Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Wanna I Wanna I Wanna Touch You...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This song is currently on loop...i can't help it! I love it...LOL! It also makes me sad that i can't make it to their performance this Saturday due to me not having any tickets...damn!'s not only them, but Hoobastank will be there too...damn squared!!!

I tried to get tickets, but it was all too late, as i didn't win any of those contests entered...well, it was partly my fault...i found out that the line-up was featuring some cool bands that i love-- but it was too late!

So now let me revel in my self-pity and leave me alone...*emo*

I wanna go to the MTV World Stage Concert!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! Goodbye Tyson Ritter, though i wanna i wanna i wanna touch wasn't meant to be... :'(

The moral? As The Rejects say, "Move along, move a long like i know you do" :(