Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Had a Bad Day Today...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I wanted to put Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events as my post title, but it seemed too whiny...but the current title is no different! LOL...So, here's a series of MY unfortunate events...enjoy!!!

10.30pm: Monday night...got a message saying there's a French quiz the very next day...damn
bloody unexpected...i was watching a movie, then dozed-off halfway through...'bout
12 am. Damn, i thought after the movie i would study!!!

3.00am: Woke up...I look out my window, and the stars are bright, the sky so clear...i felt
alright and at peace, as the air was cool and i feel the breeze through my window...

3.20am: I hear an explosion, then feel tremors...at that very moment i think, "could this
be an earthquake???"...right after the *BOOM*+tremors, i hear water...like a
heavy downpour! It can't be raining, coz i just saw the clear night's sky...

3.25am: The fire alarm rings for a few seconds...i quickly get out to see what the hell was
happening...saw water flowing towards the rooms, but it didn't reach into the rooms,
as we we're on the 6th level--> of course, the water would flow down...

3.50am: Next, the 'fellow of the block' tells all of us to get our valuable stuff and head towards
the cafe...immediately!

4.10am: Waiting at the cafe, they tell us what happened; the tank exploded into 2! And one of
the rooms on my floor was caved-in by the ceiling...the fan fell, and the poor girl's
laptop and other stuff were destroyed by all the pouring water...her ceiling was
weakened by the water, and that made the ceiling fall...omg, thank goodness she's
alright. The water filled her room in an instant. Shit, it could've been anyone of us...

We couldn't go back, coz of the electricity gone wild...had to stay from 4-7 something
in the morning, and were attacked by numerous bugs...

7.30 am: Then i was told that i couldn't stay in my room coz my floor was a "danger
zone...shit! And they ask us from the 6th floor to move to another block for
now...temporarily. I had to move every important thing to the other block,
which was quite far...i had to make around 3 trips...with heavy loads...fuck!

9.00am: By the time i brought everything and cleaned everything...i was tired as fuck! And we
still had to take our French quiz...and how could we make it? We had yet a lot to do!
So we called the lecturer and lucky for us, he understood our (M and me)
predicament and allowed us to get in late...so, today we made 2/4 hours of French
lessons...what a pity! We missed a lot by not attending the first two hours!!!

2.30pm: Not feeling well...started coughing on Monday, and my chest is in pain when i cough!
Now coming down with the flu, i think! A fever is coming...so i take a couple of
Paracetamols and go to sleep!!!

5.00pm: I wake up and the fever's gone, thank God! However, the cough is still so intense that
my chest hurts *uggghhh*

6.00pm: M comes to my room...she moved to the same block as me...she's shit-scared she
might get electrocuted, so she requested for a room...and she's now in my room coz
she got locked out of her current room...poor thing, even her old-room key is in
there! Did all i could to help...but without success...yeah, she had a bad day...maybe

Extras:New temporary roomie introduces herself...she left me a note when i got back from
class...how cute! I was kinda surprised that i had one! She's ok...kinda shy and quiet...and
i'm guarded (at first!), so we're both quiet...hahaha, we don't talk unless i initiate the
conversation...and M is the one doing most of the talking, so i just seem distant, but you
all know how i am if i don't know you, right?
I must say though...she is nice and thoughtful! Hope it goes smoothly...it's just a week,
right? But the amount of stuff i brought from the other room is as if i'm staying here for a
month! LOL!

So there...a chronology of a bad day! I'm not kidding...today is not a good day for many people...everywhere, i hear of unfortunate events happening! Just for today! I reiterate: Tuesday, 25th August 2009..is a bad day!!!

Toodlez, bitches!!!

PS: By the time i publish this, it'll be Wednesday...just pretend it's still Tuesday, ok? ;)


NightFox said...

Sorry to hear abt your shitty day. Goodness...the water tank actually exploded =.=

And oh, get well soon!

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Hahahaha, tanx...yes, it COULD explode! Damn...

And tanx, i hope it doesn't get worse...this cough!