Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What Do I Write About...Me?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let's me just run my hands on the keyboard and see where it leads me...

Arrgh, let's just reintroduce myself to the world!

Hi...my name is (insert what you think my name is here!)! I am 20-years old, and was born and raised in Malaysia...i'll probably be here until I get enough dough to go around the world...it would just seem impossible to do that now. I have a great family, my mom, dad, younger sister, and not until 3-weeks ago, another sister.

I am of a weird pot of heritage mix; Sinhalese on dad's side, and Filipino-Spanish on mom' side...though, the Spanish part is only minimal...the thing I like most about being a 'hybrid' of mixed ancestry is that I can fool people into thinking i'm a Latina, Indian, Native American, Malay, Hawaiian, Filipino, etc...that's kinda cool!

The thing I hate is, weird strangers asking me my race...WEIRD! I also hate that my dad knows nothing of his native tongue, culture and family in Sri Lanka...it's like his whole history was sucked into a black hole! My mom however, is full of info, which I like! I can understand Tagalog, but can't speak it...I've tried, but I sound too weird, it's embarassing!

So, my mother tongue can be considered the English language...I know for a fact i'm good at it! My Bahasa Malaysia is also great! (Boy am I blowing my own horn, fo' shizzle!)

I've just finished my high school education, and am now awaiting college...

I've never had a boyfriend, but i've had quite many suitors...

I'm waiting for the right guy...but in my mind, I know i'll never find him because of my stupid ideals and too-high standards!

I keep saying I don't look good, when in truth, I do...BUT then, when I start having the confidence, my weight goes up, and I feel fugly...and so, the cycle repeats...

I can cook...and bake...pretty well!

I love Greek Mythology...those were some sickos, I mean, really!

I have many good friends, but I don't make the effort to sustain the friendship.

I love good-looking men...I ain't gonna lie! I want my eye candy every day!

I am only 5' 2...but my rationale is i'll always look young! Even now, people think my super-tall sister is older...but maybe it's because she's tall...D'oh!

Speaking of 'D'oh!' I love the Simpsons...

I love watching TV...

I never make promises I can't keep...

I have a knack for reading people's characteristics through their faces...and it turns out to be true.

I am a great listener and talker!

I am a dreamer...a BIG one!

I am stubborn as hell!

I am very very very opinionated.

I have a small head...and small ears...but i'm smart! Hehe...

I pack up muscles pretty quickly if I lift weights...

I hate holier-than-thou people!!! They preach BS that you didn't ask in the first place!

I hate emo bands...they're soooo NOT rock!

I love classic rock, but I also like RnB, Jazz, Oldies...and Classical music...but the last one's a secret!

In the next post, there'll be more of this! Who thought writing about me would be so easy?