep up a front, as usual...back at home, I ran into my room and cried my heart out!

Mommie, my mommie! She's such a great person...she's funny, weird and crazy (like me!), demanding, but she makes up for it with her smile, her heart. We all would just miss her, we can't even say goodbye when we send her to the hospital! Gawd, i'm welling up! Must stop now...

I truly hope everything goes well, and she and the baby will remain healthy, as they should be. Till the next weekend, when momsie comes home...


Today, I decide to take the bus home. Too much money is being spent on train rides, and I don't have a lot of money. So, I have to get down on a place that is quite far from my house, and walk! Perhaps I could lose some pounds! Lol! Oh, wait, i'm wearing high heels...NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Hope that everything goes well.

Toodlez, bitches!