Monday, April 02, 2007

Friday Nite...and the Later Days!

Monday, April 02, 2007

After work, I watched a movie with a couple of friends...this movie, 300 that everyone's been talking about.

One of my friend saw it for the 3rd time! Can you believe that? Lol, the movie was great, in terms of cinematography, it is very artistic (yes, even the bloody, gory scenes...oooh, and the beheading too!). I should tell you that I was the only one really enjoying (i.e.--laughing out loud) all the gore and slicing of hands and friends were looking at me like, "Whaaat? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you a sadist or something?" much to my chagrin...well, it's just surprising that all the gory details are intact...

And would you believe the pecks on those dudes? OMG, fuckin' unreal, dudes! Imagine 300 men with their six-packs on male friend was almost crying at the sight, claiming "do you think those pecks are real?"

Of course they are, dude! That's what months of training do to your body...and if we are talking about real Spartans, they train almost their whole lives...and, oh, what hurt I felt when King Leonidas bit the dust...and the end was awe-inspiring. All in all, great movie in terms of style...substance, i'll give it a B-!

Yesterday was Palm Sunday in the Catholic, my family and I went for mass as usual...damn, the church was packed! Our church is quite small, so to see people all the way outside was quite touching!

I even saw my crush there too! Damn, he's cute! I somehow can't gather enough courage to even smile at him, which is unusual, coz i'm NEVER shy! Oh, yeah...I forgot, I usually am shy with guys I like! Oh, snap! Well...someday, i'll have to change this attitude, but I guess I'm afraid taking chances might somehow backfire...well, i've seen it happen to some of my closest friends, and see what it did to her? I don't want that to happen to me too! Eh, maybe he has a girlfriend anyway (that's how I comfort myself when I think about it!)...

And...I'm officially the family chef...Lol! I cooked on Saturday, (seeing that my mom can't be doing any work due to her pregger state) and people seemed to like I cooked on Sunday, and was crowned the family cook! Haha...I have to cook special vegetarian meals for my vegetarian sister, you know? That's tough!!!

I'm kinda regretting cooking well, coz now i'll have to cook all the time! Shit, I never thought of that...only now!!!

Wow, looks like a long post...heheee, looks like I got my writing mojo back!

Toodlez, bitches!