Sunday, April 08, 2007

No Eggs Today...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

For me, it didn't make any difference...I know, I know, Jesus was risen from the dead today, and lo and behold...we all rejoice in HIS presence!

I mean, it isn't different because we did not celebrate the day with any lavish settings or parties. We just went for Sunday mass, went out to eat, went to Grandma's...that's it! How much boring can my social life get?

We did go to SPCA (my aunt from the US wanted some t-shirts---which of course, helps the maintenance of the place!) which, by the way is extremely, poorly maintained. We also witnessed a worker hitting a dog with a cane, and that ain't a sight to see, especially at SPCA!!! She said she was gonna write about it to the American SPCA...what an embarassment to Malaysians!

My bestest best friend's birthday is today! Happy birthday, bitch!!! May you blossom into the woman you want to you lots! Can't believe we're 20 this year...not teens anymore! Lol, soon, we could get into clubs...Hahaha! Not like YOU would. Btw, my 21st birthday would be celebrated in the casino, for sure! Hahaha!

Sigh, time passes by way too fast! But, wait! I still don't have a boyfriend...Lol, and everyone wants to "help" me find one...I would love to have a nice guy who I can have a ball with, but if he's not here, why hurry, right? Sometimes people want stuff for you that just isn't logical...

But, you know something? The guys who like me are either;
  • Too fat (hey, I don't mind chubby, but by golly, 3 overweight guys trying to "score" you just a tad too creepy...)
  • Too young (nononono...)
  • Too dependent, that they call you every hour, of every day...even when they're working...YIKES!

Man, this ain't right...

WHERE ARE YOU, MR. RIGHT-GUY-FOR-ME??? Come out, come out, wherever you are...