Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Heeeere's Johnny!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am going...going to university...I can't believe it!

I got accepted into UKM, Malaysia's current 'it' public university, having surpassed, the 'Harvard' of Malaysia,, does that make UKM today's 'Harvard' of Malaysia? ...hehe!

I was supposed to put 8 choices in my course and uni selection...I only had two in my mind. UKM was NOT included, as I thought I wouldn't stand a chance...since I had to pick four as the minimum, I chose UKM's International Relations as my almost-random 3rd choice...I've been to the faculty i'm interested's kinda funky in an old kinda way...It looked old+ugly-assed! Lol...but i'm grateful to God! Mom keeps scolding me for being too superficial! Quite!

I credit HIM (duh, God!) because this was HIS plan all along; get me all confused about things for a while, let me consider private colleges and discover I haven't got the money for all that shit...then ask HIM for guidance...

Then, HE goes around and gives me this; BA of Social Science w/h Honors in International Relations, buddie!!! The right course for those wanting to be in the Diplomatic Corps., multinational corporate companies, political think-tanks...etc...Yeah, baby, just what I wanted, but gave up coz I thought I didn't have a chance in this country coz-you-know-why...but now, I sure as hell am gonna try!!! Bring it on, bitches!!! Heeeere's Johnny!

Can you believe it? MYR 7,000.00 with a 3.5% interest to be paid for around 20 years? It is a big deal that I don't have to spend soooo much on my higher education...the gov subsidizes around MYR 20,000++ for my education!

If i'd gone to Taylors or Monash, I would've spent almost a 100K for everything, including books, and other shitty-assed fees! Now that would be alright if I was a rich girl...but i'm not!

My parents told me they were proud of me! I was so happy to hear that!

God has truly blessed me, and for that, i'm thankful!

Oh, and my boss asked me to work part-time, subtitling movies, and he said he'll get me a laptop to work on the movies...Yay!!! A l'il money on the side...Lol! And he said he'll write me a recommendation letter...but that's coz I asked, yo!

What else? Oh, i'm scared of the imminent ragging i'm about to receive...that's if ragging still goes on out there...I heard it is...Shit-Damn-Fuck!

Other than that, everyone's is great, sister was late, so, since I was awake making my brekkie, I volunteered to send the nick of time, she reached her school w/o being tardy.

Ummm, that's about it, I guess! I love my blog!

See ya!


nightfox87 said...

Hello there, G! I'm so happy for u... You've been eying on International Relations for as long as I could remember.

-shu ying-