Saturday, August 29, 2009

Catastrophe Week But I'm Happy I'm Not Dead

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm perfectly aware that life throws you curveballs once in a while, ESPECIALLY once you get too many good things at a time. I'm the type that anticipates bad things once i get many good experiences (that's why i believe in the whole 'life is a wheel' mantra!)...i know, i's so dark, but it's real...i don't believe in things without reason.

Okok, so after all the 'good things' posts i've written, the bad was bound to happen right? I should have NOT been so naive as to think my happy moments would last, as it wouldn't be called LIFE-- which is a mixture of good and bad experiences!

Just this past week i had to move temporarily to a different block...and yesterday my friend told me that EVERYONE from my block is on an exodus...everyone had to evacuate block 10 because there's a crack in the pipes that could bring danger to the whole building. IMAGINE that! I'm kinda lucky coz i moved some of my stuff on Tuesday. Yesterday i made so many trips up and down block 10, walked with my stuff to block 12...again go up and down the stairs, into my new room! By the time i was done, i wanted to pass out. So tired, that i didn't have the will to make the journey back home.

My dad offered to fetch me once i sent a message saying "i'll be back the next morning"; literally making me jump for joy...and off i went without turning back! And my roomie wasn't i left her a note...and apologized for not cleaning my side of the room...she replied that i'll be returning to a pigsty because she has soooooo many things...hahaha, i don't mind's just dirt and dust i hate! So bring on the clutter as long as there's no dust!!! Muahahaahah...

One person i pity is M...she is one of those who had to move to the newly-built block...the problem is she has things in block 10 AND block 12...and now she has to move to a new block (block 3)! WTF is wrong with the principal that he can't give her the current room she's living in right now? i wouldn't have minded moving to the new block too...but one thing they don't have is wi-fi! And the principal says that they're putting in Satellite TV aka ASTRO...but wtf, how is ASTRO important to a student? Are they gonna use it to complete an assignment? And out of the hundreds of student sharing ONE fuckin' TV, how could one possibly get to watch whatever the hell they want?

I know for a fact that i'm going to write a letter to the principal...and if he doesn't respond to my letter, i'm so going to write to every single newspaper in Malaysia! What an outrage!!! You disregard our complaints of blackouts on the 6th could've been a sign of the water tank above leaking, but you didn't listen, did you!

And when it exploded, you threatened the students not to go report it to any media...then, you don't even consider apologizing for any sort of inconvenience caused to us! Wtf, do you think we are robots or dogs, that we have no life outside staying here in this block where there's ALWAYS no water, no electricity? We always have to go to different blocks just to bathe, and always have blackouts (on my floor)! could AT LEAST lessen our dorm fees for causing us inconvenience! I think this has grounds for a lawsuit ok??? So don't act all innocent...tanks need maintenance or replacement after 10 years or so!

You better be glad we're not dead...coz so far, it only takes someone to die for you to take action!

Anyway, 'nuff of me complaining here! I'm gonna do something about it! In the process of writing a letter to the management!

I'm one of those who could see the good in things...for this case, i'm just happy i ain't dead! Btw, the cough is getting better now...the voice, however is still like a rockstar! LOL...but i ain't complaining...

PS: This is no pity-post...just one of frustration for my college admin...they haven't been doing a good job, and i'm really fed up coz none of the so-called student committee is doin a good job! All just join for a good CV, but end up doin' nothing...sound familiar? These, my dears...are the future politicians of our already-downtrodden country! Where is our hero now?

Ciao, bitches!!!


NightFox said...

I can't imagine all the shits that you have to go through after the whole water tank explosion fiasco. Sux! To think that one of our public uni is in such condition =.=

Instead of Astro, the uni management should improve the wi-fi network which can be enjoyed by every student. What la...

The management still have the nerve to threaten you guys not to report it? And some more no word of apology ka? WTF!

Occasional blackouts??!! Aduh...too much!

Why not file a complain to the higher edu ministry?

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Dear, i'm luckier than a few least i didn't lose everything in my room...or luckily the fan didn't drop right in front of my eyes...i dunno where that girl went...seriously! Never heard from her oso...

I'm tryin' to get a rsponse frm the principal first...since he asked everyone to go to him FIRST! If i don't get any response, i'm going straight to the need ministry all...straight to the public!!! Baru mrk tau...i don't know why the rest of the students aren't creating a big friend and i are the only ones who seem angry with all this shit...

Wish me luck!