Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yes, i'm back, but i have too much to say, and i haven't thought of what the heck i'm gonna write, except that i had 2 weeks of total paradoxes!

1st week was a total chill-out session, where i was in the barangay or village in my grandfather's province, Pampanga...where everyone spoke a dialect called Capampangan. My mother spoke it, but i could not even begin to tell you how different it is from Tagalog...at least i could understand Tagalog when people speak it to me, but what? A whole new dialect? Shit...or shall i say "taklak!" (Capampangan for "shit") ...that's the only word i know. Oh, oh...and also "mekeni" which is "c'mon!"

Told you bout the pumping of water and seeing paddy fields, cows, chickens, buffalos, etc...right? Rode on jeepneys and tricycles many times, as that's the main way of getting anywhere around...yeah, my grandpappy has no car, so this is how we rolled, yo! LOL! Fun times...

I have also improved my Tagalog, comprehension-wise, not speaking-wise...i still don't have the confidence to speak, unless it's for fun...hahahaha! I have also gotten addicted to the teleseryes playing on the networks; Totoy Bato and Zorro...LMAO! Seriously! I watched it with my granpa...well, you know me...TV addict! And man, those actors and actresses are attractive...not ALL, but MOST...my new fave Pinoy actor is Ian Veneracion...yummo!

And every night there's a man selling Pan de Sal (some sort of hot buns) which are so fluffy and warm, it's like your very own comfort food! Put some butter or Cheez Whiz on it, and voila...fatso-builder!

That's for the first week...pretty casual...and the time during the 1st week is super-freakin' weird...why? Because time seem to pass rather slowly...i'm dead serious! You know how time passes quickly all the time? In the place where i was, it sure didn't, dudes! It's like you check the clock to see if the hour has passed, and then you find out, "whoah, it's only been 15 minutes? WTF?"

It's THAT weird! Hahahaha...and the day ends earlier...as in, the darkness sets around 6pm, and the morning brightens at 6am. And I, for some reason sleep and wake up early over there! Wow, what an achivement, eh? LMAO! Dad would be sooooo proud!

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