Friday, June 08, 2007

Win Win Win! vs Emo Post

Friday, June 08, 2007

I just found out I won 4 movie tickets, yo! dad said, i'm a pretty good contestant in the stuff I join!

I say, it's pure luck! Maybe God has pity for know, no boyfriend, always working without ever going out with tickets ain't that big a deal, but you know, so far, i've won a bunch of stuff, and i'm happy with it!

Now, if I could only win Milo Ventimiglia and a scholarship to any Ivy League University, i'd be set for life!.............BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, like as if!!!



I just hope that my dreams and ideals come true. I may have ideals, but i'm pretty realistic too! I know romance is just life imitating art, and it just wouldn't last after a few months together, unless you make the effort! Pretty soon, you get in the comfort zone, and you find yourself flossing your teeth in front of each other...but maybe, just maybe, that is what I need...Comfort (with someone)! Never felt that before...

A companion to go through life with me, experience the ups and downs with me, and we end up supporting each other...then, as far as you go, you find that you can't live without each other...that's how realistic I am.

Then my friends ask me to lower my standards...why should I? I have always had high hopes for love, life and ambition...I just can't seem to settle for less, and I don't know why! Is it wrong? Oh, man...

I was always confident in my future, and knew that my plans would follow I find that life just isn't that plan, and you plan, and you CERTAINLY DO plan, then what happens? Life takes a detour...takes a 180 degree turn! That's what's beginning to happen, study-wise. When i'm confident about something, the outcome would just disappoint me...

P.S.: Wow, from a chirpy-happy post, to an emo post...BIPOLAR ALERT!!!

P.P.S.: Well, at least I don't dress like an emo, or fancy the same music as them...eeewww!