Friday, July 17, 2009

Yesterday...All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Friday, July 17, 2009

Something about was hectic, but it was one of those days where you go, "Whoah!!! That was fun..."

So ok...for me, the best things are spontaneous...plans are great, of course...but i find that i have MORE fun when something is decided all of a sudden...LOL! By ALL OF US, mind you! Not when it's just ONE person deciding to go somewhere, inevitably forcing us to go along with the idea (out of courtesy, hehehe) *wink wink*

The day started with an 8am class, which ended exactly at 10am...on the dot! So how the hell are we supposed to make the next class, which is at 10am? In another faculty, mind you!!! So, we didn't make it on time...hahaha, but it's all good! The schedule has been changed! Loved the class though...learnt about food, my fave subject, LOL! In French...

So, after class...we had some lunch, then another class!!! Boy, i was almost going off to sleep at that time, BUT before that, we decided to go out somewhere...maybe for a movie? How about a fun time at a karaoke joint? Hahaha, so we did both! We wanted to go accompany a friend of ours who was we could eat out! Fed up of cafeteria food...

And after everything, we ended up watching a night movie of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in this small cinema at Kajang!!! How's that!!! Lol, i'm just saying...the balls we had for watching a night movie, as transportation after 11pm is virtually non-existent! Luckily for us...we were 4 tough cookies, LOL! And yeah...2 of the 4 cookies were coaxed into staying at my dorm (and M's too)...yay!

Came back around 12am, which is early for me actually...but damn, it was pretty empty...i mean the streets of Kajang were so deserted, it seemed almost scary! And there was ONLY 1 taxi waiting there...thank God, there was at least ONE taxicab! Nothing like KL, where people and lights are on till the morning!

Initially: chilled at Starbuckeroos with A (M & F went to pray), and i saw a man wearing a black bandana...with his weird-ass shirt, he looked like a pirate, so i told A that "...there walks the pirate of Kajang" in which she LOL-ed! Yay...1-0!!! Meh, you had to be there to find it funny! :P

Harry Potter rocked!!! OMG, i can't wait to see the next installment!!! Of course, i'm not a reader of the series...but i love the movies! Yeah, Ron was looking pretty buff, likey! I kept teasing A who initially said that Draco Malfoy was handsome...i was like "WTF? Blind much?" then she saw him, and changed her mind...hahahahaha!!! He USED to be cute...USED to! He looks anorexic now. I call him her bf now, hehehe...and she pointed out that Harry's eyebrows look like that of Eugene Levy...which i TOTALLY agree with!!! I literally LOL-ed at the cinema at that moment...1-1!

Next time: longer hours on the karaoke please? So much skipping songs due to time constraints...hahahaha!!! Screaming rocks! Well, i better go before i vomit more nonsensical words!!!

Toodlez, bitches!

PS: My sis is getting an LG Cookie due her old phone breaking into 2...Hahahaha! Yeah, i'm so jealous! Damn, why couldn't my phone have spoiled at this moment when dad has some cash? Why, oh why!!!

PPS: Well, at least for now, they (you know who) aren't fighting...yay! God bless us! But i hope it doesn't go downhill once the cash flow comes to a standstill, like it always does.