Friday, March 26, 2010

People Who Are Just Not Worth Our Time...

Friday, March 26, 2010

I learn through my friends and family...their relationships, their experiences. A friend's touching blog entry has only pushed me into writing this post while enhancing my feeling of gratitude...thanks, coco! I only wish for the best for all of you girls. I can honestly say I was (and still am) sincere in being your friend! Imagine if I didn't talk to M on the first day...imagine! My life would've been so different...maybe miserable! I wouldn't have met F...and we wouldn't have met A together!!! We wouldn't have been US!!! *spooked*

After feeling vast amounts of negativity surrounding me in these past few days: after all the conflicts I've witnessed in other circles...after feeling grateful that I do not have to put up with shit-heads like the ones in this list...I have compiled a list toxic people who are not worth your time, effort, and energy.

Do all you can to never associate yourself with people such as the ones listed (if you can!)...

I'm not saying i'm a fantastic person without flaws, of course I am flawed...we all are! But one thing i'm sure of...I do NOT have a cold heart...I can gladly say that I was raised by good people, and I do not have darkness or malice in any of my intentions. I am never fake when it comes to building friendships. Therefore, I would truly be blessed if I do not have to mix with these kinds of people, coz i've seen how it could damage a person.

So, here is MY list of peeps you do NOT wanna waste your time with:

  • Fake people who act all nice in front of you, but are heartless, cold, calculating, backstabbing, jealous and manipulative behind your back (this applies to girls, mostly)
  • Vain people..seriously the most annoying people in the planet!!! I hate narcissistic people and their self-praising attitudes.
  •'s one thing to be good at something and display's another thing to deliberately expose yourself to be living the life of the rich and famous, when you're in fact just one of us...that's just pitiful...leave that fake Prada at home, honey! I don't see rich people doing it...why should you?
  • People who are jerks/assholes
  • Guys who are so demanding on having a pretty girl for a gf, when in fact...they're butt-ugly! Same thing for girls...
  • Guys who want a good, (preferably virgin girl---this is after all, Malaysia) as their wife, but have no qualms fucking any sluts they could find...AND they wouldn't marry one because "they are used goods"! Wtf...are these guys NOT man-sluts???
  • Guys who are condescending to women
  • Guys who are perverts
  • Guys who pretend to be a good friend just to get in your pants
  • Guys who are rejected...who then claims he left the girl!
Just a few things that get under my skin sometimes...just a few. I'm allowed that luxury, am I not? I speak the truth, like it or not...and maybe some of you would disagree...but this is MY truth! You could of course, offer a few suggestions...this is a medium for expression, so don't be shy! Hehehehe...