Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I Accidently Stepped On A Snail... :(

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I feel horrible; it happened in the morning...12 hours later and i'm still filled with guilt! As I was walking on sunshine, I hear a cracking sound...lo and behold, a live snail squirming in its cracked shell-home...WTF!!! Arrrggghhhh, I felt so guilty...still do!

God, I pray for that poor innocent snail who knew not that it was gonna die on this very day...I suppose it had no idea that its wonderful day in the sun would be over...just coz this girl decided to walk to her faculty on the very same day...

PS: I'm trying my best not to reactivate my Facebook account...it's really hard when all you wanna do is connect with your friends whom you never see...arrgghhh!!! Must.have.will.power.

Well, as bad as I wanna comment on everyone's profiles...I have have HAVE to try to finish at least 2-3 chapters before the month ends...OMG! Please God...I hope I make it happen! Wish me luck...

Of course, stopping myself from writing here would be ludicrous!!! Blasphemous!!! Pish-posh!!!

Finally watched that final episode of Glee...loved it (even if I knew how it eventually ends)...Epic!!! It was, IMO...the best episode ever!!! Woot!!! When Mr. Schuester finally races for Emma, then kisses her...OMG!!! I went "Wooohooooo...yesssss!!!"

Oh, and of course...I loved the Glee Kids' final performance at sectionals...hehehe!

"Don't Rain On My Parade" is one of my faves from Barbara the queen of SONG, hehehe! It was brilliantly sung by Lea Michele...then came "You Don't Always Get What You Want" by Rolling Stones...my eyes started welling-up coz Mr. Schuester was gonna cry (I can't see a man cry, don't ask me why...I don't know!) I think he did a very good job on this episode...great acting; especially when he discovered that his wife wasn't pregnant at all...Holy great intensity, Batman!

So much for distraction-control...epic fail! LMFAO...Okok, i'm done!


NightFox said...

Your Fb account got deactivated? Lol. No wonder I felt that something is missing from Fb.

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

LMAO...awwww! It's hard at first, but it gets easier...feel a little disconnected, but liberated at the same time...ahahah!

PS: Just for the time being, though...you know it can't be for long, hehehe! Plus, I need to update that damn profile pic... :P