Monday, July 27, 2009

I Can't Believe This...

Monday, July 27, 2009 life is REALLY REALLY like a rollercoaster!!!

Yesterday...a day of Utter bliss!!! I went to Genting with my buds, and woot!!! I had a blast!!! But one thing that i also appreciate is this...I WON A BLACKBERRY BOLD SMARTPHONE!!!

I was in a queue, waiting for my turn at the coaster-ride...when suddenly, i receive a call...a pleasant-sounding lady telling me i won the grand prize of the Hallmark channel's contest...and i was jumping and screamed "OMG!!! YESSS!!!", much to the people around me! What a day!!! The days of TV during the holidays worked out for me in the end, eh? Hehehe!

Maybe some friends or family-members are pissed at my win (coz this is not the first time i won stuff...), but heck...this is a gift from Hallmark, and God! Of course, i'll take it with an open heart, ok? LOL...nope, not even anything negative said to me could get me out of this blissful day...which i know can't i have no choice but to enjoy it while i can!

I love today...i had fun with M, A, and F...we acted like such fools, but hell! I love acting like a fool so much, i'm often mistaken for one (i am one most of the time :D)! The rides weren't super scary to me...coz the one i was waiting for was closed due to maintenance works...damn! But we went on all the rides possible, and i have no regrets! Luckily, i'm not one of those who gets scared easily at rollercoaster rides or heights..that was all ok to me.

So now, i'm gonna wake from this "dream day" by going to sleep...I love my family and friends and my life and God! I know, there's always the bad, but there's good most of the time too!

Peace out, y'all!


NightFox said...

You're one heck of a lucky girl! Congrats!