Monday, August 31, 2009


Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy birthday, mother Malaysia (as one of my lecturer calls her)!!!

Malaysia, i love you despite all your shortcomings...and i hope and pray that:

1. You don't embarass us anymore with your petty politicking...ruining our credibility as a country which embraces differences in culture...calling each other names, derogatory slurs...all sick!!!

2. You stop banning concerts...c'mon, PAS Youth to ban MLTR? Geez, ridiculously stupid! What the hell is so 'bad' about MLTR? I almost peed in my pants when i found out about it...again: COME ON!!! BANNING MLTR??? IT'S LIKE BANNING YOUR GRANDMOTHER!

Why don't some holier-than-thou political parties (PAS Youth) just stop being the moral police and let the PEOPLE decide what is morally right or wrong for themselves, hmmm? If an individual breaks the Islamic law, they would be the ones facing God, not what right do you have to enforce YOUR point of view and YOUR punishments upon them? YOU are NOT God! God gave us brains and free will to think for ourselves...and yes, people are just humans...WE make mistakes. So let us learn from them by ourselves...and be judged by God and NOT you!

I have so many "I-hope-this-doesn't-happen wish", but i'll save it for another day...the abovementioned ones are just what I think we need right now...I truly believe my country will progress if we can realize we are different, and yet accept and embrace it...without falling prey to propaganda set forth by our own politicians...

It took the US hundreds of years to have a black (or rather, half-black) President. Compared to that, Malaysia is just an itty-bitty-baby. So that's why our politicians are so immature!!!

We have hundreds of years to go before we could truly see a colorblind nation...that being said, I LOVE YOU MALAYSIA...MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

Peace and love to all...


NightFox said...

Have to agree with you on #2. What a joke =.=

Ledzeppelin4evr said... time they should try Air Supply too... XD

Well at least they aim for the lame ones i would not be interested in... :P LOL!

Neo said...

ahahhaa...big brother is watching and grin... :P
jst chill aite,some of em jst making a 'normal n weak' human mistake smtimes :)
yeah,malaysia boleh!! huhuhu