Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pride & Prejudice & Colin Firth

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pride & Prejudice...of all the adapted versions, I would HAVE to say: the miniseries on BBC is the BEST ADAPTED version of Pride & Prejudice, ever!!! By a mile!!!

Taken in from the very beginning by Jennifer Ehle's portrayal as Elizabeth Bennet, I was in her corner from the start. I believed her...and yes, I did hate that damn Mr. Darcy in the beginning (although I already knew how he would turn out eventually...)

In the process of falling in love with Darcy, Bennet's somewhat tomboyish demeanour (which doesn't take away from her femininity and beauty), and disregard for buttering-up those of "higher stature" (like her cousin, Mr. Collins) makes her one of my favorite Austen-girls...maybe even my favorite heroines of literature!

And the epic scene I was waiting for? The one where it is STILL talked about today by the various lads and ladies who enjoyed this series? Mr. Darcy's wet shirt scene, of course! There's something about the awkwardness of their meeting at his beautiful estate in Pemberley...perhaps it was the irony that he was a nobleman, dressed in such a way (without 'proper' attire) that may lead to the breaking of his prideful stature (complex theory)? Or maybe it was just to make us swoon over him (plain and simple theory)!!!

Whatever it is, I think the team did a good job with the whole cast. Every role was perfect for the actors...I couldn't help but fall for Mr. Darcy...yes, he's a character. But, it was played so well by Colin Firth that I forgot it was COLIN FIRTH...he became Darcy, and I was in: hook, line and sinker! I love Colin Firth for this role...he has a face fit for brooding!

Ahhh, Colin of my favorite British actors. I really wanna check out his Oscar-nominated role for 'A Single Man', in which he plays a guy who's contemplating suicide after the death of his partner...will try to check it out in the future.

So I was a night well spent. Even my writing is somewhat affected, I would think (I WOULD think??? So very Brit-ish, Lol!!!). I keep thinking in a British accent while writing this entry...Hahahahaha!!! Thanks, Ms. W...for providing me with a series so rare, that I could only think of one person who would actually have it...or rather, actually DL it, hahahahah!

THANKS W!!! Loved it soooo much! (Back to my normal vernacular! Had to happen...)

PS: I read a joke somewhere that if you say 'beer can' in a British accent, you will also be saying 'bacon' in a Jamaican accent...LMFAO!!! Say's so true!!!


NightFox said...

Yeah, I must say that your writing has a teeny bit British-ness in it. Lol.

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Hahahaha...only in one paragraph kot!

I just loved the show, W...thanks a lot! Why, oh why do I fall for men who don't exist? Lol...