Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Weird-ass Dream & Malware...Again!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I guess I overslept...again! It was not your usual was more like deep sleep, where you can't wake up at all! My dreams were so real at one point, I thought I was awake, doing the stuff I usually do...checking on my Facebook acc, killed some malware (hahahaha, geek to the core!!!), which I really did yesterday, to the point of not sleeping. Maybe that's why I compensated on sleep-time, eh?

Oh, and my weird dream is this: ...Ami from Miami Ink came in biker-mode with the rest of the Wild Hogs...and he had to stay over our place because our country was in turmoil, and he was the designated US celebrity responsible for assisting us in tattooing those in need (HAHA!). He admired the work done on my sister's back, but he said the lines were slightly crooked...but the shading was good. He asked me whether I wanted one, and I said yes, but I don't wanna get one just for the sake of it. If I had to "brand" myself, it would be something important/significant to me...blablabla, yadayadayada...then, he and my family became close, he sorta became our "Uncle Ami" and then he had to go home to the US, where I presented him a bobble-head of himself (coz he can't do the Indian head-going-from-side-to-side thing). He loved it...all of us laughed...then, he left with the rest of his biker friends..they were on some pretty cool-looking Harleys & choppers, people!

Then...dream transition!

The next one was me, some guy (blank-faced, but tall) and my sister were going somewhere...we had to cross this bridge that connected two old creepy-looking buildings together...the bridge was not was shaky and unstable...that guy and myself were too scared to cross it coz we got weak in the knees just taking two which my sis taunted us for being such chickens...hahaha, and left us! So we decided to turn back and take another route...the loooong way, in the time we reached the other building, my sister was not to be found. Then, I got a call from my dad who asked me why I wasn't back home yet. It was now very dark...I was alone and lost...where did that guy go? Fuck, I'm screwed!!!

In an instant, I realized I was dreaming...then I woke up.

Weird, huh? Hahaha...


I figured out why the hell I kept getting malware...I had this tracker hidden on my system subfolder...and it was cloaked in an apparent Windows NT file...pretty smart trojan, huh? It took a looooong time to track it, mind is like a magnet for all sorts of malware, and the final straw was when my CPU usage was reaching 100%...was such a horrible thing to watch my baby suffer...I could hear the fan working on overdrive, and it just kept getting very hot as I connected to the whenever I deleted a particular trojan, the tracker would still be there, disguised as a legitimate Windows file. SO THAT'S WHY THESE MALWARE PROBS NEVER GO AWAY!!! I sure hope after deleting this asshole of a malware, there won't be any problems anymore! If it does happen, i guess i'll just give in and reformat...need HDD...stat!

Took me a total of 5 hours to do everything...from running the cmd, to tracing the svchost.exe to its program (which was running at 60-99% cpu usage!!!) Ahhhh, I don't know why I won't let anyone touch my notebook...I dunno, guess I don't trust those computer dudes. Added to the fact that i'd rather do it myself...

And take note, most antiviruses can't/won't be able to identify certain malwares/trojans/worms/ this case, I recommend MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware. It was the only software that identified the "malware.trace" hidden somewhere in a temporary file folder...I also recommend turning the System Restore off before running the software and deleting all those trojans, coz they would mostly hide in those "restore point" files...after all is fixed, just reboot and turn it on again...and you're done!


NightFox said...

Whoa G, you are a malware removal expert. Lol. Cool. You're unlike any girl I know, the ones who aren't in the IT field anyways.

Ledzeppelin4evr said...

Dude, i'm only an "expert" coz i've had lots of practice!!! LMAO...and nothing else! This "ability" is our little secret ok? :P