Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Of Idiots, Morons and Stupid-asses!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


That's how I sum up "these people"...incompetent slobs! Wtf, man?

I was supossed to go for my driving test today, but what happened? Last minute phone call from the bloody-assed driving school. Ladies and gentlemen, for the second time, my test is cancelled. I was looking forward to getting through this fuckin' test, that I took a leave of absence from work, and made plans to visit my mom, collect my prize from Sony, etc...

The first time I got cancelled, was because the idiot slob forgot to put my name in the application, but told me I was confirmed for April the 13th...ok, confirmed!

Then, a week before the test, the idiot slob told me that it wasn't her fault, that it was the old clerk's fault...Oooohhh, like I fuckin' care! BUT, she's only human, so I gave in, seeing that she's 'only human', and at least she notified me early. So she said 18th was open, so I said 18th it is!

Fast forward to the 17th...after taking extra-hours of classes,(I had to, because I don't have a stick-car to practice with) I was feeling ready...

Then, she fuckin' calls me in the afternoon before the test-day to tell me my learners' permit has expired, and i'm ineligible to take the test! Wtf!!! I've renewed it, already, bozo!

Then my dad has to send her the copy, and gives her the lecture on how many times will this happened, what incompetence, and shit like that. I was in my office, pissed out of my mind! She called me and apologized and said it wasn't her fuckin fault, but the old clerk's fault!

HUH! You expect me to fall for that shit this time? Some nerve, I took leave, I planned everything around that day, and you can't even admit your fuckin' fault? How long was that clerk working there? Is she working there now?

What's with "these people"? Why do "these people" keep screwing things up? I'm glad i'm no longer wanting to work with "these people", coz working with them would embarass me as a Malaysian!

She tells me the 20th is free! After arguing about her incompetence, I then tell her to better give me the 20th. She says she'll call me back. She doesn't. So I call her. She says I could only get to do the test in May. I get pissed even more! I couldn't handle it, and tell her to call me when she's sure of everything, and be sure this time, or else...then, I slam the phone down in sheer anger, bloody anger!

I swear on Mongrel Dogs, I will never let my sister, or anyone I know go to that fuckin' driving school...NEVER!!! They fuckin' wasted my money, my time and commitment...

Now, I have made up my working with "those people", coz all I get is stupid, bloody migraines from their idiocy! Now, on to my venting: