Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hahaha, so i'm quoting Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock! I love it so much, i downloaded the full mp3!!!'s old, but i still think it's funny. "Werewolf bar mitzvah, spooky scary...boys becoming men, men becoming wolves!" XD

Other than that, my cough is now less frequent, but still painful. My sore throat has made my voice into a full-blown rocker...that means with a rocker voice, not the whole 'sex, drugs and rock-and-roll' thing! Hahaha!

And yes, i'm lazing around despite the fact that i have assignments piling up like hell...and although i had no plans for today, i still had the audacity to watch a movie online while reading useless online junk!!! What the hell is wrong with me...arrrrggghhh!!!

One another note, i hate it when some people on certain social networks "WrItE LiK3 DiS! iT's So FuCkin AnNoYinG!!!" and don't get me started on the online baby talk...OMG!

That's all for now...just writing a short one for today...see ya, bitches!!! LOL!


Neo said...

LOL,ive been 'stalking' your post.. well,where is the +ve post since ur nightmare post?? hihihhi :P
jst keep on rocking n rolling babe!! ;)

im sorry to be lost for a while babe,have sm1 special and u know how it will be for me.. rite? ;)

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Stalking? No la, the term is "lurking"...stalking would be too much n pretty damn creepy...AND what positive post do i write, when nothing positive is happening, hmmm? :P

PS: Yes dear i noe u're busy, and i don't expect u to 'entertain' any1 other than ur special someone...njoy the ride...n happy ramadhan!

Neo said...

well,that's y i put quotes in that word.. nvmind..
nothing +ve? come on,i knw there were and will be a lot more +ve n happiest moment that will n od happened in ur life.. like in ur pict :) man..ur smile~~ hahaha,mmg gile2 suke ko erk?? at least i knw G is smiling sooo wide nowadays ;)
but in here,at least put a lil bit smile in it.. hihiihi..
ps : lol,not so,since she's sooooo soooo easy-to-maintain.. lol,jst busy with my daily no-money-activity in here to keep me entertain.. n yup,im enjoying the ride~ n happy ramadhan to u too :) even if ur not fasting,but u still can join us in the bazar..huhuhu,soo many weird kuih weih?even aku as malay pon tataw.wakkakakakakakka...

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

LOL...omg which pic r u talkin bout la? ROFLMAO!

PS: No money oso so wat? Love doesn't need a single cent...fuyooh, deep! Anyways, i only eat the kuihs dat i recognise...the others look like they're from another planet la weih...color pon semacam. :P

aishahrox said...

mish u so muchhh k. tido keww? bye see u tomorrow wif munik yach!

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Shah jahan...jgn nk menggedik cam China aka Coach aka 'le cou' la wei..."Wif", "mish" n "yach" ak tak main ok? Eeeeee to the core!!! Itu jewww...HAHAHHHHHAAAAHAAAHHAH!!!