Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Just Don't Get Some People...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why the fuck are you so freakin' inconsiderate? You know there's such a thing as queueing-up, right? And don't act like you freakin' don't know there's a fuckin' line ok? It was clear as a fuckin' black dot on a white screen! I hate it when you act like you don't know and/or are ignorant to the fact that there's a line!!! YOU KNOW!!! DON'T ACT OBLIVIOUS, OK??? WE (the people who are actually civilized and waited for our turn) WEREN'T BORN YESTERDAY!!! And don't for a minute think that I don't were in the other station, right before me, buying a ticket from the were the one who kept sticking you stupid RM10 note for what seemed like an if the machine rejects your note like 6 times...give up ok? Stupid!!! I swear to God, if i had no patience at all, i would have embarassed you like no other...but thank God i was patient, and that you had given up and left!

So don't hate me when i freakin' scold your muthaf***in' ass!!! Asswipe!!! And your huge-ass tudung won't scare me ok???

As we Malaysians say, "Amek ko!!!"