Thursday, March 04, 2010

Inspector Gadgette!!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Just wanted to write about something...nothing important, but just that if I had a wad of cash to buy anything I want...of course, for any sane girl, they would buy shoes and clothes and stuff like that. I would too, but next on the list would be the stuff I absolutely drool for...the electrical appliances...hahahah, don't you just love getting new gadgets to play with???

My secret to shop for any electrical appliance i want...OMG, that would be great!!! I just love going to the electronics aisle in stores, just breaks your heart when you don't have the $$$ to splurge on such unnecessary items...hahahah!

I love those stainless steel refrigerators that spit ice-cubes...or those electric stove-slash-oven with a hood on the top (of course!)...and what about them cappuccino/espresso-makers or bread-makers or juicers? awesome! I'm currently imagining my dream that would be my favorite place in my dream house!!! Of course, in the middle of the kitchen would be "the island" where I chop the veggies, slice the meat AND entertain 2-4 people while i'm cooking... *smiles while imagining*

Ok, I have to get back to attempting some writing on my thesis. Time is running out!!! Fuckedy-fuck!

PS: How the hell do I rearrange my sleeping pattern? It's fuckin' messed up!!! Arrgghhhh...ideas!!! Ideas!!!


NightFox said...

I so agree with you! Mine would be an IPhone, or any one of those N-Series cellphones or the latest HP Envy laptops.

While I'm at it, all the best with your thesis!

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Hahaha, glad we have this in common...don't get me started on IT gadgets, OMG!!! Hahahaha...

Btw, tq & tq my dear!!! I'm soooo scerrd!!! Lol, i envy more thesis crap for u!

NightFox said...

No more thesis crap but I'd have work crap! lol.