Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Term Outbreak

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just a week since classes had started, and i'm one of those unfortunates who have fallen victim to the current flu outbreak. At first, it was one of those suspected A H1N1 viruses, but nooooo...turns out, it was just the boring old flu! LOL! A relief? Hell yeah!

What can i say? A pretty hard week...solely based on my physical vulnerability. I hate it when i am weak. I hate it when this happens. But then again, i'm only human! So now...on this day, the cold i was having has become a painful cough, and yeah...due to my history with asthma, it is a wheezing cough. Damn crap! Oh, the horror! The HORROR!!!

I've finally gone to the driving school to convert my license which expired almost 2 months ago, hehehe...OMG, thank goodness i haven't forgotten about it...or else! This is what happens when you let people drive you around, and not drive yourself.

What else can I say? Oh far, i have been to 3 of my 5 classes...i sure hope i make it through this semester with flying colors and also make a great impression on the lecturers. I don't like it when lecturers favor students who kiss their asses, so i'm pretty thankful that so far, most of my former lecturers hate that! Don't get me wrong, there are some who absolutely love it, but lucky for me...i am not one of those bootlickers!

My room is kinda ok...pretty small, but i've had worse! Whatever it is...i am thankful!

Oh yeah, i forgot...regarding MJ's death; he will be missed despite his shortcomings, but who would've thought of such things happening to the King of Pop, eh? I wouldn't have! Damn, i 've forgotten how many songs he had! And they were all good! I could still remember my uncle playing his concerts on VHS, and his singles on VCDs...he has made an impression on every kind of music today...and will forever be remembered! R.I.P., matter how we made fun of you for the way you looked (you gotta admit, he looked pretty funny!), you will, and always will be remembered for your music, your dance moves, your elaborate music videos, your philantropy, your girly voice, your evolution from black to white, your affinity towards children (good or bad), your Peter Pan complex, etc...

What i'm saying is...the world has lost one of the greatest entertainers that ever graced this Earth! Long live the King of Pop! Peace out!


aprilgirl87 said...

Haha...false alarm, eh? Thank goodness. Get well soon ya and all the best with your graduation thesis :)

ledzeppelin4evr said...

Yupedy-yup! Thanx, i'm almost well. Felt like a living-dead a few days ago, LOL!

And tanx for ur wishes, working girl! Me so jealous!!! All the best in the real world, babe!