Friday, July 10, 2009

2nd Week Update

Friday, July 10, 2009

During the 1st week, we were supposed to go here, there and everywhere...especially shopping in Manila...unfortunately, the many cases of A H1N1 made my mom say, "I don't wanna risk it!"...and so that's why we were just in the province since...of course, we went to the malls, but i wanted to see Manila. So, when my dad joined us the week later, we made up our minds to go to Olongapo City...and spend the night at Subic Beach, then go to Manila and shop.

So off we went!

The highlight of my trip here is this particular boat ride...we went quite far, alittle less than 2 hours, visiting other resorts and islands, spotting huge tankers, cruise ships, a port, etc...Subic was a former U.S. naval base, so go figure...many Americans over there. Mostly old men with their prostitutes...something so common, that we weren't even surprised. We, however, booked the family suite which faces the beach...just get over the small barrier, and voila, you can build's THAT close by.

The boating session is what really got me...I felt so much peace at the serenity...i thanked God at that moment!

After that, it was long trips to Manila, shopping, and who could forget...watching a live band at the Riverbank or something of that, the band was awesome! They did classic rock tunes my Journey, Toto, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Guns 'n Roses...OMG, the band were "old-timers", as dad says...the vocalist had that voice so suitable for this kind of music; kinda like Steve Perry from Journey! I really loved it.

As usual, dad had to talk to them, buy them drinks and chat...yeah, my dad loves to chat up his fellow musicians...and guess what? They performed and live in Malaysia...some married Malaysians and Singaporeans, then divorced...hahahaha!

AND one of them are best friends with my Malaysian cousin! What a small world!!! Just at that moment, everyone said the same thing..."What a small world, eh?" I don't even know what lead them to talk about my cousin, a DJ...but yeah, that was like a moment of freakish coincidence!

The food? What shall i say bout the food? Some were awesome, and some weren''s so easy to feed me, as i'm not really picky...but some were just too 'ughhh'!

You see, there...there are the all-imported Pizza Huts and McDonalds and KFCs...but guess what? They have their very own fast-food chains.

CHOW KING--> a chinese-filipino fast food chain, serving chinese food (though i must say, nothing beats Malaysian chinese food!!! YUMMO!) that aren't, most have sweetish taste, which i don't like!

JOLLIBEE-->a burger-fries kinda fast food chain, serving filipino flavors in American style fast food...there's local flavors and stuff...but i don't really fancy it. Their burger patties have celery or coriander-like flavors which i find not suitable for beef patty burgers...and this is an ultimate sin for me: THEIR SPAGHETTI IS SWEET, SUPER SWEET!!! I don't like it at all!!! I'm sorry, i have my limits! Hahahahaha...

Okok...feeling like crap now, will continue later...i wanna go choke myself to death!


Neo said...

talking bout the food alone mk me feel sicks.. yucks.. hahaha,esp the picts u posted in facebook.. damn it,dnt u have anything else 2 do instead of taking some 'euwww' food.. lmao..
wow,ur dad sure fancy somebody who can sing! now we all sure as hell know who's your bf goin 2 be? it's either american idol or malaysian idol. ahhahahaha..jk jk..
well,im glad you had fun! n still have the memories inside you.that's all count,rite? ;)

ledzeppelin4evr said...

Now i know what to get for ur bday...BALUT! Muahahaha!!!

My dad just appreciates talent la...i don't mind a bf who's talented too, man! Haahahah...

Neo said...

hahaha,u give that to me,i'l make sure it'll end up on ur FACE! fck. hahahaha
well,at least,if your dad has a reason 2 hate your bf(u know,DAD),and in the same time he has a thing 2 appreciate bout him.. :P