Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun Times & Others...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Had a fun day with the girls...haven't seen them for quite some time. But first things first:


I so wish i could be there, supporting you for one of the most important days of your life (it is, even if you don't admit it!)...coz what are friends for, right?

Hope you step into the working world with much tenacity, spunk, and be the best you could be, no matter what you do...i have yet another year to study, but i'm in no hurry to work just yet...even if i'm jealous of some of those friends who are working...just a little bit! ;)

Wow! How many years have we been friends? It's been a very long time, eh? Hahaha, Gawd, i feel so old when i think about it!

Anyway, watched a movie with "the girls" --> The Proposal...I loved it so much! Maybe, it struck a chord, maybe not...nevertheless; I LOVED IT! It had a good storyline, though predictable...the humor and chemistry between the two characters were very believable! Plus, i had some eye candy that is the hotness of Ryan Reynolds...damn!!! *6-pack abs*

I'm reminded of a line in the just stuck to my head, and at that moment...i was like "OMG...that's me!" I won't say what it was, coz i forgot it...but yeah...sometimes there's a thin line between love and hate, right?

What else? Ok, this advice may not apply to you, but if it does, just take it: You know sometimes when you get a gut feeling about something? Just trust works for me! And i often regret when i ignore, people: TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!! You don't need to be forced into something you're not into.

Ok, so i've had enough of my workout "time-out"...not like i intended to take a break! But yeah, muffin-top and ham legs does not work on some people, i.e. ME!!! Hahahaha! I guess watching Ryan Reynolds and talking bout Ciara's ripped bod DID give me some motivation...LOL! Sometimes you just feel extra weak because you don't feel light...i need to be stronger NOW!!! Plus: When you exercise, you can eat as much as you want without regret, hehehehe! Nice...

Wish me luck!


NightFox said...

Hehe...I thought that The Proposal was gonna be like one of those chick flicks and boy, was I wrong about that! LOL! I'm glad that we got to watch it.

P.S.: Thanks ya. BTW, you know what's the worst thing that could happen during one of those "once in a lifetime" thing? A non-working camera! LOL! Worry not cos' my friend took some for me :D

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Yeah...The Proposal is up there with the other classic rom-coms, at least in my list...hehehe! Meg Ryan is STILL my fave romantic comedy actress though...hehehe! OMG, i think i should blog about that! LOL...

Geez, u brought a non-working cam? Shit... Thank goodness ur fren is nice enuf to take pics w/ her cam...btw, i wanna see em!!! LOL! Can't u for once upload them on fb? C'mon...