Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Like as if you didn't know i'm a dreams sometimes kick it into highER gear...LOL!

I dreamt I was super-duper-uber late for my exam, that i went o the hall ONE day late! OMFG...super scary!!! But!!! Thats not the weird part...get this: the person in charge, a male authority guy became my best friend, and he was gay! So...he was my Will!!! Hahahahahaha...My bestest gay friend!!!

And we had a blast! We became roomies, and he brought his hot bf...OMG, i totally dreamt I was Grace from season 7 (give or take, right W?)...but i've never had so much fun just chatting with was great, even if it was a dream...i laughed so hard! I can't imagine my face while sleeping, hahahaha!

Ok, this is come my conscious life images get jumbled up into a weird-ass dream? Oh, yeah...i forgot---that's what dreams are!!! LOL! One thing though...i rarely get the old lucid dreams's pretty much gone! It sucks when you can't fly...

Watched Titanic yesterday...AGAIN!!! Yeah, loved it! Leonardo was such a cute boy, hehehe! And i just love Kate Winslet then AND now...she's such a great actress!

Well, i may be going somewhere today...but i'm not sure where...depends on the driver, in which, i'll have to treat! Awww, man!


NightFox said...

It's one hell of a dream...HAHAHAHA!

ledzeppelin4evr said...

You betcha, baby!!! Will & Grace ftw!!! LOL!