Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I've Been Preoccupied...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lately, that is! Man, these past few weeks, i've been dead broke...then, I go and watch the E! Channel, and they go on and show Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's billion-dollar net worth!!!


Okay, the current phase i'm going through right this minute is pure apathy towards my further education...why? Because any of my university offers would be the ones i've picked-out beforehand...political science and if I get any of my choice, i'll accept it! If I don't, last resort would be Taylor's College (BA in Communication).

So, there you go!

Haven't gone anywhere other than work, because of the "no money" problem! So no current news on my social life! Man, I can't wait to start studying again! As much as I hate the pressure to do good, I still love it; the experiences are all that I will remember the rest of my life.

In high school, i've seen the best and the worst of things...

  • I've skipped school to go out with friends
  • I've played in a few sports
  • I've entered a few competitions, in which i've emerged victorious, and also accepted defeat...
  • I've experience guys trying to get my attention, but failed!
  • I've experienced watching a friend I have so much respect for now dying
  • I've experienced attending VIP galas with mom's connections
  • Watching awesome piano recitals
  • Working as a Food & Beverage hostess
  • Being hit on by old, fugly guys who think they are all that, but---
  • Also being hit on by cute guys, and rejecting them for God-knows-why (that's my issue i'm tryin' to deal with!)
  • Working here at a production company, awaiting freshman year!

There's much more actually! Now I can see that i've indeed experienced a few things...but not what i've been expecting. I'm 20 now, and hope to experience the things I want to.

May it be so...