Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yesterday...i splurged again!!! Oh man...must stop spending!!! If this continues i shall be broke by the end of the month! Arrrgghhhh!!!

So my friends and i have been going out since we started classes, and in a way it's good coz we often have a blast, but we are getting more and more greedy in a sense that we buy stuff we don't need. This is no laughing matter...but it's fun when you're in that whole adrenaline-pumping shopping mode.

And another thing...i hate procrastination...but that's what i do. And after thinking about it, i'm taking matters into my own hands! Hahahah, yeah baby...i'm gonna do whatever i planned to do one step at a time...but of course, i'll do it within reason. So this Monday, i'm goin' on a sponteneously planned outing to the place where all of us can act stupid for a few hours...hopefully, the weather would be cool and fine coz we bought tickets already! Hahaha...

We bought the tickets yesterday, and went shopping again! *gasps* Then, we bought one of my latest obsession...Kripy Kreme's original glazed doughnuts!!! Heaven...especially while it's warm...*drools* I remember when i bought it for the 1st time...i thought a dozen was too many...after taking my first bite, i knew...i knew it wasn't enough! LMAO!!! Now i know how Homer Simpson feels...


And today...i spent the day chatting with my oldest bestie...we had a fun time catching up, and she wishes that we could go back in time. Yeah, it would be great to look back, but i'm actually lookin' forward to see what the future holds. So i have no regrets about any part of my past. It made me who i am...

And yesterday, while my buddy-buds were having dinner, i told M i envisioned her marrying an older man...someone who knows how to treat a lady. She was lovin' it coz she's into older gentlemen...hehehe! Then she told me that she saw me with a hot-bodied hunk, but i would wear the pants in the relationship coz i will be the one who gets the flowers coz he would be the 'girl' and a crybaby, and i would be the one to comfort him...then the laugh fest began!!! Coz that sounds like me...ROFL!!!

F, on the other hand would be with a super-duper religious man, sporting a beard! Hahahaha...then she would act all wise and religious, but when we come for a visit, she'll be her 'real' self...and start acting all rough and unladylike! We literally laughed like fools!!! And last but not least, A would end up with a super-cute funny geek with emo hairstyle, just like the vocalist of her favorite local rock band! OMG...this is fun! The F had to spoil it all and differ M's opinion...she said i would end up with a religious Chinese nerd...LMAO...and somehow i said, "You're right!"

I can't believe how much i'm LOL-ing at this as i write...and now i shall end it with this: I LOVE YOU GUYS...Uni would be so diferent without you. In the future, i will definitely look back at moments like this and say, "Those were some fun times..."

Regardless of whoever we each end up with, i pray that we all be happy in life, and achieve whatever dreams we have...AMEN!

Oh, i forgot...i saw these monster doll-like creatures in Mid Valley and couldn't help wanting to take pics with them...till my they got mad and rushed me into taking pics...i wanted to take the ones on display, that 2 guys pushing a toddler (in a pram) actually laughed at me...i even almost crashed into the pram coz i didn't realize he was there...LOL! They are some cute-looking monsters, ok? But i only got a few...too bad!