Friday, June 15, 2007

What's Happening?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Well, seeing that the place I work for is a production company, it would be making a drama catered for TV.

Now I, for certain, do not watch our local TV shows coz, they suck (sorry)! Sometimes or rather most of the time, the actors can't act for nuts....always the same bloody expression on their not-really-made-for-TV-faces (sorry!)...

However, at least I would be watching how and what the bosses here are doing to produce something. That's what i'll learn from this job I have!

So far, i've made the layout of proposed cast and wardrobe stylings for the characters. Though, I wish I could stay longer JUST to see the show in the process of shooting and such, as this is just the early stage of production.

But, you know something? I'd rather go to college! Hehe...

I guess if the whole plan of joining the foreign service don't work out, I will probably join the media circuit, PR, writer, or something of that's also kinda nice to be a Hollywood, not here!

Honestly, there are a few movies that could offer some sort of competition with the foreign flicks...however, they're like a needle in a hay stack. Even most commercials suck in the idea bank! This one local ad for a beauty product gave out the message that a guy won't even look at a girl when she's dark-skinned, but wow...after she uses the product, she gets fairer-looking, and wham! The frickin idiot-guy asks her out? WTF?


These are the stupid ads they show on Malaysian TV! That ad had the women scorned was was pulled-out as soon as it aired (yeah, only after a lot complaints and write-ups in the papers!)...but God forbid, kissing scenes! The censor board must cut 'em out!

I want better Malaysian shows, movies, actors, music, commercials, literature...just be original, people!!! IMO, our counterparts, Indonesia and the Philippines, though economically not so OK like ours, they fare better in entertainment...and don't even get me started on Japan and South Korea...I mean, wow! They have their own everything, man!

We should all strive to do better for ourselves here, coz we sure as hell can do it if we really want!!! The problem is, there are no Tarantinos, Scorceses, Coppolas, etc here in Malaysia! And if there were peeps like them, who knows how far we'd go!

Meh, maybe i'm being too harsh...but then again, maybe not!